WORTH IT!______Mommy Makeover: BA( 8/22/16) and TT, Lipo, Fat Transfer (soon) - Honolulu, HI

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Hello sisters! I hope no brothers here, but well,...

Hello sisters! I hope no brothers here, but well, if you want to read go for it. I was looking for a doctor for more than a year, and after a crazy research between a deep forest of plastic surgeons I think, I finally found a diamond doctor S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS, . Yesterday I send a request for an online consult, and we will see that will happen next. I will try to update any changes. For now I am posting my naked pics.
I am 170 sentiments (5 and 7), and about 65 kilos. I am 40 y.o., I have one child, and 13 years ago I had a c-section. Before pregnancy, I had a skinny-sporty figure with 55 kilos, but sadly during my pregnancy I gain other 50 kilos. Now I have stable weight (65kg) for years, and a stable exceed fat with an extra-ugly skin, and very stable flat baggy chest. I really want to change it. I want to enjoy looking in the morrow again.
Because I am from Ca, I went to LA for a consultation with a plastic surgeon that I thought I can trust, but this doctor told me that I need a breast lift and implants. He also said that it is impossible to put big sized implants under armpit. I did my research, I it is not truth at all. Any size can be placed transaxillary with a help of Keller Funnel. Also, I do not think I need a breast lift. Because I want to have at least 600cc silicone implants, I think the size of an implants will compensate sagging of the breast. We will see that my diamond doctor will say about this.
To be hones, I am so ready to go for the surgery! But no rush. And wait for the doctor/office respond.
I hope he is the ONE!

Step by step...

Because I did promise to update any changes, I am back.
The office contacted me immediately. I get emails from 3 different people, including Jenna, the office coordinator. She offered to do a FaceTime with her and the doctor next day! It was a very pleasant talk; I full in love with the doctor too! Seriously he seems very knowledgeable and calm. I did not understand some of medical terms that doctor mentioned and I wish I could ask him to explain them right away. But in general, he said that I am a good candidate for both surgeries (TT and BA), and everything looks straightforward.
At first, I thought I will go for both surgeries at one Mammy Makeover. The office offered a great discount if I will do all in ones, but after calculation of all travel and surgical expenses, the sum came out more than 27,000.00! For me it is a lot to pay at ones. So, sadly I have to separate my makeover, and do it step by step. I decided to do BA first, and if doctor will have openings next month, I will go forward! So, I am waiting to hear back from the office...

The Big-Boobs Day -August 22!!!!

Mt breast augmentation is schedule for August 22! Just cannot wait! My plain and hotel are booked. All that I have to do is my pre-op blood work. Its scheduled for tomorrow.
I feel like I am ready to go. I also get new sporty bras with zipper on front too because I heard that they can be very handy. My mom and my daughter are coming with me to take care about me after the surgery. For now, I will post pictures of boobs that I like. Still deciding about cc size. Doctor did recommend for my wish boobs to get about 600cc. I also want to get a very nice décolleté area where boobs will be closed to each other.

Really ready to go! Just a week away!!!!!

My blood work came out wonderful. Also, I paid for the surgery almost in full (will pay for the anesthesiology at the place because it is a separate from the big bill). I am very excited, and just cannot wait! I want to mention Jenna Akasaki, the coordinators, who walk me trough the process, answered all my questions, and just supported me when I needed. She is amazing!
Some points what I have to mentions. I have to take VitaminK before the surgery(did not started yet, but will).
Jenna mentioned that doctor Schlesinger does not like any bras (even sporty ones) after the surgery for a month. It is interesting because I read a lot of reviews where girls wear this typo bras to support their new breasts. So, well, I will walk around just sexy and bra-less, just as European females. I have no problem with it at all. If I will have beautiful breast, what is the point to hide under a bra?
When I arrive to Hawaii, I am planning to update a step by step process, including my housing, surgery, and so on. As a patient who is traveling (from California to Hawaii) for BA surgery, I want to go an overview of my experience to help others in the future.
For now, I am posting more pictures of my wish boobs, and I am sorry that I have no credits for pictures. By now I have thousands of photos, and I lost track where I got them. Also thank you to everyone who is supporting me on RealSelf!

I got new boobs!!!!!

I am updating my journey. For now I will update a little bit info and pictures, and later on I will do much detailed review.
When I came to Hawaii last Sunday, I went to doctor S. Larry Schlesinger`s office. I saw him for the first time in the real life, and I was so pleased and so happy that I choose him! He is very handsome, super charming, and extremely knowledgeable person and doctor. He is the best of the best!
The next day I had a surgery. Everything went very well, and I did stay overnight after my surgery(it was very smart). I will describe later why I decided to do it even I have my family came with me.
But for now, I want to mention one more person ,John Hunter, the anesthesiologist. He does his job as a magician; I did not feel anything during the surgery and I did not feel sick after the surgery at all. He made my family calm and comfortable prior the surgery too. I feel very comfortable in his hands and under his care. I am planning to come back for my tummy tack in January next year, and I will request him for my surgery.
I will be back with my review, and for now I am uploading my two days after the surgery pictures.

Almost a week after my BA

I am still recovering after my surgery, and tomorrow will be one week after my BA. I am uploading my new pictures, but all description I will update when I come back home to CA. I also will answer all answers too. I just want to say that I love my new look! My breasts look amazing already! Please stay with me.

before and after

Come back home

I left Honolulu 4 days ago, and right before I left(literally 4 hours before my flight) , I had new sutures under my right armpit because the old was broken. I have no idea why it happened because I my left armpit scar is healing nicely. Maybe because I am right handed and I used my right arm more? Have no idea. Anyways, I am glad that my follow up/pre-flight home visit with my brilliant doctor at his surgery day and at the surgery center. I get so lucky, because doctor Schlesinger fixed my opened scar immediately. Now I have sutures that have to be removed in 4 days. Doctor Schlesinger said that he will found a friend doctor around an area where I live to suture removal. I feel like I under care no matter what is happening or can happen.
From all experience I can say that right doctor choice is MOST IMPORTANT! And professional work will cost money. It is your health and LIVE, so please do not save on it! Previously I thought I may go to outside of US to do plastic surgery to save money and do more procedures. How wrong I was, and now happy I am that I changed my mind right on time.
Anyways, now I have absolutely stunning breast, and males(and females) staring at me. Interesting fact that my clothes divided into two parts: one that I cannot fit anymore, and the other that fit amazingly! I look so sexy and attractive that I almost full in love with myself(ha ha). And my belly that was bigger than my old breasts is almost invisible now. My new, beautiful breasts compensate the situation. How nice!
Also, I want to ask admin to let me change the setting of this post for WORTH IT!!!! Because it WORTH IT 100%!!!
I am so happy that I did my research and found a real diamond doctor!
Thank you doctor Schlesinger for your amazing work! You are real artist and you have gold hands and wonderful heart! Every member of your team is great too! You definitely feel and see people, and definitely know who can be best for your team. I will be back soon for nice lover back and tiny waist.
I miss our wrapping hugs!
And I am sorry that we ate almost all chocolate at the office:)


Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

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