Sept. 28, 2012 Full TT W/lipo of Flanks - Honolulu, HI

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I'm 5 ft 4 inches, 110 lbs & 40yrs old with...

I'm 5 ft 4 inches, 110 lbs & 40yrs old with two girls. Didn't gain much weight, only 30-35 lbs each pregnancy. My skin didn't recover very well and I hated my bb!!!! Both babies were over 8 lbs. I eat healthy and exercise regularly. I enjoy Bikram yoga, hiking, jogging, biking and body boarding. I weigh less now then in HS.

Day before surgery. Went for a run with my friend....

Day before surgery. Went for a run with my friend. Had a panic attack after about three miles. I had to tell her what my final wishes were just in case I died. The Internet made me paranoid. Don't Google death with Tummy Tuck. That was the biggest mistake I made before surgery!!!
Day of TT surgery Sept. 28, 2012 woke up confused. Slept majority of the time. My poor mom had to stay to give meds, spray DMSO and measure & drain my blood and urine every two hours. I barely remember much except feeling sick/drowsy from all the meds and not really sore. Wasn't nauseated though. The patch helped....yay!!! My 10yr old daughter took one look at me, ran to the bathroom and cried. I feel so bad they have to see me like this.
D1 Sat. had 7 am appt. doc said I'm healing good no chance of infection. He pulled out catheter. I asked if I could take off patch. He said yes. I was extremely thirsty also had to pee constantly. Later that night felt nausea so I put another patch on...I should've left it on!
D2 Sun. Repeat of D1. Couldn't eat much, just crackers and protein drinks. Nausea off and on, painful but manageable with meds. Thought I had bladder infection. Called my doctor three times on his only day off:(. He didnt seem irritated...he is very caring and patient!!! Started period...that's just great-NOT:(.
D3 Mon. Sick of feeling sick so stopped pain meds today. Painful but I feel better....I can do this!
Had doctors appt 7pm doc took out all three drains...very happy to have those out! Local numbing meds in pubic area hurt like hell! Doc stitched up the holes. Still very thirsty, no appetite bc bad aftertaste but eating little more each day. Still peeing constantly. Doc said its normal. Doesn't feel like a bladder infection but going every 20-30 min.
D4 Tue. Oct 2nd. In constant pain but feeling better not being on drugs ( except for antibiotics). Starting to eat like normal.
D5-6 constant but bearable pain. Very tired from being in pain. I've read pain is like 1000 crunches. For me it's like your trying to do the splits and you can't go down anymore but you push it down a little more, then you hold that stretch. That muscle stretching soreness feeling is in your whole stomach area. The lipo area feels like someone got a bat and beat you up. It's very very tender and inflamed.
Day 6 thurs. saw doc. after complaining...he said I don't need compression was making me feel more sore bc it was so darn tight. I hate tight clothes, always did. Also started ultra sound in lipo area (flanks) to speed healing.
Day 7-8 pain and tightness getting a little better each day. Hungry, even ate Teddy's hamburger. Body probably needed iron.
Day 9-10 sleeping on my bed (was on sofa) with pillows under legs and incline pillow. I can get thru day without nap still can't walk straight.
Day 11 tues. trying to lie flat, stretch and also took away incline pillow. Dropped off kids at school today....Driving hurts. Every bump moves my body and hurts. Mom took me doctors then we went to lunch. I was very tired!!!
Concerned with results. BB not centered and incision line on one side higher then the other....I know it's too early to see final results...just saying....
13th day PO Thursday... Still walking hunched over, standing much straighter then before but not consistently. Seems like I'm best in the morning and when I take a shower.
Dr said my body is not even and I have scoliosis. My BB is off by 5mm but it may shift a little when everything loosens up. I only sleep on my left side...I think it's causing my scoliosis. I get vertigo if I sleep on my right side:(.
14 day PO. Still walking like an old lady. Darn...thought I would be walking normal by now. I'm starting to like my new body. No more flabbyness down there. Can't wait till all swelling is gone.
15 day PO. Hubby left for a work trip. Back to doing everything. Luckily my mom helps out with the hard stuff. Too bad she lives so far away.
16 day PO. Tried on bikini. Wow, I look tiny. Bought slimming belt from Ross for $5.00. It's used to lose weight around the waist area. It helps when I drive. Keeps everything in place.
17 day PO. Walking straighter today but not normal. Standing up slowly and stretching as straight as can be before trying to walk helps me out a ton... Baby steps

Three wk PO tomorrow. Yay...I'm walking pretty...

Three wk PO tomorrow. Yay...I'm walking pretty straight (if I walk slow). The faster I go the more hunched over I walk. I went to the mall with my kids. They were walking hunched over with me. It was funny. Laughing doesn't hurt as much...sneezing still hurts.
Doc started me on some kind of tape to flatten scar...hope it works.

In ten days I will be 4 months post op. it's been...

In ten days I will be 4 months post op. it's been a while since I posted pics so I'll do that in a minute. I starting walking normal speed at 6 weeks. I thought I would be walking normal much earlier so I was worried but I guess I was worried for nothing. I started jogging and hiking at 8 weeks. I tried doing a pull up a few weeks ago and it hurt. I'll try again in about 10 days. My scar seemed to drop a little which is great:)! I can wear low waisted jeans and shorts so yay!!! Most of my swelling is gone but I still have some on my flanks. My waist shrank dramatically, it's 24 1/2 inches. My waist was about 28 inches before surgery. I'm very happy with my results. If you have any questions...don't be shame, ask away!!! Bye for now;)

I don't know why but for some reason my pictures...

I don't know why but for some reason my pictures are flipping upside down and sideways. Sorry!!!
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

Had three consults. I liked Dr. Schlesinger the best. His after surgery care is amazing! He wants to see you the day after surgery, day 3, day 6 then weekly if everything is okay. He answers all my questions and concern in detail. He obviously LOVES his job.

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