Horrible Experience with Lipodissolve

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When I first heard about this treatment option, I...

When I first heard about this treatment option, I was so excited and it sounded too good to be true...Guess what...It was!!! When I had my consultation, they said I was the perfect candidate and told me I would have excellent results. I decided to just start with my lower stomach. The first visit, the shots were not painful but about 15 min after the injections, I was in alot of pain. The pain decreased after about 3 days but the swelling and reddness was terrible! I had 6 more treatment sessions (about 1-2 weeks apart) and the injections became EXTREMELY painful. Every time I went in for treatment, I would be in severe pain for about a week...it hurt to sit, bendover and wearing pants was very uncomfortable. I developed lumbs in my stomach (under the skin) which I was told would dissolve but never did and to this day (1.5 years later) I still have these lumps. The swelling was horrible and I gained weight while undergoing treatments. I decided not to return for my last treatment, since I had seen no results and the procedure was too painful. After deciding to stop treatments, I spoke with 4 other women who I was friends with and all of them had treatments and none of them saw results either. I financed my treatment which was about $3000 and ended up stopping payment on the automatic payments coming out of my checking account. I did eventually speak with someone in the office and they wiped out the charges. I would not reccommend this treatment to anyone. It is a scam and DOES NOT work!!! If your looking into anything to help with weight loss, make sure it is FDA approved. Stay away from Lipodissolve!!! You will only end up with a bill and tons of pain!
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