Mom of Two with 8 Year Old Implants and Drooping Natural Tissue. - Hopkinsville, KY

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I have met with my PS twice now and I am so ready...

I have met with my PS twice now and I am so ready to have my implants removed, reduction, and lift. On the first visit I was initially talking to him about implant removal only but after lots of talking I decided it was best to remove my 510cc implants and go with a lift and reduction of natural tissue. A little history... I got my implant in 2006 before having kids. I have had two babies and gained a total of 160 pounds between the two of them and have lost all but 15 lbs now. I am 5'5 and 157lbs. In time my what were nice perky 34DD's have become a 36H worth of saggy tissue hanging from the implant. Now present day I met with PS the first time and was still a little undecided on the whole surgery but knew that's what was best. His nurse called me back the next day and insisted I come back in and meet with him one more time so he could address my questions again since it was a lot to take in. The second time I go in we talk and he answered all my new questions but he suggests after the reduction and lift he add small implants back to give some volume in the upper pole. I am really undecided on getting another set of implants. From the beginning I told him no but he thinks I won't be happy without the fullness. I would like to be a C cup after surgery.

Pre op rescheduled

I received a phone call from the nurse to reschedule my pre op appointment. The appointment was for this Thursday 5-15 and they moved it to 6-12. She told me they really like you to just be scheduled two weeks out for the pre op which confused me since they are the ones who picked the first date. Dr will be in surgery so the appointment changed. What normally happens at your pre op? I was told to prepare for a hour long appointment. I am still very excited about about surgery but the nerves are already starting to set in.

2 weeks until the big day

I am officially 2 weeks out from having perky tits and not saggy boobs!!!! YAY I had my pre op appointment on Monday and went over several things. We talked about adding small implants back in after removal and reduction and the PS thinks it's a good idea but I'm still undecided. I totally trust his opinion and if he thinks that's the best outcome I will agree. He said IF he used implants he wouldn't go any larger than 240cc. I want to be a small C cup when it's all done. As far as the drains go I was told he rarely uses drains but it was a possibility. I can't wait!!!
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