Almost 30, 3 Kids, Breast Lift W/implants . Hoover, AL

I have never really worried about my body or the...

I have never really worried about my body or the way that it looked. Maybe because I felt like I never had to. Even after having 3 kids(ages 7,4 and 2), I was satisfied. However, months ago, I was put on a medicine called Topamax to manage my chronic migraines and I had hernia repair surgery. I started loosing weight FAST because of the medicine. I was really happy at first because I was about 170 at 5'1. I live in a small town so the surgeon that performed my hernia repair was the same that actually DELIVERED me. LOL. Well, lets just say, he left a really nasty scar connecting to my belly button. He even closed up my hole for my belly ring (He is retired now). I breastfed all 3 of my kids so my breast did sag some but I was still a full 36C. In June, I had a tonsillectomy, which made me loose about 20 lbs in a week, Because of the meds, I have yet been able to gain any weight back. So I'm down to 126 lbs now, which is ideal for my height, I guess. However, the amount of skin along with the scar that I have on my stomach is disgusting and my breast look like raisins. I've been researching like crazy. I have a consultation at Hedden Plastic Surgery today. During my research, I have seen nothing but good reviews but by hear say, I've heard that I shouldn't go to this place. I'm nervous and excited! Nothing fits right. I'm just ready to get this done and be comfortable again.

I have a date Lift w/implants- Ecstatic !!!!

So, I plan to upload before pics soon. As soon as I get a chance to take some. After a 4 hr drive, traffic and being almost an hour late, I was sure that I was going to have to reschedule my consultation when I finally got to Hedden Plastic Surgery today. I was a nervous wreck when I got there, but the atmosphere of the office and the staff's attitude calmed me down immediately. I was treated as if I was right on time and the only one there. There was hardly a wait at all! After paperwork, I was put in a private room where a nurse educated me on the amount of ccs and showed me how to try out different ones to see what was comfortable while I waited for the doctor. That wait was not long either. Dr. Hedden was very professional, pleasant and straight- forward! (I loved it!) I could tell that he was busy, but I didn't feel rushed. He made sure to answer all of my questions and I wasn't confused. I felt certain, after meeting with him, that I wanted to have my procedure done here. Right now, because of price, I'm only getting a lift and saline implants (after the lift he said that I will be about a B cup, so I'm thinking of going with about 425ccs). My date is Oct.20th, but TBH I might call and change it to a quicker date! I'm thinking it might be easier if I do it when the kids are out for fall break. This will be the best bday present EVER! Oh, I still haven't told my mom. Thinking I might just pop up with new boobs!

Here are some photos (finally)!

Yes, I have green hair! It's my favorite color and being that I work from home I can get away with it! I'm really just noticing that one of my breast is larger and I have lost a spike to one of my nipple rings! I also love mermaids, as you might have noticed!
Hedden Plastic Surgery

From my first visit, which was my consultation, I would have to say that I was impressed enough to go ahead and schedule my breast lift with saline implants. I felt comfortable and in good hands. I will update the more I work with the doctor and staff.

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