45 Yrs Old Tired of Flat Boobs - Honolulu, HI

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I'm a 45 yo mom of 21,16,13. Been dreaming of...

I'm a 45 yo mom of 21,16,13. Been dreaming of bigger boobs to fill in win suit or a nice top without stuffing my self with miracle bras lol. I finally have my dream and wish came true even though my daughters were against my decision. My husband is super supportive and helpful thanks to him otherwise I would not have done this without him. We moved to Hawaii last month and I was determined that the money we will make from selling our house in MD will go to my dream. Then the surgeon searched began April 18, 2013. Went to see 3 drs. I was going to go with the first one but ended up with the last Dr. Which he pretty much know what I wanted. We decided on 475 cc mentor HP silicone . I'm 5'3 tall and 130 lbs. yah I need to loose this fats. Anyway, surgery set on May 3 Friday. Today is my 7 post op day.

11 days post op. feel so much better. Started...

11 days post op. feel so much better. Started breast massage yesterday and I think my husband is enjoying his new job . "Booby massager". I still get morning booby aches but I think massages help ease the morning discomfort.

Shopped for new bathing suit today. I love what I...

Shopped for new bathing suit today. I love what I see. Motivating to get back to the gym.

Yay 12 days and counting. I finally drove today...

Yay 12 days and counting. I finally drove today since May 3rd. It feels awkward reversing the car. I went shopping for a new swim suit (photo attached). I think I over did it today because now I am exhausted . I still wake up in the middle of the night or the break of dawn idk. I did my morning implant manipulation (massage) by myself. Wish my husband had time. My right arm is still stiff and a little numb. The dr said it will be ok by next week, I need to stop babying it. My boobs skin feels hyper sensitive too like it's sunburn, I'm sure it's normal. I still sleep propped up and can't wait to sleep n my side.
Happy healing to all and good luck to those whose the big day is coming. I'm sending healing touch to y'all .

Driving in bumpy road totally hell

Hello boobie friends. How are you all healing today? Driving in Hawaii is hell after BA. I had to wear my band while driving. It's a pain in the butt also that my armpit is irritated from wearing the band. Both are still swollen but wound are healing . I'm just annoyed with the swelling it hurts more than my breast. Do any of you here had incision underarm? I know I picked this route because I have keloids issue, but didn't imagine that this route is worse ughh. I'm posting photo with my two weeks post op and swollen armpit. Part of my arms are still numb. I guess I will just be patient until Monday. I will see my PS. See what he can do with this Frankin armpit

Two weeks Post Op yay!

2weeks mark. I'm feeling great besides my skin on my breast and around armpit feels like I have sunburn. I think girls are down too. Massaging helps alleviate my engorgement especially when I'm doing it while showering. I hope I can enjoy this weekend. Enjoy your weekend ladies. Happy healing and to those who are having their surgery next week, congrats and good luck .

15th day post op

Hello community! How are you all doing? 15 days po nothing changed except I'm feeling a lot better everyday, less pain except when I'm driving (bumps and newly boobs) don't get along lol. Oh yah, I'm also starting to love my new boobs

Before picture

I forgot to add my before pictures i forgot i took photos lolI

2werks post op Dr appointment

Today will be my 2week post op appointment with a 15 minute ultrasound treatment. I will tell you about it later. In the meantime, no complaints or issues except for some shooting pain on my left boob under the armpit. It goes and on. I looked it up on drs questions forum they said its normal but I will ask my ps Bout it.
I still get morning boobies especially early morning and it wakes me up between 4-6 am.

Armpit incision is infected

Ughhh my armpit incision is infected . Ps said nothing to be alarmed for just keep cleaning and putting gauze with bacectresin and it will heal soon. I'm so irritated. First ultra sound massage therapy on my noobs today. Feels good. He wants me to keep using the band for another week .

3weeks post op

Yay! Made it to 3 weeks po. I have more energy now but still waking up early in the morning with some breast tightening. Massages and walking around helps these boobies calm down. I can't tell if they drop yet but I can tell they are getting softer. I have to take it easy still coz I get exhausted at the end of the day.
Finally went to the beach with my visiting friends so was able to wear swim suit.

Link for post op

Hello found this link for post op guide. I hope this will help you.

Almost a month post op 475 cc HP silicone gummy

Yay, almost a month post op. PS said my breast are getting rounder. He gave me a green light to wear wireless bra and sports bra on sleeping. Also, ok to start low impact lower body exercise . So today, I went back to the gym. I feel like this is the beginning of a new awesome life with my twins lol. I continue five times a day massages. Oh yah I tried to sleep on my side last night with a pillow between my breast. I slept at least 5 hrs than less. I'm so happy. How are you ladies doing?

One month post op

Hello booby friends. I'm on my one month. I can't believe it. I'm almost feeling normal but I'm still listening to my body even though my dr said I'm good to go do normal stuff like going to the gym, sleeping on my back or side cleaning etc. I still can't do all that without feeling discomfort . I guess everyone heals differently. I'm super careful because I know what my body says. My girls look great and I'm very happy of the outcome. Although I wish I had gone bigger a little bit but then again maybe the recovery will be much longer. I am still having morning boobs, tightness and skin on my breast are still hyper sensitive that's why I tend to do bra less when I'm just chilin. I'm a stay home mom now waiting for a job so recovery is perfect. Although my job right now is driving my kids around ugh. Massaging my breast becomes a habit u hope this helps keep these girls happy and soft. I will see my PS tomorrow I hope he will exam these babies and tell me everything is ok. I hate to have another nightmare. I had a bad dream the other night that my boobs erupted it was scary, I cried so hard and became paranoid after that. Will I ever be normal again? I hope so. I'm happy with my new body but mentally stressed right now.

5weeks mark

Hello boobie land. How are you all doing? 5 more days I will be at my 6th week. My boobs still look the same as far as size. The right side is still stubborn, a little tight and nipples are still numb. For transaxillary incision, I was hoping my nipple sensation will come back sooner than I anticipated. Both breast are getting softer especially the left breast. They feel natural. I'm just concerned that they are dropping so slow, I don't see folds yet. I am still continuing massages or implant movements religiously . I started sleeping on my back and side now. I also started walking faster almost running but still scared to run. Maybe I will wait another week or two . I can still feel pinch nerves and shocks but subsides after massaging. As far as size, I feel like I wish I had gone bigger. I should have gone 500's but I settled with 475cc hp mentor gel. Yah, I'm booby greedy at this time. I'm happy but could be happier lol. My arm especially my right arm still don't have full range of motion. I wish I can do yoga now. Would love to get my upper body strengths . How are you ladies doing?

6 weeks post op

Nothing drastic changes except breast are getting softer and looking natural to my feel. I am loving the size. I'm still doing massages and not wearing any bras when at home. I hope you ladies are doing well.

6 weeks PO

Btw, I'm able to go swimming now and enjoying each day. Some discomfort but alleviate after few massages.

34DD 6 weeks PO

Finally my 34DD wireless bra came today n the mail. I feel sexy and I knew it lol

7 weeks post Op 475 cc HP unders Gummy

Can't believe it's going to be almost two months po. I remember the pain and discomfort but it was just a memory. I don't even remember what my pre surgery boobs look like lol. That I need to forget. Anyhow, how are you boobie land doing? Nothing drastic change on my side except I am loving my new addition each day I look at a mirror. Sometimes, I think I am obsessed. Discomfort is not that bad anymore. Just n my nipple area which I still don't have feelings back. My incision is finally healing omg, that was rough having incision n my armpits. I still am not comfortable laying on my side ( I'm a baby). I wonder if its normal that laying on your side, your boobs still gets hard but after straightening up they get back soft. Both of my boobs are very soft now, my husband is enjoying them lol. The hard part now that I'm going thru is wanting to loose weight.

More 7 weeks pics

More pics

Fantasy boobs

It's been 8 weeks since my surgery. I can't believe it really happened. Six months ago, selling our house in MD because we were relocating to Hawaii, I told my husband that I'm keeping the money we make with the sale but I wasn't even really serious because I know something will come up and that money might go to something which happened before. As the time getting closer and closer to sell the house and have a buyer, I told my self that I will never allow anything happen to this money but towards my boobs. I was determined! This $$$$ is mine to make my dream come true. Here I am now, with my fantasy boobs that I thought it will never happen. Thank you god. I know I prayed to God ( which that time when I was praying, I never think that God will listen when it comes to unnatural stuff/ cosmetics). If it was god or whoever ... Thank you.

Tomorrow will be 2 months.

I can't wait to see my final result on August 5th my 3 months PS visit .
I'm loving each day I see my self in the mirror and loving every clothing I put on. No gaps, no flatness on tops. No miracle bras lol.
I feel so much better too and positive. I hope you all out there who are going to decide on having the procedure will find the right PS and size for what you want to achieve to look like. I wish all the newbies to have a speedy healing and recovery! Lets celebrate our own Independence Day this weekend cheers! Love you all who are here for each others support and comfort .
Boobie Hugs

Happy Birthday (2 mo) boobs

Yay! Two months post op. these boobs are soft now like natural boobs. Nipple sensation is not back yet and skin under breast sensations back not numb anymore. I can do strenuous activities now. The only thing I'm complaint is still couldn't feel comfy sleeping on my sides. I hope you all ladies are healing fine and for those who are waiting for their turn, I bet you are all excited. One more month to see the final result.

10 weeks loving these boobs every day

Hello sexy ladies. I hope you are all doing well, healing, recovering, and excited for those surgeries coming up. I reached my 10th week yesterday and still loving my new body every single day. I think that this is the final outcome of my result or I wish it will stay like this. I don't think there could be anymore changes except I'm waiting for my nipple sensations to come back. Right now I can feel 10% of my left nipple sensation is back. Both boobs are very soft and squizzable. I can comfortable sleep on my sides without discomfort. I still feel some shooting pains from time to time, it's probably nerves waking up but it doesn't hurt just kind of surprising sometimes. I can't feel the implants anymore unless I am laying down flat. They feel so natural. I'm really happy and satisfied with the work of my PS. I hope you are all doing well.
Oh btw, I accepted a job and going to start my new job this Monday so I'm very excited wooo hooo. I also ordered new bras from VS 34DD which fitted perfectly. I will post some pics next week.

12 weeks oh my! Where did the time went

Hi booby friends. How are you all doing. I can't believe it's been 12 weeks now of my new boobs. I finally am feeling normal, lost few pounds which made me happy but sad at the same time coz now, I feel like my boobs are small. They are definitely obvious that I got them done but physiologically, I feel like I wish I went bigger. I'm not complaining but I'm kinda lol. I was reading some questions to doctors in this page if loosing weight could affect the size of breast after BA. Doctors advices says that it could affect the size losing weight. I feel like I don't want to lose anymore weights coz I'm afraid that my boobs will look any smaller than they are now. *sigh*
Anyhow , all in all, I feel better now some discomfort still maybe my nipple nerves sensation are coming back. Hope you all are doing well. Go BIG!

3 Months PO

Hello there! I can't believe it's been three months already since my surgery. Time flies when you are having fun eh? Yes having so much fun with my new body. I can't believe I did not pursue this years ago. Nothing really changed here except I lost some weight. I achived Thr breast size that I really asked the to have (full C or small D) so no complaint except if I have to do this again I would have gone bigger. But oh we'll, I still feel awesome with my new boobs and my self. My husband can't get his hands off me these days so I guess it's a good thing lol. I went to Nordstrom this weekend and I was measured there as 34 DD same n VS. I got a new bikini again from VS which I think is too low. Almost got a wardrobe malfunction at the beach yesterday hehe. It's fun. I think I need another drawer just for bras and swim suit these days.

As far as pain or discomfort. I don't get it anymore except when getting up from bed, or laying down too long. Not painful just discomfort. It still feel like there's a foreign object n my chest which days will past, I will get used to them. I'm still waiting for my nipple sensation to come back. I'm sure some will come back .
For those who are thinking of getting breast implant go for it! It's the most amazing decision I made in my whole life.
Here are some pics. 3 months post operation breast Implant. 475 cc selicone unders. Mentor soft round High profile auxiliary incision. Oh btw my incision is healing beautifully .
Thank you for reading

Hello Hello!

Hi ladies. How are you all doing? I hope you guys are enjoying your summer and anticipating Fall. I have been busy with work lately . I barely have time to play on the beach . The good thing is, I have been enjoying dress up with work. Btw I went to my 4 month appointment today . Dr, said the girls look beautiful and he is so proud if his work lol. He gave me a green light to wear underwire bras now. It's not really a big deal wireless or underwire. These babies are going to be supported either way to protect my investment. I feel normal now and comfortable with my girls . I can't believe I had breast implant done. I still can't believe I did it lol. Couldn't be happier. Wishing you all have an awesome new boobs life and continue to enjoy them. See you in 6 months. Btw. I thought that my boobs looked smaller. So I thought maybe 34D will fit me but I was wrong . I am period 34 DD. I'm happy.

One year Anniversary

Wow! Time went by so fast. The twins are a year old. They are comfortable n my body and able to do a lot of things now without worrying about complications and things. I'm still loving them. I could never regret having them augmented. It's the best thing / gift I have ... I wish you all out there enjoying yours as well.

One year old

Hi. These are some of my new pictures. I haven't taken any pictures. I stopped obsessing the size or the way they look after a year. They became part of the family. Lol. The best thing about getting them done is I got more confidence which one of the reasons why I wanted them. They are not looking humongous that I would be embarrassed if people are look at me. In fact, I like that I don't need that attention or reaction from others. You know how you look at women whose boobs were obviously fake? I don't get that. I like that, I'm the only one who knows I have fake boobs. No need to share it to the world. I'm very satisfied for sure and will never regret it. Word of advice ... Don't wait until you are over 40 years old to get breast augmentation. Do it as soon as you get a chance and have all your research done. Enjoy them early. It's not that I'm not enjoying them, I wish I can flaunt them in the club, etc but I'm too old for clubbing lol. I enjoy them now in appropriate way. Sometimes, I wish I'm still in my 20's with these boobs. I could really definitely enjoy them in fun ways... You know I mean. Do it early , coz then you still have years and years to enjoy your body. They also look better when you are younger and fit. Believe me, I'm trying my best to match these boobs to a better looking body too.. But it's kind of tough when you are over 45..
Dr. Michael S Pasquale

As far as professionalism and experience. He is great. I love the result so far

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