28 Yr Old Finally Working on my Dream Body

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Has anyone ever heard of Dr Jan Hochtritt in...

Has anyone ever heard of Dr Jan Hochtritt in Kingston Jamaica? He is German and has been living in Jamaica for quite some time. I read an article online in the Jamaican star about him. Also listened radio interviews with Ms kitty and Dr Jan. Does anyone have any reviews on him as I will be doing My BBL with him in November 2015.

Finally decided on Dra Duran

I have been back and forth with deciding who I wanted to do my BBL. First it Yily, then changed to DR Jan un Jamaica but after seeing his work I am not impressed. I did some more research and decided to go with the Cake Queen Dra Duran herself. Here is the down side, I want to get my procedure done on November 4th, 2015 exactly 3 weeks from today. I haven't even secured the date yet. I paid $550 USD to a Recovery House consultant for VIP services to get quote and date a day ago but Dra Duran hasn't responded yet. I also emailed Duran personally but still no response yet. I even messaged her in IG and Facebook. All my efforts thus far has proven futile. Is there anyone who booked their date for November 4th who is planning on rescheduling and would love to give up their date. I have two weeks vacation off from work November 3rd to November 16th 2015. I am financially and physically ready. All I need the good LORD to bless me with is a date.

16 Days before I'm a Medina Doll

So like many of the dolls on this site I've been going back and forth in choosing a Dr. I wanted to go with Dra Duran but she never responds to my emails or calls so I've decided to go to Dra Medina. She responds immediately whether by calls, emails or whatsapp. She does very good work too. I've already paid my deposit and secured my date for November 4th
I also chose Daisy's Recovery House, the rates are great and Daisy has a nice personality. Staying from 3rd to the 14th.
I haven't even started to get my supplies yet so consumed with work. Who waited last minute to get supplies and pack? I'm excited, nervous and anxious. Pray for me dolls as I embark on this life changing experience. Also a speedy recovery to all the dolls who had surgery already.
Dr Jan Hochtritt


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