Mommy Makeover - 5'8 and 147 lbs 24 years old with 2 beautiful children - Honolulu, HI

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Hello ladies! I'm 5'8 and 147 lbs 24 years old...

Hello ladies! I'm 5'8 and 147 lbs 24 years old with 2 beautiful children ages 4 and 2, both were delivered via c-section. My babies left me with some deep stretch marks, sagging skin, and of course deflated breasts. I'm extremely nervous and exited that I can finally get my body back and I still can't believe my mommy makeover will be next week Wednesday 07/17/13. I have always been really small my whole life and after having kids I'm back at my normal body weight but not so much with the sagging skin. I have worked so hard in the gym to get where I am now. My amazing husband was tired of hearing me complain about how disappointed I was with my body even with all the hard work I put in in the gym. So we both agreed that it is time for me to get this done :)

Still in shock!!

Hello ladies just an update so far... I was on the verge of canceling my mommy makeover because I couldn't come up with the anesthesia fee. We had to help some family members out as well as pay the bills and I couldn’t afford to do that and my surgery. I called my PS and told them my situation and was on the verge of a mental break down, I once again was helping and thinking of others before I thought of myself. Nothing wrong with that but this was something I wanted so badly and thought I deserved. To make a long story short my PS will be taking care of the anesthesia fee. WOW!!!!! I wasn’t expecting that I literally cried over the phone hearing the great news. They really felt I was a great candidate for this surgery and didn’t want to see me walk away especially since I’ve come so far. I am very thankful to Dr. Schlesinger and his staff for making my dream come true!!!

Also I don't know what happened to my other photos... I'll upload them again.


I got a call from Dr. Schlesinger's office that they want to do a videography of my mommy makeover experience… how exciting! I said yes of course because I’m confident he will do a phenomenal job. I’m a little nervous but as long as I’m helping someone out there I’m all in!

4 more days!!!

I just stated my DMSO applications to my abdominal area I have to do this 4 times a day. I can't believe that my surgery is just around the corner. I actually feel calm and collected but sometimes during the day I'm a nervous wreck, which I've read plenty of ladies here who are experiencing the same thing. Makes me feel at ease that I'm not the only one. Thank you all for posting your experiences it really helps in so many ways.

Video interview

So I went in and did my pre-surgery video interview this morning. I was nervous at first because I never done anything on camera like that before. After a few minutes I started to loosen up a bit and started to feel comfortable. I'm glad I did it because for myself looking up videos online helped aide my decision to go through with this whole mommy makeover surgery in the first place. But like I said before as long as I can help someone out there I'm ok with that.

Besides that I'm going in tomorrow for my surgery!!!!!!yay it's finally here! I'll keep you all updated once I get the chance.

11 days post op

Hello ladies!!! Sorry I haven't been updating but I'm here now...let me start off with post op day 1-4 these days were differently cruel. I hate taking pain meds because I hate the feeling of being on them. I stopped taking my pain meds on post op day 2 and just took extra strength tylenol which wasn't pleasant but differently manageable. I had my drains taken out on day 3 (thank god) I also got my stitches in my abdomin taken out as well. I have to say the most pain I've had surprisingly were my breast. I really wasn't expecting the breast to be really uncomfortable but they were. Day 5 was a big turn around I was walking around longer and standing somewhat straight. I would say that being hunched over really took its toll on my lower back and I was left with back pains up til day 8. Day 9-11 are so much better I'm almost completely standing straight but still not quite there still feel tightness on upper abs. I can't wait to see my final results I know It's still really early but I want to heal already. I'm happy with everything so far, I know the pics I'm about to post might look scary but I'm in the healing process and I keep trying to tell myself it'll get better with time:)

3weeks post op

I'm happy to say I'm almost back to normal. I still feel stiff in the morning when I wake up but it's mostly my breast. I don't know if its from just laying on my back all the time but they are really tender in the morning. I was cleared from my PS to sleep on my side but I tried the other night and after a few mintues it got really uncomfortable. I will try again tonight! Other then that I can't wait to get back to the gym I feel like its been forever. My ps said one month to return to the gym. When did any of you ladies go back to the gym? How did you start your workouts? I'm use to doing intense workouts and was wondering what did you start off doing?


I have darkness around my bb and my tummy incision... Does anyone of dark skin tone have this problem? My ps will be giving me cream to lighten the darkness around those areas. Just wondering if anyone expierenced this and did it ever go away?

1month post op

It has been exactly 1 month since my mommy makeover. Wow! Where has the time gone? I’m so happy and please with my results and very excited to see what my final results will look like. I went in today for my 1 month check up and everything is looking great. The only thing bothering me is my skin underneath both my breasts is starting to peel, and from that it’s irritating my skin and causing some itchiness. My ps gave me some cream to stop it so hopefully it’ll go away soon. My breasts are starting to feel soft and natural but my right boob still has not dropped so I’m anxious for that and hoping it’ll have the same shape as my left boob. The tummy area is great only feeling some tightness on my upper abs but other than that I have no issues with the tummy. My ps put special tape on my tummy incision to flatten my scar once that happens I’ll be able to start working on getting rid of the darkness around my scars. Also, my ps said in 2 weeks I can go back to the gym yayyyyyy!!!!!

One last thing I went bra shopping at Nordstroms and found out I’m a 30dddd!!! I didn’t even know that was a size but I guess it is lol… looks like I’m going to have to do some online shopping for my bras because they only had a select few to choose from.

10 weeks post op

Just thought I'd come and update you all with my progress...It's been 10 weeks since my mommy makeover and I'm so amazed with everything...everyday that passes I just keep seeing more and improvement! I can finally say with confidence that I've got a hotttttt body:)

4 Months with pics and before and after video

I had my post op appointment yesterday and finally received my before and after video. I hope this will help anyone out there who is thinking about getting a mommy makeover. I can finally say I am 100% normal now. I also noticed that in the gym I'm feeling even more stronger than I was before the surgery:) I feel amazing and can't believe how far I've come! Also, I'll be getting a pigmented tattoo around my areola to cover the scars.. how cool is that?! No more scars yay!! Thank you to my PS and his staff for everything and for giving me my life back.


Dr S Ana Pierce Before and After - HD 1080p from Jeff Orig on Vimeo.
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