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I interviewed three or four doctors prior to my...

I interviewed three or four doctors prior to my decision - it's been a process!!!
I'm having a tummy tuck with liposuction three months later, breast lift with silicone implants and a lower body lift --- for starters!
When I go back for the lipo, I'm doing an arm lift -
I decided to do this review because I wasn't able to find any reviews for my age -
The pics aren't great but it gives you an idea - I've got a lot of symmetry to be corrected on my breasts - hope it works out as expected.
My situation is: years of yo yo weight loss, weight gain - I'm finally where I'm ok with my weight and have maintained for the past 2 years: 5'6" 137 - 142
I'm more than ready to do this!

Result I'm hoping for

This is my hope for my outcome!

Pre Op appointment today

All systems GO!
Lab work was fine, final health questions answered.
Dr. Schlesinger has informed me that he'll be using the Natrelle Inspira full profile implants - don't know what size, but he knows the result I'm looking for.
I'm getting very excited about my surgery - with it was March 4th already!

More 'befores'

Lower body lift and tummy tuck done

I'm MORE than pleased!


Skin / flesh that was removed from my body . . .

BL & BA done yesterday

Will post pics ASAP, but suffice it to say: Dr. Schlesinger did a BEAUTIFUL job on my sagging / asymmetrical boobs - you won't think it's me! Absolutely great!!!

Day one post op

Nine days post TT, four days post BL, BA

I'm amazed every day ---

Improvements are noticeable, to say the least!


Saturday I saw the doc before returning to Kona - several comments from his staff regarding how well I was walking after my TT on March 4th.

I live in an upstairs apartment and had no trouble with the stairs on my return.
Still protecting the stitches so my posture is compromised, but hope I can resume my normal stance soon.

Based on immediate post op feelings I'm surprised at how good I feel.
I'd say the most pain now is where the drains were under the armpits.

All good!

Had more stitches removed at my appointment yesterday and decided to take this 'after' photo today -

Yes, I'm very pleased with my results!

Soooooo bored!!!!!

I'd mostly call any pain discomfort only - Generic Tylenol is all I take for it.

I usually play tennis 5-7 times a week, plus hula hooping and using my Pilates machine and Roman chair, so I'm VERY concerned about losing muscle with no activity for two weeks now - UGH!!!

Besides leg lifts, any suggestions???

Feeling positive overall - I know the final result is a ways off, but happy with the improvements to date. It's all relative, as my sweetheart pointed out ---

Two weeks post op

My favorite jeans - with only a SLIGHT muffin top

I'm sure this will be corrected with the lipo in June - can't wait!

Energy returning

It's slow but sure - my energy is returning!

I've been on a few excursions the past couple of days and it's tolerable.

I've been cleared to drive but I haven't yet; my truck is a manual transmission & I'm just not sure I'm ready . . .

Does anyone else that's had a TT feel like there's cardboard inside the lower abdomen?

Periodic shooting pains, mostly in my right breast -

Overall, this is the best thing I've ever done for myself!!!

Photo update

Worth it

Prior to surgery I'd started my review and of course I had no idea whether or not it was worth it to do the procedures I'd scheduled. So that's what I selected: No Idea

I've been trying to change it to: Worth It, but it's not allowing the change, so just wanted to let everyone know - YES!!! Definitely WORTH IT!!!

I'm just so pleased!

Three and 1/2 weeks post TT

and almost three weeks post BL / BA

I've weighed myself almost daily, just like prior to surgery - I've lost about eight pounds since the surgery. I'm guessing there will be more loss after the lipo in June - I know, like age, it's just a number, but I monitor my weight to be sure I stay on track. It's only been two years that I've maintained close to my goal weight -

Found a VERY comfy 'bra' that comes in lots of colors: Jockey Microfiber Crop Top style 2404 - it's a little pricier than some, but I like the spaghetti straps (they're adjustable) and have decided I'm worth the expense after what I've done for myself!

Lots of nerve connecting going on - will be nice when that subsides.

After the lower body lift I have even LESS of an okole (butt) and will NOT be doing a BBL, so I've ordered some padded panties - hope the reviews are accurate; if so, this should do the trick! Love how my jeans fit now, except for that -


I don't think I mentioned anything about deciding on my implant size: I left it up to Dr. Schlesinger -

He knew that my goal was to be 'perky' first, with fullness (a full D cup) second. Originally he'd told me I couldn't have both.

Don't know what happened beyond the fact that he's obviously an artist, but I do in fact have both! I haven't tried on a traditional bra to determine my cup size, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I went from 34" to 38".

More stitches out

Yesterday at my doctor visit I got the boob and belly button stitches out - YAY!!!

And Dr. Schlesinger agrees with my use of the Embrace Active Scar Defense strips, so I will take before and afters to document the effectiveness.

One month PO

My energy level is probably 90% improved at this point - that was a real 'issue' for me, so I'm very encouraged!

My PS has given me permission to hit against the backboard this Saturday and see how I feel about getting back on the tennis court - good news since my team qualified for the State Championships on Maui next month! Can't wait!


Not only did it go better than expected with my mobility - my partner came from behind and won!!! With ME serving it out to take the set!!!

I must say: my serve was the worst for the lack of playing . . . Until the win! My opponent said " . . . Well, she didn't lose any of her power!" after my first service return -

I was sooooo surprised at my mobility on the court - you'd never know I was feeling like I had heavy cardboard in my lower abdomen! I was ALL OVER that court!!! My legs felt a little weak, but even with that I moved soooo much better than expected!

The day prior to playing with friends my boyfriend hit with me: I thought we were going to do easy, soft shots and the next thing you know I became Ms. Competitive --- then it was "ON"!!! VERY fun, but he wisely said we should stop even when I said "Five more minutes?" -

Sooooo good to be back on the court - and guess what? Those cute little tennis outfits fit even better - ; )


Better fit

Yesterday was 6 weeks post op for TT and LBL

Can't believe it's been six weeks!

I think things are going well - seems that my usual 'fast healing' is happening.

The only thing I need to find out is when I can start using my Pilates machine again. Sure is great to be back to tennis!

I've started becoming apprehensive about my arm lift surgery and lipo in June, but realistically it will probably be easy compared to what I've been through -

He sure did a nice job!

String bikini???

Who would've thought a 68 year old could look like this??

Going to the beach today to take a picnic and watch sunset - dare I??? Not sure my boyfriend is ready for this - at least not in public - t-hee-hee!!! ; )

Did a little shopping

Went to Ross to get some comfy pants; I can get into my skinny jeans but they're not as comfy as this type of pant -

Feeling greasy about being 68! The new 48??

Comfortable in my skin -

Everyday is better than the last -

Sooooo glad I've done this for myself.

Two months + a week

Still looking forward to the lipo and arm lift, but I'm happy with things so far.

Dr. S says I've got the body of a 35 year old . . . Me: I'm glad I'm the age I am; I'll never have to do this surgery again!!! LOL!!!

36 INCHES!!!

What I forgot to mention is that through this process I have lost a total of 36 INCHES!!!!

Amazing!!!! When I go for my next post op, I'll get the details and post them.

Now that's not 'net', because obviously I've gained inches with my BA ... LOL!!!

I was shocked with the results tho - and after the lipo it will be even better!

FUNNY Story!!!

So I was on the mainland for my oldest grandsons high school graduation earlier this month . . .

Spent some time with my 25 year old granddaughter: she and her family came to my condo and we went to the pool; the next day she and I went on an errand - on the way back (over an hour later) she looks over as I'm driving and says: "Mammy, did you get a boob job???"

I calmly said "As a matter of fact I did!"
Me: "To go with my tummy tuck!"

The look on her face was priceless!!!!

She'd been texting all along, but this time it was more active, so I asked who she texted: her Mom, my daughter-in-law - - - and I knew my ex had arrived at their house --- oh boy!!! I asked her to please ask her to not say anything, that it was no ones business ---it was likely too late, but I did get my granddaughter to agree not to walk in and "announce" my surgeries ---

It was Henderson, NV and over 100 degrees; I had on short denim shorts, a sports bra with a camisole; after the text and who knows what conversation, I'm sure my ex noticed --- the best revenge!!!!!

My granddaughter was so shocked at what I'd done, somehow - but I left the subject by telling her that it didn't matter how old a person is that they want to feel good about themselves. Did that come out right?? Hope you understand what I'm trying to say!

Arms and lipo almost canceled - - -

Pre-op appointment on Tuesday was great - blood pressure and EKG perfect!

Wednesday after I got my friend at the airport and we picked up her dog, she was driving and I asked her to quickly pull over: I was feeling VERY nauseous!!! She was able to stop fast and I made it out of the car before throwing up everything I had had for breakfast - OMG!!! It has been YEARS since I've been THAT sick ----- prior to that little incident all that was going on was LOTS of sneezing and blowing my nose -

I'd already emailed the patient coordinator at my doctors office that I felt a cold coming on and was taking Wellness Formula and Airborne, had looked on RS and felt I'd be able to 'kick it' by Sunday, surgery scheduled for Monday ---

Then Thursday morning: vomiting AGAIN!!! UGH!!! Sent another email to coordinator: "Better call me." Within a short time, his head nurse called -

Result: Dr. S prescribed Tamiflu and by Friday it had mostly subsided (didn't sneeze once!); today I feel 80%+! I skipped my league tennis match just to be sure I'd be ready for surgery Monday. : (

Dr. S called yesterday and we confirmed we're on schedule for Monday! YAY!!!

Monday June 27th: Arm Lift and Lipo

I hate posting these befores, but I know the afters will be awesome, so it's ok . . .

Arm lift and lipo done

Here's my 'afters' - I'd heard the pain was AWFUL - well, my high tolerance paid off once again - not near as bad as I expected.

Stopped Percocet before I left the recovery center the first day post op; now it's Tylenol only, as needed.

Have some lipo 'dents' that I'm hoping will resolve on their own -

Ended up with seromas on my back so even tho arm lift was the drainless procedure, I ended up with drains. Hope they come out today!

All going well!

Drains / tubes out yesterday, along with the staples in my arms.

The BURNING pain from the lipoed areas seems to have subsided substantially - VERY nice!

Back into a girdle / compression garment now that those drains are gone - feels helpful and is not TOO tight.

Here's some pics - got fitted at VS and depending on the bra I'm a 32DD or
32DDD - WOW!!! Prior to surgery I was 36C - changes ---

And I wore a medium panty, now it's a small or X small - LOVE the changes - who wouldn't!!!!

Notable difference with the arm surgery and lipo vs the TT / LBL and BL / BA surgeries in March one week apart: my energy level is normal this time, which I hugely notice and appreciate. Surgery on June 27, cruising Oahu and test driving a Porsche the 29th until we left Jule 1st and on the go since returning to Kona - love feeling 'normal'!!!!
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

He's wonderful! Very encouraging; doesn't think it's silly (at my age) to be doing this. He knows I'm going to have a positive result - Very knowledgeable and young minded (like me!) - up on all the current techniques and procedures. Wants the best outcome for me. A very positive experience - my pre-op visit with him is tomorrow. The staff have been amazing and supportive as well!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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