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My first BA was performed 12 yrs ago. I had two...

My first BA was performed 12 yrs ago. I had two kids and breast fed both, searched for help to put my breast back to a womanly shape, technology was not as good as it is now so I wasn't able to have much access to reviews and other peoples comments. My consultation went well and the surgeon seemed experienced and caring. Wish I could view comments back then, Anyway I had a BA with a lift in one surgery. The results seemed ok to me at the time although I knew nothing better, but right away I was unhappy with the uneven scar around the areola and noticed that one side the pocket was made too large , well but I had no idea it needed a fix , I just continued on with my life , Sometime later within a year I noticed whenever I flexed or used my arms or anything that involved pectoral muscles, well then it would cause an indent into the breast creating a deformed look , Now the beautiful breast I always wanted had to be hidden due to this deformity. By now it was too late to go back to the doctor and I had already used all my savings for the BA , it would take me years to save again. Meanwhile I had another baby and was able to breast feed with no problems but my breast became worse and more in need of revision surgery, Now I am researching doctors credentials. Reviews and training to find an excellent surgeon to help and do my revision surgery. At one consultation The surgeon said my issues with my breast were too challenging , wow ! How depressing, so I'm still in search , I decided to Email photos and a small explanation of what is wrong to several highly experienced Doctors to see who would be confident to take my case, I got one reply so far and waiting for two more. My goal is to have 3 consultations . BTW the problems I currently have are: bottom out breast, capsular contraction in one, need a lift and repair a bad job on the areola scar in one side , need to repair oversized pocket in one, need to fix the dynamic pectoral deformity which I found from writing Doctors on this sight to be a mal placement of implant ! And need to change out old implants. Please help me pick the surgeon right for me . I will keep you posted. First consult is July 9 th 2014 !!

Searching for a great breast revision surgeon

I narrowed my search to 3 Doctors all board certified, all great reviews and all over 20yrs experience. If anyone has comments on these Doctors in Hawaii please write about your experience . Dr. Schlesinger, Dr. Lenard Yu, Dr. Wong

Searching for a great revision surgeon

I'm getting discouraged , several Doctors have told me my first BA was basically so bad that my case is going to be a very difficult and challenging one . Man !! I need an experiences capable doctor , preferably in my state !! (Hawaii) Is their any that capably can correct my breast problems and give me beautiful results ?? My first surgeon DEFORMED my breast !!!! Watch out girls !!!

Searching for highly qualified surgeon

I'm expanding my search for the right surgeon. I'm open to out of state doctors. I definately want to get this right the FIRST time !! Especially considering cost, time off if work , and probably won't have funds to get another revision !! My God they run sooo high the first time !!!!

From Alanama stationed in Hawaii

Hey so since I'm military I may get transferred before I'm able to actually have the revision surgery but I'm still going to consult here because it could be that I would have enough time. But I'm keeping my options open to outer states. Everyone's comments about their outcome and Doxtora is very helpful.

From Alabama stationed twice in Hawaii

I was stationed in Hawaii twice , first was when I got my initial BA and 12 yrs later I'm here again. Originally from Alabama. Looking for a surgeon who can do a top of the line job on my breast revision. I want an excellent job and all my issues and concerns met with satisfaction hoping if something went wrong within the first few months, The surgeon would correct it. I realize nothing is perfect and not looking for perfection but problems can be corrected successfully with great results if I find the right Surgeon

Your stories and experiences are helping

It helps tremendously to hear everyone's stories and outcomes along with experiences with named Doctors ! Appreciate this site !!

I want good results the first time

I want my revision to be done right the first time. I'm searching for the right Doctor capable and confident and highly qualified to do it right the first time. Needs to be attention to detail, very skilled and precise , an artist . Knowledgeable and cares about his patients.

More consultations

Hi everyone ! So I did two more consultations . These were out of state. I did 4 total so far . It's really hard to pick. If I go out of state I have to fly and stay over but still comes out cheaper than the cost in my state. Hmmm What to do , What to do ??? I'm kina scared going to a place I've never been before. And in the back if my mind I'm thinking " How do I really kno that this Doctor is legit ? I mean what if the whole before and after pictures on the site are all fake , or not really his ? And what if I get lost in the airport ? I gotta change planes like 3 times ! Who's gonna go with me ? Then theirs an additional cost for another person !!!! It's cheaper to go by myself but I may have anxiety, it's pretty scary going thru this alone and in a strange place !! What is everyone's thoughts ? But the reason I wanna go is that the Doctor is sooo good! No bad reviews and double board certified, great website, love the results more than any other !!! Top of the line I would say , but right now I can't say who the Doctor is and what state and when I'm thinking of going just for safety security issues !! Wouldn't want some freek following me , sorry but I told u I think about these things ! I should have someone go with me yes ? But then it's a extra round trip airfair !! What should I do guyz ???

If I had to pick an out of state PS

If I had to pick an out of state PS I would choose Dr. Revis. The reasons being ...........
1. He seems confident and reassuring that he can accomplish my surgery and skilled enough to do an excellent job at it.
2. He appears to consider each patient as a new art work to accomplish precise and beautiful results but at the same time never putting your life in harm.
3. I like that he use to do body surgeries for massive weight loss patients but when insurance no longer covered this he developed a long term internal bra for patients doing breast revision.
4. Most of his surgeries have been breast revisions
5. He seems to take careful planning and consideration to each patients different needs and structure and acts as a scientist evaluating the best plan for the specific needs of each patient to have the best outcome !
6. He takes great pride in his work. I trust he will make the best choices when faced with a problem durring surgery
7. The office is equipped for many out if town and state patients and easily helps with transportation and hotel recommendations .

Dr. Revis

8.He also has beautiful results on his web page.
9. He specializes in larger implants and performs a long lasting technique to prevent quickly needing them repaired or re- done

Two opposite opinions

Okay I went on two consults and am trying to soak it in. I had two totally different approaches to my Breast Revision. PS#1 sais : exchange implants thru old areola scar, no need a lift but he will put Seri- Silk in bottom and sides of pocket which will raise fold , then he will fix and re- shape pockets and fill with larger implant using hi-profile. He sais my nipples are in the right position and so I suppose raising the fold will help the droopiness,

PS#2 wants to do lollypop lift, gummybear textured implant, and no drains and no seri

What's you guyz thoughts ??

Fixing pectoral muscle deformity

I found a helpful video on this sight from a PS who addresses pectoral muscle deformity, Her patient had the same thing I have, whenever the patient flexes or uses arms in pushing or pulling , the pectoral muscle would indent into the implant , well it was an easy fix and simple reason why it occurred , it occurred because at the time of surgery the pectoral muscle wasn't released, so if they release the muscle and re- direct it then it should be mostly fixed

Pectoral muscle deformity

Just got a new flip on this. One PS says this could also be caused by initial surgery error when they created the pocket for implants and had to divide the muscle in the middle part of chest , they split too much, too much dissecting and therefore it could be permanently damaged. Omg ! I sure hope not !!

Pectoral muscle deformity video

The video describing this is from Dr. Lisa Cassileth of Beverly Hills. You can type "Flex Muscle Deformity " or go to her site to see the video. Just thought it would help anyone else whoay also have it

Are their any Doctors Who know how to fix pectoral muscle deformity ??

Why does no one seem to want to bother with this problem ? I found very few surgeons that even know about it ! Thank you for all the great surgeons who have descriptively described how this can be repaired. But now I need to find a surgeon who is familiar with repairing this in my area. I don't want to just do a revision and have the continued dis forming problem when it can possibly most likely be fixed ! This is a terrible problem to live with !! I never had a beautiful outcome from the start ! In Fr. Lisa Cassileths Video on this site and her web site , She says the cause is that the pectoral muscle becomes over released at time of surgery, as the breast drops the deformity gets worse. This happens in 5-10 % of patients. The muscle floats up to a higher position and attached itself to skin or tissue instead of the sternum , To Fix it; Put pec muscle back into a normal anatomically position, then if changing implant then place new implant ! Okay so any surgeons in Hawaii experienced in this ? Is it hard to do ? Why do some Ps wanna avoid trying to fix this ? Do they just wanna shove an implant in you and be done ?? Where are the fantastic Doctors ?? Besides the Brave and confident Dr. Chu , Who else ? I give him a lot of credit for wanting to help. I can't wait for my consultation .

Doctors helpful comments

Thank you Dr. Jeffery Zwiren of Atlanta, he says to correct pectoral muscle deformity it requires a re- operation and release of the pectoralis muscle along the lower medial pole of the breast, This would decrease the problem, also the facial bands can be released as well that are creating the crease.

Getting scared

Ugh, This is really stressful thinking about what the PS#1 wanted to do, by putting in the Seri Silk material, I've heard that it can cause infection in some and what if my body rejects it and I don't want to be sick and have a bad infection !! That could really interfering with my life and work and relationship!! I'm stressing that the Doc doesn't really care about me as an individual and I'm just another piece of meat to chop up on the surgery table, The PS seems so extremely busy I don't think he'll remember anything I say let alone my name !! I'm not sure about him !! It was the weirdest consultation I ever had, I seriously thought he may have been on drugs, or didn't sleep for a couple days but he didn't talk right , not sure if I'm just tripping out and thinking too much but I'm scared.

I have one more upcoming consultation

Well being that's how I feel about PS #1 , I'm definitely going on one more upcoming consult and that is with the Brave and Bold Doctor Benjamin Chu. I hope he's familiar with fixing what my first surgeon did to deform me. My pectoral muscle was cut and left instead of re- attached , and floated up into the implant pocket and attached itself to other tissue, so now it needs to be re- attached back into a anatomically position which I think it's suppose to be attached to the sternum. I wonder why few Doctors know about this or how to fix it. Do they only cut things but not repair them ? I really hope I get someone to help me!! I feel so terrible living with this deformity.

Found a TOP DOCTOR in my state

Had a consult with a top DPS in my state, He was very personable and knowledgeable , I like his results and feedback, super nice and helpful staff. He examined me and suggested hi- profile saline and says he can move the pectoral muscle back to the right place, honestly he told me their would still be a little indentation problem when flexing but it will be a lot less and muscle back where they belong !! Oh I really really truly hope so !!


A top PS

And One More TOP SURGEON to See after That

Next , I'm going to see Dr. Benjamin Chu , I'm excited and thinking he can help me. He has a really good review and awesome results. He's done great work on repairing other Doctors mistakes. Highly recommended.

Loving Consult with last Doctor

The PS I met does a endoscopic type breast surgery for less bleeding and pain. I really like that, He uses a small camera, He said he has no problem with doing a bigger size implant, He does most his incisions thru the armpit but will do thru Areola since that's my last incision site. He believes in smooth round implants for several reasons, says it provides a more natural look, and I don't remember why else, ( too much to think about ) He also uses Seri like the other Doctor, but This Doctor seems highly qualified and more professional. I might need it since two PS suggested it , but it does scare me. But I'll have more discussions about it and research.

Going to end my review for now

I'm deciding to end my review for now. This site was helpful and I appreciate all the support and encouragement , However I have a busy schedule ahead. So far I would like to say thank you to two outstanding top Doctors : In my search I have decided and recommend Dr. Larry Schlesinger and Dr. Benjamin Chu for surgery in Hawaii . I will update my profile with the PS I chose in a few months . Thank you to everyone here and wish you all success in your journeys

Scheduled surgery

Hey everyone ! I scheduled surgery for November ! I'm just gonna go for it. ! Chose a PS with 30 yrs experience, yet is up to date on current techniques, he's had great reviews and I actually talked to a couple patients of his by phone, I found them on here and they offered to private message each other so we could talk confidentially, That was a really good idea, I would recommend doing that for someone who like me is very nervous about choosing the right PS, but it wasn't just that, He uses a proceedure similar to laparoscopy , with a tiny camera when doing surgery to lessen scarring and for better recovery and hopefully less pain. But I do need a lot of stuff done to repair what my first surgeon did wrong and things that need to be fixed just due to length of time so I expect pain and It's kina scary, but gotta do it ! My surgery is gonna be 6 hrs . WOW ! That's a lot , OMG I hope I don't die or have a bad complication or a deadly bacterial infection ugh ! I'm free king myself out and gotta think positive, I'll sure need everyone's help when it gets closer, So I'm working a lot to pay for the remaining amount due ! It's getting tighter and tighter, haven't had much time to work out, what can I do ? I need to work to pay the balance but now I have no time to work out, I want my body to look fantastic for my boobs ! If I have too much weight on surgery date then loose it after, it won't work cuz then my boobs will have loose skin, so I have to loose NOW ! At least 10-15 lbs would be good. I've only got 3 months to go ! Okay so If I think of my end results that I want and all the $$ I'm paying which this is costing me about 13,500 total!! Well then I think I better get my butt up early and do my Workout ! Especially now I can run before I get my new boobs! ! At least I don't have to now worry bout ruining them cuz their already ruined !! Ha ha ! But , how many days a week should I work out ? Remember I'm working super long days to make $$ for the rest of my surgery cost so I'm also tired !! Well so I think I'll start with 4 days a week and that will give me energy and when it does I'll increase !! Oh and I'm good on diet, I'm doing a no sugar natural whole foods only diet, That should help with energy too ! Man! The things we gotta go thru just to look and feel good !! But I gotta remember how happy I will be in the end and keep in mind my wish pictures !! So , can I do it ?? Make enough $$ working long hours , eat right and work out without getting burn out ?? I say YES !! As long as I eat healthy and the exersize should eventually help with energy !! Cheer me on everyone !! It's a hard road ahead these next 3 months !! I'll also take b4 and after pictures later !

Hi, just checking in

I'm still here, just checking in. Been really buisy working working and working !!! I got 1 & 1/2 months more to go !! I amaze myself at how I'm earning all this in such a short time ! Good old fashioned HARD Working Girl !!! Thank God I have good health to do it !!

By the way

Eating healthy has definately increased my energy, don't feel sluggish at all !

My pre-op is this week !!!

I'm getting excited !! My pre-op is this week !!! Then Surgery in two weeks after that !!! Wow , I see such amazing results from Girls here, I hope my results turn out amazing too !! I waited years for this revision and worked really hard doing extra work to pay for it !! Also my revision total cost is about $14,000 !! So it better be top quality and no further revision or fixing after !!! This doesn't include airfare cost to fly to and from the island my PS is on !! And also hotel cost and rental car cost !! That adds up to probably another 3,000 !!! I need advice on good questions or statements for my PS when I go for my Pre- Op, I want him to listen and take notes about what I want so theirs no assuming or guessing !! I really need these fixed right !!

I'm getting surgery Tuesday

A cancellation happened and I'm getting surgery sooner than expected !! I'm excited !!

Surgery date

November 4

Oh no they had to change my surgery date

Oh no (: The nurse called to tell me they had an emergency and were super sorry but had to put off my surgery until next week. I can't believe it ! I was so ready (: But they are paying my flights for the inconvenience ! That's good ! Well girls, it looks like we gotta wait another week , I will update then

I did it !! Surgeries done !

Hey girls , I did it ! Had surgery 11/10/14 !! One day post op today ! I was the last patient ! Surgery started at 5pm , about 4 hours. The staff at the surgery center were all super caring and professional ! They were not fake !! I have a good sense of people's sincerity and all were sincerely caring ! I really needed that ! Well and now about the surgery :

Surgery: I finally now know what caused my pec muscle deformity , and what my original surgeon did wrong. My original surgeon didn't stitch my pocket well enough and the implant tore through the muscle, over time it got worse to the point that my muscle was shredded and needed to be reconstructed ! Wow ! And my Doc did it !! Also on the other side the muscle had to be put back to the correct place to correct the muscle deformity in that side . This too was done wrong by original PS !! I'm sooo super glad I picked this surgeon ! He is so skilled and has a lot of experience ! He often fixed what other PS messed up !! Because they had to re- Construct the muscle on one side and repair the massive tears , that side is really sore ! I'm not missing a dose of pain meds ! The side that wasn't sore but needed to re- attach the muscle back to the right place , that side has no pain at all ! I told Doc to put in the size that would fill all the skin since he said I didn't need a lift again, I had one at original surgery and it kept good this long, so guess how much he put in girls ??

Picture of day 1 post op

I needed alot of repairing done and a lot of work so their is major bruising under vest .

A reluctant picture

Ok here they are , all bandaged and bruised with drains . This does not reflect final results ! It's gonna take time for fluffing and rid of bruises , drains etc.. I needed a lot of repair work because of first PS whom messed them up

4 dys post op

Some changing , super worried about everything though ! They have lots of bruising .

PS said I'm healing fine

Well my PS put me at ease , he said all is healing well , breasts are soft and almost symmetrical , he said the side with all the repairs .

I'm not happy

I'm not happy !

Day7 Post Op

Bruising is fading , worries about symmastia and do they need more support ? What do you think ?

Before and after

Well maybe I'm just uncertain

All us girls know what a roller coaster ride this can be on our emotions ! After surgery you wonder a million things !! Will it all turn out okay ? Worry is my enemy ! I waited a long time and I want it all to turn out fantastic !! That's all !! I been through a lot and a long journey ! My healing will take longer than most due to the repairs needed, I hope I don't have symmastia !! Or any other problems !!! Really really really hope it all turns out fantastic !!

Day 10 post op

Just an update, I stopped pain meds after about 4 days post op, no pain but I do have a lot of bruising. Today I just noticed a new bruise under my stitches, not sure what this means. I carefully went back to work today but I was super cautious and I used my back muscles a lot to compensate and now my back hurts . I'm still using Arnica Montana pills and cream for bruising. I was told to take deep breaths every so often to keep the lungs clean and moving and to prevent any kind if sickness. I'm still a little more easily tired , so I can tell I need more rest and much more time for healing ,I wouldn't do anything strenuous , that's for sure and I'm trying to take it easy and rest when I can.

Looking and feeling better !

Post 17 days. I notice a small difference in that breast are a little less close than initially. Bruising is gone, breast feel sooo much better with silicone verses saline. Their not even heavy feeling. Actually I think the saline 400cc felt heavier than these 750 silicone. I feel great physically and got the okay to begin working out. Only no weights for upper body yet. I'm glad not to be easily out of breath like in the first week. I have no pain, got stitches out, internal stitches still need time to dissolve . I would suggest not to go back to work until minimal of 12 - 14 days ! I went back 9 days and it was tooo early ! My back hurt for compensating for trying not to use my chest muscles ! Also I found my daily duties putting me in situations that caused me to have to pull, push, stretch and lift very light things but due to that I wouldn't recommend going back to work until 14 days depending on your type of surgery and individual situation and your PS orders. But for me and the type of surgery I had , I would recommend not going back to work until post 14 days.

Look at the difference

24 Days Post-Op

Hi, it looks like my left breast dropped and now they match ! I'm liking the cleavage more, I had to get use to it and I notice the tenting of the skin in the middle is a lot better and I'm sure it will continue to completely touch my chest wall. I'm about 3 1/2 weeks Post op here. My measurement across the middle if my breast is 37" and under my bust is 30" so I think I actually gained an inch back on my size. Yeah for me !!

What's happening ?

Man I'm so disappointed ! Didn't my PS know that my breast would be too close ? And my skin in the middle is floating up and I feel that I have to push it down before I it touches my chest. Gosh I would think you can tell by just examination that this is not good. Why me ?? Again ? I feel my breast are not really seperate and when I wear a bathing suit top or bra, the breast don't go in the two cups cuz they're too much tward the middle ! Man I had sooooo much repairs done and I don't want to re- do it ? Why couldn't it all be okay like it is for many others ? I thought my PS was talented enough to pre- calculate for this . Is this a form of dynasties ?

PS said everything's okay

Hi everyone , Guess I was worrying too much due to the internet ! But PS today sais it's impossible to have symmastia , so when he did the surgery he did something to be sure, but I forgot what he said ha ha , sorry , it's cu I was asking so much questions. Anyway he said I had a little extra skin between prior to surgery and he's right, I remember that, so that's all it is and it's not tenting . That's why it's good to check and ask your PS . He said many would die to have my cleavage !! I'm just not use to it, and if course he also said if I'm not happy he can give me a small gap between the two breast if it really bothers me but have to wait 6 months. What do you all think ? Maybe I'll post more pictures soon so I can get a variety of opinions. Should I move them just a little but apart or leave them ?

1 month Post- op

Wanting a tummy tuck

Hey, can I start a new review under tummy tuck ? Hey Beth, where are you ?

6 weeks post-op

I been wearing thing bra to help the tenting between breast. PS thinks it's just a little swelling and the bra will help until it fully heals. I do feel the bra helps lay the skin down flatter between the breast. It's irritating to wear but I know it's helping. Anyway it seems longer but I'm only 6 1/2 weeks post. Any difference ?

See the difference ?

Post 3 months

3 months Post- Op

What do you guyz think ?

Example of space I want

Here's a picture example of the space and definition I was wanting. Do you see how her chest in the middle is flat and attached and how her breast are definitely two separate ! I'm including several picture examples

Examples of a good result

This picture has closeness but they still look okay because they are symmetrical and placed evenly behind the areola .

Expels of good results !

Look at these photos! Evenly placed ! Definition, Some are close yet the skin in the middle is still flat to the chest ! It still can look good with large implants if they are placed correctly and proper measurements were taken of the chest for a good fit !

Basically everyone has good results but me !!

Look at all the good results !! There is NO reason why I can't have good results too but I don't !! My friends all has BA and look great !! Did my PS forget about me ?? Am I going to be swept under the rug ?? I feel terrible !! My breast are ugly !! I hate them !!

Please list PS you recommend to fix symmastia

Hey Realself friends ! If you had a great symmastia repair or know of a great surgeon who is really great at Revisions , Please list their name here. Thanks.

Removed all pictures

Removed pictures !

Nothing is set in stone

Okay , so two other PS said I have symmastia but my PS and another said I don't so it's 50/50 ! I think probably my PS would kno best . Anyway all this is driving me nuts !! I'm gonna forget about all this for awhile and go to the beach and the gym and take care of myself !! Wish I could erase this whole page but it's non erasable !! Their just thoughts at the moment ! Please don't assume anything that I said cuz I'm not even sure what to think !!!

Here's my progress pictures

More pictures

Before and now

Post 3 months

Post 2 weeks

This is my first and original surgeon.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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