Vaginal Rejuvenation and Tightening by Uro-Gyn with Bladder Lift (No Mesh!) - Honolulu, HI

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A few years ago, I had two back-to-back...

A few years ago, I had two back-to-back pregnancies which really did a number on me, both physically and emotionally. At two months postpartum with the first, I got pregnant again, which completely devastated me because I had such a hard pregnancy the first time. I somehow made it through the deliveries (looooong labors), but my organs didn't seem to. I felt really loose and it looked like my vag skin was all stretched out. And besides that, I felt that my bladder was weak, and would have leakage with any kind of high-impact activity. So annoying.
I went to a Urogynecologist because I had read about the Vaginal Rejuvenation and he was the only one I found who specialized in it, as well as the incontinence. At the appointment, he asked a ton of questions, and ended up diagnosing me with Interstitial Cystitis at the first appointment. At the time, I had never heard of that.. I knew that I was always feeling like I was getting a UTI that never actually came to be. I didn't realize it was a condition.
Also, he said that my organs were indeed out of position, and it would do well for me to have the rejuvenation surgery, and he could do the vaginal tightening as well as put in mesh for my bladder. I absolutely refused to have the mesh put inside of me, and after some discussion, he said that instead of putting in the mesh, he could tighten the skin and muscle a little more, and hold everything together with sutures. That sounded like a better idea to me, plus my insurance would cover the whole thing (yay!!), so I scheduled the surgery :)
At the same time as the surgery, he wanted to do a bladder scope to check out what was going on there, with the pain. Since I would already be under anesthesia, it seemed like the perfect time.
The surgery seemed like any other surgery- he came in and briefed me again about what he would be doing, and then took me to the operating room. I was under general anesthesia for the procedure.
When I woke up, I was absolutely miserable. Everything hurt, I felt sick from the anesthesia, and I had a catheter in me. All I wanted to do was sleep, but the nurses kept poking and prodding at me. The pain medicine wasn't working at all (I wasn't sure why), and I just wanted to die. I could not move so I stayed there until they told me I had to leave because they wanted to close the clinic. Removing the catheter was soooooo painful. The car ride home was torture, and I couldn't make it up the stairs to go lie down on the bed.
Let me tell you- the recovery for this procedure was the worst thing I've ever been through in my life- worse than the recovery from the 36 hour labors I had during childbirth. I found out later that I had such a hard time because of the IC- my bladder was so inflamed and irritated, and did not like that surgery AT ALL.
Being all sewn up down there didn't help either. I couldn't sit down, and couldn't go to the bathroom, for fear of all the stitches ripping out. I was in pain (not a superficial pain, but a deep, mind-altering kind of pain, way down inside my organs) for at least a week, regretting that I ever had the procedure done. It also felt like it took me at least that long to get over the effects of the general anesthesia. It never affected me that way before, but I had a really rough time.
If I had known what I would have had to go through with the surgery, I NEVER would have had it done, for sure. Now, of course, a year later, I guess I'm glad I did it because it did make a difference. And the sutures they used to hold the bladder in place worked fine. No more leaking with running, jumping jacks, nothing. Unfortunately, the insurance only covered the internal procedures, not the external, so I'm still looking at getting a labiaplasty soon in the future. Hopefully the recovery for that isn't anything like the other procedures I had!!
If you take away anything from this review (if you read it to the end:), I guess I would like to say that a vaginoplasty is not out of reach if you don't have the money. In quite a few cases (like mine), it will be fully covered by insurance if you find the right doc to treat you.
I did have a bad experience with the surgery and recovery, but yours may not be the same. Feel free to ask any questions, I'd be happy to help!
Dr. Minaglia

The doc was great- he was willing to work with me to give me what I wanted from the surgery. He's extremely knowledgeable in his field, with both the functional and cosmetic aspects of women's bodies. I would definitely recommend him for issues after childbirth.

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