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I have 5 children, currently 5' 2' 112lbs. With my...

I have 5 children, currently 5' 2' 112lbs. With my first baby I gained 81lbs, I managed to get most of might wait off after each pregnancy but never back to prepregnancy weight. I finally just lost 20 more pounds and I'm happy with my weight however my skin has always haunted me. In clothes I look fine, intimitely I look disgusting with skin and boobs hanging. So I have finally decided to take the plunge and surgery is scheduled for May 29.

Officially one week from today I will have my...

Officially one week from today I will have my procedure done, I'm starting to get a little scared but still so excited. I have my pre op appointment this Friday and have accumulated so many questions, I guess after reviewing so many before and after pictures my main concern is the placement of the scar, I do not want my scar high and I know if I don't have enough skin to stretch down it just might be high. I did read on other TT's post that they can use the belly button skin and I will have a small vertical scar and all those scars I have seen are nothing at all, they look like they fade nicely so I'm going to ask the PS if he can do that.

PO day 1- I got a TT with BA 425cc in each and MR....

PO day 1- I got a TT with BA 425cc in each and MR. When I first got home I actually felt pretty good paint wise I also woke up from surgery in not much pain but the nausea has been terrible, if I'm in bed I'm fine but walking to the bathroom I feel like I want to faint. Pain is getting a little worse, a lot more tighter but still I thought it would be worse its still bearable.

I can see my breast as all that is on them is a top strap to push them down, right now one side is much bigger and the nipple is pointing outward so I'm worried abou that but then again they are both really swollen.

My tummy is completely covered by the binder (i just have a wrap around waist binder) so i can't see that but I could catch a glimpse at the bottom of the binder of some surgical tape and my husband kind of looked and he said the incision looks pretty low, I will be so happy of it is, I think I reminded my PS like 5 times that I really wanted it as low as possible. I can't wait to see my BB. I go for my post op today so we will see. Oh and another thing is the binder is on so tight it's very uncomfortable. I also only have one drain and in almost 24 hours it hang even out out 25cc of fluid.

Things that have really helped me so far:
Back scratcher - my legs and arms are so itchy and I can't stretch to reach it so that is sooo good to have.

Straws definitely

That's all I figured out so far, will post pics if I can get some today at the office later

PO day3 - today is kind of off and on, it started...

PO day3 - today is kind of off and on, it started out a pretty good day then has pains set in and I know I probably have to have a BM since its been 4 days but I can't go, so far I have been taken colace for the past 2 weeks, a pill laxative and milk of magnesia and nothing yet. Earlier today I also tried to stop the hydrocodone and take extra strength Tylenol instead and oh boy was I in pain. Now in the evening I feel good again do I have to say the past few days have really just been up and down. I also have been experiencing se burning every so often ony incision area which is pretty painful, I put ice packs on it which helped it after awhile.

I was cleared to shower so I showered yesterday while sitting on a chair any husband helped wash my hair and stuff. My drain has only been putting out 5cc of fluid for tr past 2 days so I'm really hoping when I go back to my post op on Monday that I can have that take out, I'm scared though, he has that tube taped really good to my pubic area and it looks like that will hurt.

I'm dying to get a look at my belly button also.

Oh and the most annoying thing is the type of binder I have on my boobies, it's an elastic binder that is on tight to push them down, it's so sore and I can wait to be able to wear a sports bra type of thing.

Hopefully recovery gets better from here.

4 dpo - Best day for me yet, I really felt much...

4 dpo - Best day for me yet, I really felt much better and stayed only on Tylenol from this morning and did fine, got up and down a lot and feel good. Yesterday was a hard day for me since I knew I had to have a BM and had all the gas pains (so painful) but couldn't I took a laxative pill in the morning and and milk of magnesia at around 3:00 and it worked by 9:00pm and omg I felt so better afterwards. But to warn you don't overdue the laxatives, I took two different ones yesterday and now I'm paying for it today by having to go all day long and its not fun.

I also weighed myself this morning I knew I was going to be way over my preop weight but I just wanted know know how much swelling im dropping each day and I knot I had to give a little for the new boobs. So I started off the morning 11lbs more then preop weight. I started the cucumber water that someone mentioned on here that was good for swelling (I hate cucumbers) but chugged 3 glass fulls throughout the day and I went down but 3lbs, I think thats really good for one day, and I have to say right now my boobs are probably 1-2lbs :) I wish I went bigger on them especially since I know they are swollen right now and will go down more.

Had my 2nd shower tonight and this time I didnt use the shower chair I stood up but had my husband in there with me helping wash my hair and just in case I felt faint. I took one more picture since I didn't catch a side view picture last time, sorry my husband is the worst at getting photos.

6 Days PO - This morning I feel really good, I'm...

6 Days PO - This morning I feel really good, I'm standing pretty straight, I actual stand straighter when boob binder (pushing them down) and big bulk CG is off. I'm a little depressed about the results, I see a lot of others with same dpo's as me and their stomach looks so much flatter, mine is indented where my incision is and puffy on my upper abdomen and pubic area which is depressing for me since I had a flat stomach going in pretty much just a lot of loose skin.

I go to the PS today and I'm hoping he takes out my drain, I have been bare draining a teaspoon fulls so I really don't see the need for it. I'm so scared it's going to hurt coming out, its actually in my pubic area and has a lot of dried blood around it which make it look like it secured it to my body with the blood and that area is so tender......uggghhh pray for me I don't scream like I'm in labor.

I'm going to try to see if I can get a new compression garment too, the current one is so bulky it makes dressing very tricky. I will see if I can get new pics today and maybe I can ask him to get a peek at my belly button since that is all taped up.

7 DPO - So I read about the dreaded depression...

7 DPO - So I read about the dreaded depression that can happen and regreting you have done this about a week after, yes it hit me but for good reason. I'm starting to accept I need to just relax and have patience and believe in my PS. Ok with that being said, I weighed myself this morning and 4lbs away from pre op weight and with new boobies I would say maybe just 2lbs away so I feel good about that, I do have a little swelling left on the tummy and pubic area but most of it has gone down.

I usually wait to have my husband under my CG for me and take pictures of my belly but he takes the worst pics and to wait around for him so this morning when I woke up I did it myself, phew lets just say that I seen stars and had to sit down after awhile, I don't know if it was from looking at my BB incision when I was puting oinment on it or what but I had to sit for a good few minutes before puting it back on.

I feel pretty good for the most party, still not standnig straight at all and the biggest pain I have is a groin area pulling burning feelnig.

So I got pictures to explain the puckering of my incision area, the pictures show it with two layers of tape on it and you can still see how bad the puckering is, looks worst right at my incision area, I'm just going to pray they smooth out, otherwise I'm happy with the flat belly. Still unsure about my BB.

9 dpo - I'm really surprised at how good I feel...

9 dpo - I'm really surprised at how good I feel and how well I'm healing. I don't have much paint at all mostly just discomfort and tightness. I can get myself about 90% straight after walking around for awhile but once I have been sitting for awhile and stand up again it's grandma status for a little while.

I still have my binder on which of course I no it probably supports me but I can't wait until I can get it off, I also still have a binder on my boobs which I can't wait until that comes off, that one makes them hurt. I go to the PS again tomorrow so hoping I can get those two things off.

For the first time today I tried on a bikini bottom (didn't buy the top yet since I didn't know what size I would be) to test out to see if my scar is hidden and it is! I'm excited about that, I have never used a bikini since probably 9 years old and not sure if I will have the guts to wear one out but if I do the scar wont show, but I still have a ton of wide stretch marks on my hips and thighs but I will take that any day over flabby jiggly skin.

10 dpo- saw the PS today and got rid of my bulky...

10 dpo- saw the PS today and got rid of my bulky binder and graduated to a regular spans which feels so much better. Tape was taken off my incision which kind of freaks me out being able to see it, I do have some red enflamed areas that I have to watch which freaks me out more, im just praying that it heals, my biggest fear is to have and open wound.

I will take pics soon to show the puckering of my incision that I explained in my previous update. My binder also was taken off the boobs and I now feel so free, with both of them off and just the spanx I feel I can stand up so much more straight.

11 dpo- updated to show the picture of the...

11 dpo- updated to show the picture of the puckered or rippled incision that I posted about earlier, My PS says its like that because he used anchoring stitches and those should flatten out in 6-8 weeks, I'm a little skeptical about that. They took off the tape covering my incision yesterday and I now have a enflamed area in the middle of the incision and I'm praying that will heal.

13 DPO - Feeling really good, for most of the day...

13 DPO - Feeling really good, for most of the day I'm walking about 90% straight but at the end of the day I start to swell which makes me hunch over a bit more. Paint is pretty much gone, just tightness now, I'm being able to sit up more with out the help of my arms from a lying down position. My incision is healing and not much raw or red areas left but it still looks ugly, I am happy that even with pretty low undies I can still hide my scar completely (pic attached). As for my BA They are still uneven, my left side is clearly bigger and lower than the right, I did not have differences in the size of my breasts before. They are also really low, I know a lot of the problems with BA's in the begining is having them too high and wanting them to drop but wow mine are so low :( I'm not supposed to be wearing a bra but I want them to be lifted before they sag even more. Overall I'm pretty happy, just have to have hope that my scar will flatten out.

15 days today and I feel really good, by the end...

15 days today and I feel really good, by the end of the day I'm able to stand almost straight, still can arch my back for perfect posture but pretty straight. Swelling is still there gets worse as the day goes on, I really can't wait for that to subside. Everything is healing nicely, scar still hideous as heck but I will be patient with that. I can sit up with no assistance from my arms so thats getting better too, the most uncomfortable thing to do is get in my car, I have an suv and its not that high but the scooting motion to the side to get in is uncomfortable on pulling the stomach muscles but other than that even the tenderness and tightness of the muscles gets better.

I'm dying to sleep on my side but I too scared to even try it, I was sleeping propped up with a lot of pillows behind my head and more under my leg up until a couple of nights ago I'm slow trying to bring my self back down to a normal level. My but and tailbone were taking a beating in that position.

Update on my uneven boobs, ok so the left side looked a lot larger and sat lower (about 1/2" or 3/4" lower) and the right side smaller and had more fill on top. PS advised me at 8 dpo to not use a bra, a binder, sports bra nothing on my breasts and them them hang natural. But I was concerned, they were already hanging lower than I want (I didn't have a lift) already sitting pretty low and I was worried they would stay low. So like a rebel I am......... I went and bought a nice soft no wire bra from Victoria secrets Body by victoria I think its called. It push my boobies together adding cleavage (boobs are very far apart) and lifted the left side which breast pocket was too low up higher. after wearing it all day and taking it off, amazingly they are on the same level and look the same size. hmmmm I may continue to rebel?

Ok enough of my long rambling review

3 weeks PO - the last week has gone by so fast,...

3 weeks PO - the last week has gone by so fast, not much has changed in the way I feel or look, pretty much the same. I went to the gym yesterday for the 1st time, did the treadmill at a slight incline at 3mph for 45 minutes, I felt so good afterwards I felt stretched and not so tight. I did swell though, I can weight for the swelling to subside.

So my incision is closed and looks healed well I do have a few scabs that look like they are falling off in some areas and I want to start scar therapy but when I asked my PS last week about scar therapy he says "NONE, dont have to do any"
hmm really are you serious you give me this hideous looking incision and then you say no scar therapy? I'm really really unhappy about my choice in PS.

So I have to do it on my own, I bought scar away strips, for now I have them on my areola incision since that is completely sealed with no scabbing and on my TT scar at the very edge where its really healed I just started putting some Palmers oil on it and massaged that little area as a test until the rest heals a little more and wow the skin feels so silky soft in that area. I also put some on my BB which is very dry, I really want to get the dark ring around my BB to fade a bit that line is so dark.

8 weeks post op - I haven't updated in awhile,...

8 weeks post op - I haven't updated in awhile, just been so busy. so my ripples in my scar have flattened out in the middle of the scar but not at the outer edges. My scar and belly button are still very dark red/purple and my mole that they removed is starting to raise up again and I don't think he removed it correctly, supposed to dig it out rather that skim it off.

My new issue??? I have Capsular contracture on my left breast............sheesh can't anything go right, so my left breast is about 1 1/2" higher then the other and tighter pocket, I massage it about 10 times a day, they have me on a anti asma meds (supposed to soften tissue) and I'm doing steroid shots into the breast pocket, had my first one last week and need to go back every month for about 4 months but I don't know if that will work.

I've been back at the gym for about 5 weeks now, I pretty much do everything and have no restrictions.

Scar treatment - I have been using bio oil on the TT scar for about 2 weeks I don't notice any difference other than its softer and I use Mederma on my belly button and mole scar for about 2 weeks and I don't notice any change there.

10/12/12 - 4 Months post op. I'm loving my...

10/12/12 - 4 Months post op. I'm loving my results but still having a few issues. scar for the most part did flatten out, on my right side (left in mirrror) of the scar you can still see rippling the longest line is my appendix scar that instead of being horizontal like it used to be is now vertical, why he didn't remove it all together just irritates me as on that side I do have loose skin and I know it could have been removed. My scar is very low however it is affixed to my stomach wall, he said it would loosen up at 3-4 months but here we are at about 2 weeks past 4 months and its still stuck there. my belly button is a bit high, I guess he measured from the bottom or something but I have a short torso which then makes placement of it look a little off. I do have keloid scars on my belly button and above it where he removed a large birth mark from my stomach, he keeps saying it will flatten...........we shall see.

On to my boobs which I did have done, I had the a very bad case of capsular contracture where my left boob had popped up a whole 2" above the other. On September 4th I had to go in for a revision which cost me another $2100 @#@$%%%#$####!!!!!! to fix, he then made the pocket lower then the other one because he said its easier to get it back up then push it down...............ugghhhh!!!! couldn't you just make them even, so now every since that surgery I have to wear a wire bra (like the one in the pics) 24/7 to mold that boobie up to its position, when I take off the bra and massage them, the left breast sags back down, so frustrated already. So I had another boobie post op the other day and they said for faster results on making them even I can use a baseball belt very tightly under my breast 24/7 and I mean 24/7 I have to even shower with one one then afterwards lay down and change the band. they said if I do this they should be set within a week.

Overall I'm extremely happy about my results from where I came from, I'm so much more confident, I actually use a bikini on the each and haven't done so since I was 10 years old.

Revision day 1- I had my 2nd revision on my left...

Revision day 1- I had my 2nd revision on my left breast, first was for capsular contracture and when doc did that one he opened the bottom pocket too low and not the top so my breast sat low on one side and I could actually feel the implant. So I had that done yesterday, that's a little sore.

I also had my scar revised, as you see in my pictures I had rippling on the outer edges of the scar and he failed to completely remove a. Appendix scar I had which now instead of a horizontal scar the appendix scar was standing straight up vertically.

So under general anesthesia I had both corrected.

I will try to post pics after all the bandages come off.
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