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Actually getting BBL first w/ same dr on 12/13/13....

Actually getting BBL first w/ same dr on 12/13/13... Chk out review for more details about my awesome doctor.... Then rhino and eyelids (upper and lower). Was really freaking out about the idea of nose job.. Esp the breaking aspect and recovery with bandages and bruises but sounds like more ugly than painful.

I know for a fact that the nose will make a huge difference in my overall appearance. It's one of those changes where you go, wow that looks so much better but I'm not sure what got changed. I like that. Still want to look like me but better.

Dr. S is excited about what he can do with it! He's prob an expert on the non-Caucasian nose by now with all his years in HI. I'm not worried at all. Basically take out hump, take in nostrils, and narrow in general. Says he goes in inside upper lip.

Will be more excited about this sx once BBL sx is over and recovery is on its way.... But thought I would start this review now.

Front view simulation

Not exactly want to keep same front shape but at least it's more in proportion to face!

Rhino + allergies

Anyone have bad allergies? How does that affect rhino recovery? I'm armed with allergy meds but still can wake up in the middle of the night sneezing and itchy nose. Don't want that while trying to heal...!!!

Another angle....

Good thing I'm obsessing about my first sx which is BBL in two weeks because any time spent on looking ya this nose drives me crazy! Yuk

preop for BBL ---- done!

Went to Dr. S on Saturday for my pre-op for the BBL. Everything went smoothly. Still like him a lot and am confident that he will do an amazing and safe job. His words..."I'm reasonable but agressive." He said that this is once in a lifetime type of decision that has to be perfect. EXACTLY! He says that it wants max results.

We did talk about my nose too for the surgery next month. I showed him my simulations and he says that he is going to make it look even better than that! I'm sure that after the BBL, I will get so much more excited about rhino.... but I'm getting a butt and losing my belly. You have to get excited about that!

Surgery is on Friday and then I'm sure that I'll be on this board more. See you on the other side!

16 days post bbl surgery and 36 days till nose job

Still recovering. Week one was no prob but week two... More pain around midsection. Doc did lots of aggressive lipo so I'm not surprised. During postoperative meeting with doc... He was getting very excited about upcoming rhino and asked if I could split it up so nose was one day and eyes a week after. I said sure even though that means I'll be going back to work with stitches on eyes but that's ok! Means his focus will be on nose and that's important.

Meeting me for first time, nose doesn't really jump out but when I point it out and what it could be... No one can say that it won't be huge improvement.

Told my sister so that's a big step. (Not about bbl yet though)

After bbl surgery took arnica Montana pharmaceutical grade and feel like it helped a lot with bruising and recovery. All bruising gone w/in a week. Will reorder for face surgery too.

Watching dr 90210 on netflix!

one more week!

Went in for my pre-op on Sat and am getting more excited about nose job. It's going to be a huge improvement in my overall appearance. Dr. S asked if I was open to a featured before and after picture and I said "sure!" It means it just means that he will do a perfect job so why not?


Some tips I got from other reviews.. 1) avoid salt one week prior, 2) have cough drops on hand for dry mouth, 3) have papaya and pineapples after, 4) dermablend make up for bruising. Anticipating cold packs and then warm packs with witch hazel and cotton balls.

Got the ok to take pharmacutical grade ARnica . I also have strong allergy meds on hand just in case.

Dr. S said no need break nose, bump is just cartiage and need ear graph to agument the tip. Also, narrow nostrils (small scars). He also said he will go in through the mouth and upper lip so eating and smiling will be strange after but no visible scars.

Was going to cut hair after procedure but couldn't wait so did it beforehand. Really makes it hard to cover up nose but makes me want surgery even more so.

Day after surgery

Little more nervous than I expected. Less room for error than lipo. He did a lot... Had to break nose, shave off bump, take ear cartilage to aug tip, narrow nostrils. 6am went in. Sx at 7am... Woke up after 1. Went home. Ear hurt more than anything at first, now ear is fine but stitches on inside upper lip is sore. Not exactly painful.

Went in this morning at 6am for first follow up. He says that he will try to remove stitches earlier than most docs to avoid scarring.

Also depending if swelling goes down quickly or slowly, determine if eye surgery next week needs to be pushed back. I only planned on taking 2 weeks off of work so hopefully can keep with schedule.

Oh.. Had a drain on ear to collect blood... Maybe 2-3oz total. Took it out today.

Trying not to scare my 7 yr old son with this.

Was planning on cleaning out fridge, cleaning out closet, etc... But not today. Not supposed to bend over.

Lots of arnica... Oral and gel. No appetite yet but gaining weight from lots of fluids. Hard time trying to sleep by stacking pillows so went to recliner which was better at elevating head while still being comfortable.

He said this nose is going to be his "masterpiece" so I'm confident that results are going to be amazing. Said I would look more "hapa" which is local term for mixed.. Asian/white.

Anxious to see more!!

Cast removal

Surgery was Monday. Drain removal Tuesday. Wednesday was splint removal... Bloody but not really painful. Also took off some stitches. Today... Saturday is cast removal plus take out more stitches. This whole time I'm not sure what to think of results. Part is the bruising and swelling. Biggest difference is piece between nostrils that jut out. Changes the whole face shape. Thinking that the reason why I can't recognize myself because he had to cut muscle so my expressions will be funny for a while. My smile looks strained and unnatural but when I put before and after stills side by side... I like the results. Doc says give him three weeks to really see and decide. I trust him so we shall see. He's super happy with results but says lots of the detailed work is lost in the swelling.

I'm one of those people who has a hard time picturing something... Like remodeling ideas so I wish i could be more excited but I'm confident it will come.

Eyes will have to wait cause of swelling, oh well.
Oh only one day felt crazy with claustrophobia because all this crap in orfices but just looks real bad. Not really painful. Didn't pick up son all last week from school but think I can start with makeup. Most irritating are stitches in inner upper lip but ear has stopped hurting.


So haven't updated in a while. Had an infection in collumna. Doc had me in two strong antibiotics and also had hypobaric oxygen therapy. Doctor paid so that was good. Got better but still red at the base. Another round of antibiotics again as precaution. Remember to take probiotics!!!! I learned the hard way after yeast infection... Ugh. Liking nose more and more. Swelling has gone down a lot but still looks like a big bump in bridge that wasn't there before. Challenge is thick skin so fine detail gets lost and swelling is worse. Going in for eye surgery at end if month. Depending in progress, may need some rhino touch ups. One is right nostril didn't heal smoothly do that will be corrected. Also swelling on bridge ESP on left side is still quite swollen so may have to be addressed during next sx too. Guess I'm lucky that I have next surgery so I have opportunity to do these minor touch ups. Smile hasn't completely returned but getting there.

Rhino touch up after eyelid surgery- 1 week post

Was freaking out that I would have to go thru a rhino touch up. Left side of bridge was still swollen and right nostril scar was not smooth. Woke up with another cast so I was worried about another long recovery but stitches and cast off in three days, min bruising and touch up made a huge difference!!! Love results immediately. It's only 1week post op so sure more swelling to go down but I like it a lot. Smile is also coming along, less strained and upper lip is healing. Flattering but still ethnically appropriate and subtle. Can't lie... Process was more than I anticipated but loving results now. Thank you Dr S!

Final revision ---love

Ok so it was a process but he did it! I love the final look. Went in Wed for another rhino work up. He said he wanted to use new technique that he just tried on his daughter. It was short compared to the cartilage transplant (less than two hours) and recovery was a breeze... No bruises and little swelling.

I think that it still looks like me but refined. Super cute and flattering without really attracting attention.

Just wanted to say for those of you who are interested in rhino 1) find a great doctor like Dr. Schlesinger and 2) be patient!!!! I didn't realize how much there can be to this process and went through lots of emotions but I lovelovelove end product!

Guess should've put on make up whatnot for "final" pix and maybe will later but I like the new nose that much that I'll share with you... Au natural.

Can't say enough about my doc. He listens and cares but oozes confidence. Bedside manner rocks. Whole consult experience was great. Spent over an hour with HIM not just patient coordinator. Advised against procedures others recommended (so glad). Emailed coordinator this morning and got Dr. S calling me this afternoon to answer all of them. How awesome is that?! Love my doctor!

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