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Yesterday afternoon I had my AFT Photofacial. Part...

Yesterday afternoon I had my AFT Photofacial. Part 2/3 of my treatment plan. I am Japanese and part Irish, so I have freckles that seem "out of place" here in Hawaii where Asians mostly have "non-freckling" skin. So, I took to this treatment to reduce my freckles and look a little more "in place" Japanese. Normally, back home on the east coast (around more Irish descent) it's part of a normal process of having freckles after the summer and watching them fade in the winter. Nope, not Hawaii (it's always summer here). And even though I tan nicely;- I was still warned by a dermatologist to treat my skin like I'm pale Irish because I freckle (I'm more at risk for skin cancer among darker skin tones)
Plus, I have 1 larger hyperpigmentation spot that I don't find endearing;- really want it gone...so AFT after my Pixel treatment last month.
This AFT/IPL is almost nothing in the pain department compared to Pixel. And, It was speedy (like something that can be done on a lunchbreak). Right after treatment- some smaller spots flaked off with a quick swipe of a powder puff. I went out to dinner a few hours later with makeup on to hide the "coffee ground" freckles poppin' off my face in high contrast. This morning, my skin looks less red (Using Skin Medica products left from Pixel again) and it looks TIGHT and pores tighter too.
Posting a photo of the "Coffee ground" face look today. Will update later. No complaints so far. They said they'd check up on me Friday. I'm lookin forward to seeing the results.

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