Slim Lipo to Arms, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Inner Thighs, Knees - Honolulu, HI

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I don't have any photos, and I know that's...

I don't have any photos, and I know that's what people want to see the most. However, I hope my review will still be helpful to some folks out there.

A little background: at 5'2", 165, I wasn't sure if I was "too fat" for a procedure like this. However, when I looked at several people's before photos, I didn't feel as though I seemed that much bigger and decided a consultation couldn't hurt. In the past I have been as heavy as 195 and although I was quite a bit lighter in my teens (105-115), I felt I had hit a wall at 165. Additionally, my legs/thighs have always been a source of dissatisfaction for me.

I went in for my first consultation on Monday, 5/16 and scheduled my surgery for Wednesday, 5/18 - pretty quick! I was given a small discount for taking a slot that someone had canceled (yes, that price actually reflects a discount!). On the day of my surgery, I took some Ambien and Valium before the procedure and received a fairly large shot of Demerol in my rear. However, I stayed awake and fairly coherent throughout the entire procedure. My doctor as well as the other assistants in the room were pretty amazed by this.

The surgery itself was not pain-free, although certain areas were worse than others. I sort of wish the Ambien and Valium HAD been able to knock me out, although I honestly don't know if I could have stayed that way with all of the jangling about. I was a little hazy and giggling at their conversations. After several hours, they helped me up and into the compression garment of torture.

One funny thing - after the procedure was complete, the doctor asked if I wanted to get a free treatment of Botox, which I had casually mentioned being interested in during my initial consultation. So, I signed all the forms while I was all drugged up and got shot up. I am actually not that thrilled with the results of this, but thankfully Botox is not permanent.

I am really glad I had read these reviews and forums first, because I had already lined my ride's car with towels. I also had towels ready for me at home. Although one of the assistants said I could shower the next morning, I was nervous to take the dressings off myself and figured I would wait until my next-day post-op visit.

I did return to work the very next day, although it was not ideal. I have an easygoing office job with an extremely caring and nice boss, my own office, and no other real coworkers, so all of these factors helped tremendously. I would recommend taking the day off if possible, however. I felt really disgusting and puffy. Luckily, I had also laid towels on my car seat and my office chair, because I was still draining! Yikes! When I went to my doctor for the follow-up, I was not seen by the actual doctor, but the person who saw me said that one of my sutures on the back of my knee had popped. She said I might have to come back that day to be sewed up again. I ended up calling back myself only to be told that the doctor said it was probably too late and that my scar would just be worse that way. I was a little annoyed by this, not just the scarring factor but mostly because I was sitting around waiting for the call, which I blame on the person who saw me. Once I heard I wasn't going to have to go back in, I took my boss' offer to go back home.

Initially, I would say I had VERY severe bruises and swelling, especially around one of my knees. I could not get a lot of the pen marks off, because the area was just way too sensitive.

On Wednesday, 5/25, I had a one week follow-up. Again, I was not seen by the actual doctor but by a physician's assistant. She was actually really sweet. I had been feeling kind of down and thinking maybe I made a huge mistake. Also, my garment was making me pretty miserable. She assured me that my feelings were not uncommon. She did advise me to start massaging away the hard lumps.

I'm about 2 weeks post-op now. The bruises are getting better. After doing more research, I wonder if I should have been doing more massage along the way. I definitely have hard lumps all over. I can't decide if I look that different. My stomach, maybe a bit, but the lumps on the backs of my thighs are really bad so that area, even if it is smaller, just seems pretty ugly. I'm trying to be patient, though!

I have never been a big fan of professional massage but am currently trying to decide if going to do that would help with my healing and lumps/hardness. Any thoughts?

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