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This is my very first post or comment and first...

This is my very first post or comment and first elective surgery. If you asked me a year ago, I would've never considered plastic surgery but at 42, I was getting more and more frustrated with what I could do with just diet and exercise. My genes were taking over and youth was no longer on my side. After making this decision I had four consultations (some pretty bad) was still unsure about doc. Living on an island 3000 miles away from the west coast, the idea of flying to surgery was not an option.

Luckily, within minutes of meeting my doctor, I was positive he would be my surgeon without question. His office wasn't the nicest but I spent over an hour with just him (not just patient coordinator) and was so impressed about his attention to me and who I was... Not just my "procedures". I loved the office vibe which was professional but relaxed and familiar. Surgery center is new and state of the art.

Now with a month away.. I'm getting SO anxious. My husband prob thinks I'm crazy and I would be even more so if it wasn't for all of these RS stories. It's the only reason why I'm adding my story... Giving back to help others like they did for me.

Physically I've never been curvy even when I was leaner. I collect all of my weight in my torso... Abs and flanks. I could get away with looking cute in short skirts and low cut tops (good legs and breasts... Thank God!) but couldn't do slacks or fitted tees much less stretchy dresses. It would just emphasize a very thick midsection and NO butt. Granted things were better 8 years ago before my son but every year after 40 has been brutal. When my doc put my picture on computer to look at I was actually in shock because I didn't realize it was that bad... Partly cause my husband is so attracted to me! Love him!

Most of the BBL stories are girls going very big... I just want a nice proportionate athletic butt but really want the S-curves definition of a slim waist with a rounded butt. Never has that before.

Ok so on iron pills. Got some supplies -juvern, arnica gel, Tylenol, stool softener, comfy clothes, neosporin, .... Worried about sleeping on stomach and basically not telling anyone at work about it. Already set up my standing work station but sitting down for lunch everyday might be a challenge to explain. Just not the most supportive group so I'm just going to play dumb. Luckily short commute to work. Planning on going back to work on the Monday after but we will see.

Becoming obsessed with the surgery. Forgetting that holidays are coming up. Trying not to think about the fact that surgery date lands on a Friday the 13th :-/. Guess blogging cause I can't think of anything else right now. Will keep you posted as this month passes and the results and recovery too.

Going bigger + lips

LADYB2011 inspired my to add lips... Gorgeous!

Ok back up. realized I didn't give you guys lots of background on me. Not fun typing on iPad! 42 yr old Asian, 5'4" and 136lbs. 36-36-35! Seriously I have no waist no butt no hips. Wasn't till the 3rd doc told me that I have no butt that I really started to feel bad :-(... Well a little maybe.

Planning on spending 1st night at clinic. Husbands awesome but not really caretaker type. His help will be with our son. Dec is so busy for me at work that I was planning on going back on Day 3. Is that too soon? It's mostly computer work and I have stand up computer station set up plus chair to kneel on when I get tired....

Feel like I've done nothing but read RS and shop for supplies and still don't feel ready. Might need to call doc with all of my questions on the gory details to set my mind at ease. He says don't need to gain weight but other posts make me nervous about going through all of this and not being able to tell difference or regrets! That would suck. You know what they say about boob jobs and regretting that you went big enough.... Looking for bigger wish pix!

Love how Flagirl2257 results came out but she has 3 revisions... !

Gotta brag about my doctor!

Ok, after reading all of these reviews I was getting concerned that I didn't know some of the details that the other girls were sharing (ie how many cc's, blood tests, additional supplements etc...) I emailed my patient coordinator, Jenna (who is very cool and always prompt with responses) this morning with a laundry list of questions. To my surprise, I get a call my Dr. S later today! He was very calm, not rushed and addressed every concern --- even some that he had already addressed in the consultation w/o irritation. For instance, I was very concerned about not having to gain weight because the majority of RS BBL girls are gaining weight before procedure but Dr. S reiterated that he will be able to put in 600-700 cc/side w/o my having to gain any weight. Also, I've also heard that the recovery can be brutal and that I can estimate 10-14 days... well I was actually told and planning on going back to work on day 3 and the doctor confirmed this today!

I told him that I just started a RS review of him for BBL (I'm actually going to book another sx w/him early next year for rhino and eyes so more reviews to come) and he got on and checked it out and said that my results will be better than the simulation! Happy happy! He assured me that it would be an amazing outcome and recovery. Well.. talk about putting my anxiety at ease! He's such a great guy that genuinely wants to please. He's confident too so I'm sure that he'll be able to do what he says. After reading the other Hawaii reviews on him, I'm certain of his expertise too. I'm so lucky that I'm able to get this doctor in my own backyard!

Sorry, had to gush...

More wish pix

Get back to work!

Ugh! RS is is addicting. Learning new stuff every time. SITTING here enjoying using my small flat butt until next month when it will be all standing and kneeling.

Gotta get some work done...

Realistic or BAM!

Observation: no one had ever complained about going too big when it comes to BBL.

Has anyone else chked lipo board? There's a reoccurring theme of getting it and not seeing much difference. What the heck?

Three LONG weeks to go...

Don't know how you girls waited over a year of prep and RS. One month is driving me nuts. Told hubby that I was anxious it's hard to think of other things during the day and he say "you could always cancel"... I was like " I mean I wish I could get it a Today!!!" Sick of belly and flat butt... Ready for new shape NOW!!! Patience grasshopper... Never been my strong suit but in this case I'm sure it will be worth it!

New simulation

Obsessing again

Little Bummed - literally and figuratively

I have to admit that I'm mildly depressed. Is this normal? I have 16 days to go and should be super excited but I just feel out of sorts... I'm stressed out at work (which is actually a little unusual for me) with a job that I don't think that I'm going to be able to do and with no guidance... overwelmed. I just feel like everyday I find more and more things about the people at work to be disappointed about. Why do I even care??? The calendar is filling up with obligations which I don't know if I'm going to be able to do after my surgery like my 6 yr old's birthday party... OK, it could just be hormones too but knowing that doesn't help it feel better. I know that the most important thing is to be in a good space mentally and physically before the 13th!! I can't let this negativity get me down. I also need to be more careful about food and drink (of course this is on the eve of Thanksgving!). Honestly, w/o RS... I don't know what I would do because I don't have that rapport with anyone here. My husband's great but he really couldn't care less if I have the sx but definitely doesn't want me not to stress about it if I choose to (understandable, he's the opposite of co-dependent). Can't talk to my family. Have one friend but she has no sx experience BUT she is wonderfully supportive when I do talk to her. RS girls are very inspiring! They plan years in advance, saving money... getting their bodies ready and with or without support, they just go for it and depend on themselves to get to their goal. If you think abou it, it's not that much different from committing to an exercise/diet program for an extended period of time. The difference is... it's REAL pain, not just muscle ache.... a lot more of a committment. OK...breathing in and out deeply. I believe that God doesn't give you things that you are good at but challenges that he knows you will struggle with to be a better person. Being that I generally a very positive person... maybe this is my test. Gotta focus on how lucky I am with or without this sx. And cannot get hung up on other people's drama and shortcomings. I read a couple of posts about meditation, maybe I'll try that or get the video on surgery recovery. I'm very impressionable so that stuff works very well with me. Thanks ladies for support and stories. They do a world of help, more than you will know.

2 week countdown

Exactly 14 days to go... ! Survived Thanksgiving and holding off on Black Friday shopping until I get my new booty and then I'll get some new outfits. My surgeon says I don't need to gain weight but as of this morning I've put on almost 3lbs in two weeks! Oh well. Can't stress over that for now. Hopefully it adds to the butt.

My girlfriend and her husband were over and looking at some of the before and afters that I've downloaded for BBL and she's thinking that she's going to start saving for one too. We were talking about how ps has changed in terms of stigma and even her husband suggested that he wouldn't mind geting work in the future. The rest of my family have no clue. My husband is a little worried about the downtime but I'm going to do my best to be physically ready and to have things prepared to make it a smooth recovery and easy on him and my son. He's already preparing a trip to Spain in early summer to show off my new body so it's a good distraction for him. Also, I need to try to give him so extra love and attention (wink wink) but it's hard when all I do is look at bootays online and read RS (ok candy crush too but that's another story).

Purchased: toilet seat with handles. Luckily I have toilet with a bidet so hopefully that will help it not be so messy. Got some foam sheets (5) and hibiclens soap. I've also gotten a few pieces of firm foam rolls for perching on while driving and kneeling on at work (half moons and rounds).

I want to get a faja (one comes with the surgery but not sure what kind) but I keep hearing so much about this cg and that cg as well as girdles and squeems and it's a little overwhelming especially when it seems like most people are having problems with sizing.... Purchases take a while to get to HI, USPS thinks of us like a 3rd world country in terms of shipping prices and delivery times!!! So I'd like to decide soon. Another factor is that here in HI people don't tend to wear a lot of layers. For instance I don't even wear jeans until late Oct and this year has been exceptionally warm so I haven't even started.... hopefully this extra layer will be easy to hide without me looking like I've changed my look too much.

Luckily, my 'depression' has waned. Thank you to the many ladies who have offered words of support and encouragement. It has been such a roller coaster journey. I saw something online (forget where) addressing the emotions that you feel during this process of waiting, planning, and recovery including anxiey, regret and depression. I'm going to suggest to my doc to have a guide for his patients in the future that these are some things to look out for. Perhaps the difficulty is that it's elective surgery so people are like, 'if it's so stressful (not to mention expensive), then don't do it." It's hard to understand that you WANT to do it but you also need to process all of the feelings that go along with it. This decision makes you very introspective. How do I feel about myself, confident or insecure? Can I really do something selfish, exclusively for me that will put out my family? Can I allow myself to be dependent on others or just to have my husband see me in that vulnerable state? Have I researched and made a calculated risk about the danger I may be putting myself into? Again, is this just a shortcut to eating right and exercising? I know it's not but you have to admit people think that.

I looked at my calendar and realized that I've only had my consult on Nov 7... so it wasn't that long ago but has seems like an eternity. I have a feeling that this next two weeks will be the opposite... very fast so I'm methodically trying to get all my ducks in a row and not get overwhelmed. Some of you ladies have gotten it down with the process, very organized. It's not exactly my strong suit.

Went to the pool yesterday and all I could think of is that I want to get rid of this tire around my waist and put it in my hips and butt. Bleeech. Even when the outfit is ok, I think... can't wait until I fill this thing out like it's supposed to! It will all be worth it.. I'm certain of that!

Asians with bootays

Do you know how hard it was to find these?!!! Lol ok maybe a little large for me but good to know they exist out there.

Oops hello pix

Wish wish wish

8 days to go!!!

Reasonable but Aggressive

Just completed pre-op. Busy waiting room but not a lot of time waiting plus awesome Big Island cookies and fresh fruit to snack on. First general questions and complete payment and blank check for anesthesiologist with Jenna. Looked at her lipo before and after and was impressed when she said that Dr. S took out close to 6L because she didn't have much blood. Yea!!! That means he does aggressive lipo. He confirmed this by saying he's "reasonable but aggressive" and wants max results.

Next was EKG and blood work with Jennifer. Everything was fine. Didn't get results but had my hemo chk earlier this year for work and it was over 13 and that was before iron so I'm not worry. We have steak every week!

Not sure how much doc remembered me from initial but not going to take that personal... I mean I suck at remembering and I don't meet anywhere near the people he does. Had more questions for him.... What's up with the burns girls are getting? He says that's from laser lipo which should not be used with fat transfer cause it kills fat cells. What about dents and bumps? Depends on technique and skin type. My thicker skin will hide a lot more than thinner skin that's why I don't have cellulite probs. Ok now most importantly.... Expectations... First picture he says is reasonable. Second he thought I wouldn't have enough fat but after a second exam he says that there's more than from pix and he should be able to harvest 2 L! I always thought I hide fat well! So depending on quality... We should have plenty for second wish!!! Cross fingers! He just kept saying tiny waist and 'bubble' and that I'm going to be so happy and impressed with results... so what can I say after that ?

Actually much more calm than two weeks ago. Just want to put myself in that good place and concentrate on details for my son, husband, recovery and holidays in that order.

Going to get scripts filled. Vit k for clotting, antibiotics, Percocet and nausea patch for behind ear. They suggested not taking antibiotics and pain together because it's even more constipating. Also prune juice and have suppositories on hand. Told me that will have to use DMSO after (hopefully not too stinky for work).

The girls also talked about how everyone there has gone some work done by Dr. Schlesinger so that was comforting too. Ok gonna start decorating tree and organizing sons birthday party at end of year.

More soon I'm sure!

Not enough lipo

Oh thought this was interesting... Put these pic up to show a more conservative transformation and doc said he didn't like it because it left too much fat in the flank area. Heck yea... That means I don't have to worry about him not doing enough lipo. He says this is a once in a lifetime thing so it has to be perfect!

the big day approaches - positive visualization

Hi all, surprisingly I'm not totally freaked out like I thought I would be. I think because I still have so many little things to take care of. Make soup (pureed vegetables with water in packets to freeze, ground turkey with collards/spinach, boil chicken for soup). Avoid salt, fried and take supplements like milk thistle, bromelian along with prescribed iron, vit K, vit C, folic acid and vit B12.

But besides that I am trying to visualize the sx day going well, picturing the doctor skillfully and safely sculpting me an amzing figure. I picture the recovery as a positive event... kind of like when I had my son, I was so enthralled in looking at him that I didn't notice my body as much and I'm sure the the endorphins helped with recovery. In this case I think of my new body, a sexy, curvy figure that I've never had along with renewed confidence. I picture myself healing and looking better after (kind of like what you would do in dermabrasion or peels or something). Your skin and tissues regenerating itself to become stronger and smoother... renew. The cg will mold/train you into that figure without excess skin and bruising.

I think of the words from my surgeon... "it has to be perfect", "your expectations will be exceeded", "I won't waste one drop of fat" "you will have a tiny waist and a bubble butt" "I can tell that your recovery will be fine and you'll be able to go back to work very soon after", "I'm confident that I can give you what you want and more" "I'm just going to make a good looking person look even better.... you are going to look amazing" I think of all of the other good reviews that I've read and seen. I truly believe that he has heard me and is looking out for my best interest.

I told my surgeon, if it's very successful... I mean WHEN it is successful, I will be his biggest advocate.

When I had my blood taken, she said that it came out very very slow. I'm going to take that as, the iron is working and that I will have very limited bruising! Also, one less worry.. just had period so don't have to deal with that during sx.

I'm also thinking of all of the things that I'd like to do during recovery (besides sleep and walk) but books I've been meaning to read, planning my son's birthday party, going on RS of course, stretching and self massages, planning a big trip next year with the hubby, making resolutions (love to) and finally having time outside of the normal routine to be introspective and appreciative.

When I see my love handles and belly bulging I think, 'this is quality fat" meaning it is mostly fat, not blood and liquid that will be transferred to its new location. It's stubborn fat (but in a good way). All of those years trying to lose the ab and flank fat means that it will stay in its new location (bubble butt and hips) forever even if I do lose weight. I know at my core that this is the best choice I can make and that I deserve it.

I remember when people were astonished that my childbirth went so long but I didn't want to do C-section. Honestly, my only thought was... he has to come out. You just work at it until he does. It's no big feat but also there's no alternative. You just have to adjust and deal with it and focus on the outcome. That kid was worth it and so much more.

OK... I know it's all pretty corny stuff but I really believe this works. Extinguish any doubt that it won't all be a smooth and amazing experience. Remember ladies, we all knew what we are getting into. We're all committed. Many have come before us and like any other challenge... we will be better because of it. I'm off my soapbox now. Not sure how many entries more till Friday but will definitely be updating with post pix and comments. Stay tuned!
OH--- thank you so much for all of the RS support. You ladies rock.

12 hrs from starting sx

Drifting in and out of sleep but feel good. Overnight at clinic, monitor vitals and nurse helps me flip sides every hr.

No pain really discomfort yes waiting for anesthesia to wear off. No nausea. Cathider so no getting up to pee. Cotton mouth tho but doc let me take Zyrtec b4 surgery so that help. No pix yet but soon but stomach is way smaller and there's a butt ! More soon

More soon but so far... Not terrible!

24hrs after

Just took 1st pain med. Mostly painful id abs and back when getting into and out of bed. DMSO every 2hrs. Lots of swelling so hard to tell but I love results. Dr.S said he able to take out 5L! But butt could only hold 600/side. I think that that's plenty for me. He said skin was already shrinking. Weird thing is I feel like I have energy then 10 min later... Need to lay back down. Don't think pix I uploaded really do it justice but I love seeing others pix right after surgery too... So there you go. Ok more later... I sleepy.

Fainted twice but in clinic so nurse caught me 1st and doc had smelling salts. Guess some topic med lowers your blood pressure. So many pills.

Day 2 still good. Stinky DMSO

Was thinking these pix might be better because to me results are awesome. Still very swollen esp belly and legs now but trying hard to stay away from salt and lots of anti inflammatory .. Pineapple, arnica and of course Dmso. Also juvern. Stomach is not particularly happy with all of these meds and supplements. Still no need for pain med.

DMSO didn't bother husband yesterday but today it's making him gag. Think I have enough left for just today. If still tomorrow then won't go to work smelling like this!!!

BM was fine thx to prune juice. No need stool softener yet. Went on elliptical slowly and it was fine. Good at loosening up. Still think I could use tighter cg. Will ask tomorrow when I go in for ultra sound treatment (recommended 2-3x/week) at $2/ min. Also wouldn't mind a second one so I can have one to use and one to wash. Oh... Shower was fine too. Husband was outside just in case but didn't need his help. Also spraying DMSO every two hours I can do myself too. The only irritation is cg is always damp and that doesn't feel good.

Not sure what I love more... Skinny front or bigger back. Just love results and recovery so far.

Sleep was ok on belly but on sides I sleep longer and easier to get out of bed. A rare rainy day here. Great for hunkering down watch football.

The story for everyone is I pulled a muscle in my back...

Thunder thighs

Had second shower. Washed garment twice. Almost out of DMSO so one more application then wash everything ... Blankets etc to get out smell.

Had to drive already, put car in shop b4 sx. It was ok. Couple of potholes hurt! Even went on elliptical for 10 min to loosen up but then my thighs exploded... Super thick by knees. Has inner thigh lipo but pretty sure he didn't go that far down. It's just all of the swelling coming down so now laying on side with pillow between knees... Helps. Also to get rid of that feeling of dampness from wet garment, using heating pad!

Not much appetite but I know eating is necessary. Made fruit kabobs for sons last basketball game today so got tons of fruit left for me but wasn't up to going and having to socialize esp with smell. Some ground turkey with spinach but no flavor cuz no salt.

Giving myself 'massages' kind of. Just love results. Noticed how good Dr. S was at selecting incision points... Discrete locations.

Keep reading stories about others not getting responses from patient coordinators and time w/doc... Not my problem at all! Jenna replies on Sunday and at 6pm and 7am and lots of time w/doc.

Back to work and feeling sore but on road to recovery

Hey so I made it back to work a day later than I had anticipated but it's still ok. Yesterday I felt great and had my first ultra sound. Honestly, except for a few moments of tenderness.. wasn't bad that all. In fact I was like.. that's it? Maybe I was thinking about those horror stories of lymphatic massages. But she assured me that she would apply more pressure as time went on. Tummy and back definitely had tender areas. Driving is a bit tricky. My advice is to go early so that you're not rushed. Perspective is a little off. I'm actually wearing my glasses to read to computer screen today which is very unusual. Anyone else had this problem? Reminds me a lot of being pregnant and then after baby.. just carefully moving around slowly.

My main concern was that my right thigh was swollen down to my knee and hard and red and purple.... not quite kankles yet but getting there. Probably because I overdid the self massage and walking too early. I only had inner thigh lipo-ed but I guess it's all of the swelling from above moving down. She worked that area and as of this morning, it's much better. Swelling has gone down a lot. In the middle of the night though, the tenderness of belly and back got to me and I had to get up and take two Tylenol (that's all plus one perc so far). I think it was partly from the ultra sound, partly that my inlaws made dinner and it was very salty! and also my cg has zippers on the sides so it's hard to lay on your side for sleeping. I haven't found a good way to sleep on my belly, but I know I need to.

Jennifer was surprised that I had gone through all of my DMSO already but I had applied liberally those first couple of days. I was drenched in it and that's why I felt so damp in my cg. It works but it's such a nuisance because it's messy and smells bad. I wouldn't have come back to work if I still had to apply that every two hours. She asked me if I wanted more but for now, I'm going to give it a go with Arnica montana (oral) and gel and bromelian and juvern. I think that if I'm good at staying away from salt and "inflammatory" foods, I'll be ok. She mentioned that I'm already getting definition where most people would still have swelling so it's gone down quite a bit. I wanted to get a smaller cg. I really felt like mine is loose even with foam but she suggested I wait since the max swelling is in the 6-8 day period. This morning I put my spanx on underneath and it felt better although I really feel like I have a ton of layers on. It's 80 degrees out so hard to hide. I'm looking at purchasing at least one more but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

So the story at work is that I tweaked my back moving boxes from the attic. I have a "girdle" on for back support and while walking is ok, it's sitting and twisting that hurts. Thank goodness I have my stand up work station set up already so no one's the wiser.

OK so results so far... in love with them!!! More pictures soon... promise. Loving the figure, loving the butt. Even with all of this swelling... I look fricken hot! There's no way I could've gotten this look with just diet and exercise. Bruising is not too bad. I feel a lot of swelling in my lower back and know that once that goes down... it will just be even more amazing. I love Dr. Schlesinger. I know for a fact that he went way above and beyond the minimum. He said that he stayed there after his other two assistants left.. just him and that anesthesiologist for the full five hours. He showed me the 5L minus the 1200 ccs that he put back in. I'm so happy with my ps choice! My follow up will be Friday plus another ultra sound.

My husband is a little scared to touch because I'm like... 'ouch', 'oww', but I'm certain that he will love it once he can get his hands on it.
For now I need to get some work done at the office and also Christmas shopping and the like so I can concentrate on getting stronger. I can't stop feeling my butt and I know that I'll have to go shopping because there's no way some of my old bottoms will fit now! And I'm totally ok with that... small price... !

Day off- day 5 post

Well, after work yesterday my leg swelled up. Had to go get compression socks and elevate legs for rest of night. It's a pain cause now I have bruising on my knees from gravity which is harder to hide with clothes. I'm wear mostly shorter skirts and don't own many longer dresses... Pants highlight butt too much at this point for work. Swelling has gone down and is less hard. I really do feel fine though but am taking others advice and slowing down. Don't want to increase my recovery time. Worse time is right before I wake... Belly and back just aches so I take Tylenol and it's better.

Didn't get that much done at work anyways... Everyone asking about my "back problems" and longer dress and 'girdle'. Can't really tell I have on but I know clothes to wear in the future will be limited! Yes wearing cg but over spanx. Zippers really bunch up under leggings.

Took nice shower and lightly rubbed coconut oil on tender areas. I'm so disappointed over pix cuz they don't show what an amazing change I got! I feel so sexy (even with bruising!). Hoping belly swelling will go down but butt stays the same.

Measured 36-28-40. That means I got me a .7 waist to hip ratio which is ideal. Dr. S is that good!

Ok so I love RS like you all do but I've been realizing that I've been pretty obsessed and I need to get back to family and holidays. It's so hard not to constantly chk and read stories. I also have some facial surgery coming up in Feb so I know it will be another round of self indulgence for me.

Need to limit my RS time a bit so if I don't answer right away you know why.


Did not sleep good last night and had to take Tylenol at 2am instead of 6am. Guess all of the numbing meds are out of my system and now I'm feeling more aches. I was trying to elevate my legs (and pubic area!) to reduce swelling (worked really well!) and not put pressure on my butt and try to get comfortable enough to actually to go sleep too... very tricky. Not sure how successful I was but I had this horrible feeling that my butt was shrinking. I measured again this morning and it went down one inch :-((. Ok so this could be a good thing.. overall swelling going down everywhere or it could mean that I need to rest more and be more careful of butt pressure. I don't want to go through this to lose it! For me... round 2 is not an option! It's still so much better than it was before but it makes me a little sad. It's like human nature... I didn't know how much I wanted until I got it and then I don't want to give it back! Mine! I'm worried because I'm so impatient with this recovery process and I know that I can't afford to be that way.

I'm trying another day at work. My thighs are finally 'normal' sized and softer albeit... purple! Everyone is telling me not to stand so much at my work station for my back but I can't tell them I can't sit either!! More in a bit

Vision problems and dizziness

So I finally realized what was making my vision blurred... it's a medication called methylpredinisolone that was not prescribed until the day after surgery. I guess I should've read the side effects better... need to take with food and can cause vision problems (hello!!!). OK my fault.

It's 930 am and still haven't taken the last one because I'm worried about driving. I'll wait till I get some food in the belly.
Speaking of that.. been eating well. I made some soup (kind of like split pea but added pureed broccoli, cauliflower and spinach), also fish with rice (not too much salt). Lots of pineapple juice and fruit smoothies. I also need to go buy some more Arnica (oral) and milk thistle. It seems that the lymphatic system empties into the liver so a strong liver cannot be a bad thing for this recovery. BMs are fine (yea!).

Have my post-op with Dr. S tomorrow and then a second ultra sound massage. Guess I'm going through some blues about the limitations of recovery but still very happy with outcome.

Day 8 - Post Op and 2nd ultra sound

Didn't work Friday since I had a doctor's appt at 1145 and glad I didn't because the appt took over 3 hrs. Since the office is close to the mall, I decided to finally do some Christmas shopping beforehand. After being on my feet for over two hours, my pubic area is totally swollen so by the time of the appointment... I was not feeling that great. While shopping I also had some lightheadedness... low blood sugar? Not much of an appetite but had egg white spinach roll and OJ at Starbucks. Felt better. Waiting for 30 minutes standing... was not great so I asked to lay down in the bathroom bench by the sinks. Spoke to a girl while I was there who was going in for her initial and told her how much I my ps. She said she had a difficult time finding anything negative and as we're waiting there for over an hour... I thought well, there is this part we can add to the cons list but small price.

Finally saw doctor and he was so happy with results and my recovery (and so was I!!!). Every time he sees me he asks, 'how old are you again?' and when I say 42, he always says, 'wow'. Took stickies off my body and measured. Don't have exact numbers but I lost a lot of inches around my waist. Took more pictures and then made another follow-up appt. He's super excited about my upcoming rhinoplasty in Feb and says that nose jobs are quintessential display of plastic surgery art and especially hard is ethnic rhinos.

Waited another 30 minutes for ultrasound which was fine too. It seemed like she did apply more pressure and said that next time, the focus will be on the flanks (which are the most sensitive) to rid of some minor bumps.

So remember when I had that terrible swelling of my legs, past the knees and on my right leg there was a large hard bump that was really sore? Well, she worked the ultra sound on that area a lot and at home I would constantly massage the bump even though it hurt and guess what.. it's all but gone! I think if you ladies can handle it, give yourself your own massages inbetween the professional ones. It pushes out all of the fluid and fibrous material through the lymph drainage system and out the liver. If you leave it in your body, it's basically like a bruise that will take forever to heal on it's own. You're basically increasing your circulation.

Also, told you I hated the cg that they gave me because it wasn't tight and was very stiff. I mean the zippers on both sides made it easy to put on and off but that's about it. Was wearing a spanx vest like thingy and the doctor said that was fine because no pressure on butt but today I got my Alexandra by Vedette 504 and after struggling to get it on and cutting off the 'thong' piece... I like it! It applies pressure on the pubic area and really cinches the inner thigh gap. From yesterday I've been so incredibly itchy everywhere but especially the butt but so far with this cg, it feels good! Maybe this whole time, this is the first working cg that I've really had?? I see that real pressure makes all of those tingly feelings (I think it's the body's mending process, rebuilding nerves and blood supply, etc..) much more tolerable. This is something that I learned totally from RS and not from my doctor at all! I also have a squeem on order.

Another factor in my positive recovery so far I think is an anti inflammatory diet. I know everyone has these long list of supplies but to me a lot of the stuff is useless or is there to address problems that address an inflammatory diet (like stool softeners). What I mean is we all know pineapple is anti inflammatory but if you are eating a bunch of that with fried chicken and pasta or french fries, it defeats the benefits. Part of it is ADDING ANTI INFLAMMATORIES (pineapple, nuts, salmon, lots of greens) but the other part is avoiding foods that are known to cause inflammation (all carbs, processed foods). If you don't, then don't bother with the other stuff! I really feel that has made all the difference for me! I hope that it helps you too.

My bruises are all healing up so quickly and I've been massaging out small bumps in my belly, flanks and back. Lots and lots of tingling and itching which I think is healing indications. Have been taking care of skin too with tactile stimulation and coconut oil massages. Nights continue to be the most difficult time for me. I'm not a belly sleeper! and that's the only time when the achey pain becomes intolerable and I have to take Tylenol. Hopefully with this new cg... I will be able to conquer nights too.

Cut up my cg!

Uhh... I thought I was ok with the new cg but the inner thigh part was driving me crazy so I kept cutting a little bit more and a little bit more till I had to cut thru it. Then there was all of this fabric so I had to cut that off too. Ok so basically ruined a $69 garment. Maybe I should've just gotten a size larger? Not looking forward to taking what's left off or having to put it in again at some point. Going online to order another.

Benadryl lotion! Yes!!!!

Finally got some sleep after spraying all over with Benadryl spray! Relief from the worse itching.

Was thinking what supplements need to be continued post op? No one has really said.

Squeem came yesterday just in the nick of time. Medium feels good but ribs hurt during sleep. How tight are these things supposed to be? I know it's a fine line....

Less numbness, more pain

Been a couple of days since last update but still having a hard time sleeping on stomach and just sleeping through the night in general. Woke up at 1am and gave myself a good hard massage, especially in the waist area, till I could sleep again. I really think that it's helping with the bumpiness. Can't wait for my new cg to come because right now just a spanx and squeem that ends at pubic area... Guess where the swelling is? Yep, mostly there. I can still feel in my legs and calves too. I've been good at elevating from time to time but cannot on work days and been eating more salt than I should because of the holidays. Well, just eating more crappy in general because of holidays. Also, had to have a couple of drinks (with milk thistle) which is not good.

I have two incisions on either side of my pubic area and they are both super sore. If I lay on my side and stretch up I feel like something down there is going to rip. It hurts! It doesn't help that that's also what is so swollen. Pretty much all of my bruises are gone after a week though. I think it's a testiment to DMSO, arnica (oral and gel) and massages (ultra sound and at home). Skin on belly is getting flakey and coming off, which I was told was going to happen. I wonder if that's what added to the itching too. OH now I have benadryl spray in my purse along with the oral type in case I have another itchy episode. The last one was super bad. I was scratching myself silly and had to go to Walgreens before home to get benadryl.

So the bad news is that the numbness is going away but the ache has become more of a pain and I've been taking one pain med before bed. Maybe that means that the nerves are growing back and mending themselves...? Had a third ultra sound and I think that it has been helping. Gonna look into getting myself one for home. I'm disappointed that the recovery isn't more linear but my first week was so uneventful that at rate, I would've been totally healed by today. This second week is so much slower than the first. Lots more pain.

Big task is to go through my whole wardrobe to see what fits anymore. I'm not even sure what types of clothes I can wear anymore because before there was definitely specific clothes that I would stay away from (form fitting, dress pants, even leggings... so I don't have that much to try on). I've been to a few stores but just haven't felt like spending all day trying on clothes.... yet. I'll start at home first to see what size I am and everything.

My son's birthday is tomorrow and his party is the day after so hopefully that will all go well. Getting a little bit of work done but still hard to concentrate and not go on RS every 15 minutes. Next on the agenda is my rhinoplasty and eye lid surgery with the same doctor in early Feb. Very excited about that too!!!

Scale hit 140 (136 pre sx). I'm thinking that it's bloat and will be so happy when I get back down to normal. Even with the swelling.... I lovelove results still. Measurements are holding strong, both waist and butt. Funny thing is that no on has really noticed and said anything. I think that this is just fine because 1) I've been trying to hide it under clothes but also 2) didn't want anything out of order. Definitely wanted natural and proportionate which I got. Husband is getting more curious about the body and is counting the days till sex is allowable.

Unlike the other girls, I haven't been religiously disciplined about not laying on butt and not sitting on butt. I don't do it for any amount of time but I definitely could be more careful but I just feel confident that much of my fat is here to stay. I'm a little worried about cellulite and how the fat is going to be distributed but hopefully when I get back to exercising things will look better.

Sex and purge old clothes

As the days go by the skin on my butt is stretching and softening... Not as tight. Sometimes I think it's going down but measurements are holding, it's just that my body feels different every day. At first I was thinking I wanted bigger (even though he put in max skin would hold and had plenty of fat to use) but honestly it's perfect. For someone who really didn't have a butt at all... I've got a massive improvement. Add to that a tiny waist... It's awesome.

Went through half of wardrobe and got rid of one and half large garbage bag full of clothes. Some (like all jeans will not fit over butt at all ) but realized that so much of clothes was not cause I loved it but was to hide stomach and no butt. Lots of baby doll styles and even though I could still wear now... I hated the reminder of how hard it was before to be comfortable in my old body. I hated anything that squeezed my stomach. Even without the butt, the lipo has made a huge improvement. The butt is icing. Good news is some clothes I held on to but hadn't really worn fit so nice! Even my shorter dresses still look great (can't bend over too short). Short denim skirts don't fit but that's ok. Have a girlfriend that might be able to use.

On Christmas I was laying on my side and stretched out wrong and felt like something was ripping on the right pubic side. Last couple of days noticeable swelling in that area. Something got strained there. Overall swelling is going down. Bumpiness is going down. But pain is real. Add to that I'm pmsing cause nipples are sore too. Pretty conservative with pain meds but wished I didn't have to take them at all.

Eating little better. Resting more. Massage often. Bedtime and when I wake are the worse times... Wonder why . More arnica lotion. Juvern tastes yucky but trying to be more consistent in taking. Smoothie of watermelon, prune juice and cocoa powder plus juvern... Yummy.

Go back and forth from vedette to squeem and back. On smallest hook so waist is going down.

Oh.. Big milestone. Sex was successful! Not too much pressure on butt and with squeem still on. Husband happy and me too.

Will go through rest of clothes soon and then... Shopping!
Might order more arnica Montana oral and my own ultra sound device. Next appt is 1/9 and I want to look amazing. Concern is work day from 7am to 4pm... Legs are totally swollen.

Btw... Sons bday party was success!!! Work another two days then New Years party. Then nose job in Feb.

Happy New Year!

Good news is New Years Day festivities were fun. Kept up with everyone except after one drink I passed out for an hr nap. Sitting on thighs. Bad news... Woke up at 1 and still can't sleep (330 now). Did my massage already and took pain pill but maybe should've taken Benadryl instead. Got this great lotion called PENETREX which is amazing for pain and healing. Not cheap $20 for 2oz but works nice and nice consistency for massaging out bumps. Worried about being tired at work tomorrow.

Planning on working out starting tomorrow. Did a little elliptical but cautious cause last time tried too soon after sx and my legs blew up with swelling. I know that I need to work blood through for better healing. And best time to start is beginning of year. Noticed that arms and legs aren't back to normal size yet. Want to lose 5-10 lbs ASAP. Butt measurements are holding strong. Funny cause still noticing other butts and seeing how people take theirs for granted. Guess I'm the same way with breasts cause I don't need boob job.

Speaking of which doing a Dr. 90210 marathon on Netflix. Very addicting and interesting. I've come a long way in his journey cause in the beginning I could not handle watching surgeries at all but now I can't take eyes off. Do you ladies ever wondered what it would've been like if you could see your own procedure later? So curious.

Ok so last thing... I kind of believe that if you are a great surgeon, you could go into the ER and give the patient great results without really knowing anything about the person. The thing is we want that personal connection because to us it's such a big decision and intimate process. I mean it's not easy getting totally nude within minutes if meeting someone! Not to mention letting them do who knows what to your body while you are sedated. What I mean to say is I'm lucky that my consultation went so well and I felt connected with my ps but just think if he had an off day or was super brief and busy I might've made a different choice and that wouldn't have been a good thing. Maybe you put too much on that 15 -60 minutes. I thought it was kind of crazy to get sx without meeting doc first but maybe it's not such a absurd concept. Ok might be rambling now cause if pain pill but need to try to get done sleep ... Gnite.

going on week 4

Actually had a tough week with more pain :-(((. It's not excruiating just tender and raw like when you pick a scab but it's all over my midsection from back shoulder blades to pubic area. Butt is pretty good though. It's especially bad before bedtime and upon waking up. Sleep seems a little better in that there are more nights where I get up less. Went through my original 20 pain pills and had to get refill yesterday. Hopefully this will be the last of it. I'm wondering what else I can do to speed it recovery and increase comfort.

Hey right after sx I took some pictures with my phone which I totally forgot about.. thought I'd share. Looks pretty intense in terms of bruising and bumpiness so in that sense the difference between that and now (even between that and Day 1) is amazing. I highly recommend that you stay overnight the first night if at all possible!!! Also, I really believe that the DMSO took away the majority of the trauma! Not the most appropriate for home use though because it stinks and you really get soaked in it (it will ruin your bed mattress).

Enjoying my new body in dresses and tight tee shirts and getting lots of comments of looking "curvy" which was never said before. Also ordered more stretchy pencil skirts for work and know that I will work it. And during the day not too bad.. just after work and bedtime and waking up. I'm also starting to exercise more so hopefully it's been helping. Still massaging and stretching like crazy. I picture stretching out those hard bands that I feel on my sides and also general bumpiness, especially in mid back and sides when I put my arm up and bend. I'm also planning on ordering smaller size cg soon. Smaller squeem. Pubic area swelling has gone down a lot but still hurts like a bruise. That one area where I thought I pulled something is still an issue in that it's still puffed out a bit. I have an appt on in two days so will definitely ask him about that. My home ultrasound device has not yet arrived!! even though Amazon said that it should be here by now. We're used to that type of thing here in Hawaii though. Believe it will be a massive factor in improvement. Honestly in daylight, I look amazing (I know I need to post more pix) but I have this overhead light that I use at night which is the most unflattering (even before BBL) in that it shows every bump so that's what makes me think that I want more and more smoothness.

Lovelovelove butt. Actually glad it's not bigger. It's really not my aesthetic. What he did with proportions and SHAPE of butt and waist is something that is just genuine expertise. I don't know if I would've known to ask for specifically... 'please contour it more here and less here, etc...' For me it's perfect! The weird thing is that I'm actually gaining weight (140-142) which is weird since swelling has gone down so much and activity has gone up more. Maybe I lost more muscle during those first couple of weeks??? I'm also bloated from having my period. Also my legs and calves really feel bigger than before. Can really feel that when I sqwat down.

Hmmm... pix are posting weird. Will try again.

trying to upload pix again...

beach house booty

Spent the holiday weekend with friends at a beach house. Very happy with body in bathing suit! Only problems...belly still a little lumpy and about 25% of the time the pain rears its ugly head. Feels like a bad sun burn. Usually this is around bedtime. Probably should've avoided the sun because it will cause the four scars on my backbone to hyperpigmentate but it felt good not to have cg on and to feel the warmth.

Today is day 41 and I've officially gone through 40 pain pills (not counting Tylenol). Getting refill today. Wishing recovery was faster!!
Husbands loving the shape and the butt even though he was indifferent to procedure at first.
NOse and eye surgery in two weeks. Also turning 43 years young.

2 months + 1 week

Still love results. Still sore on sides at times like it's been rubbed raw. Hoping to get off pain pills soon. Now it's 1-2/day. One tight spot on right side that doc is watching. Will consider releasing it during next sx (eyes---date tbd). Recovering from nose sx which has been emotionally tough cause not happy with it yet. I'm confident it will just get better and better as swelling goes down but imperfections on face is harder to deal with than bumps on the belly. Just impatient with recovery in general.

Post eye surgery one week, rhino touch up and one lipo touch up

Another sx a week ago. As far as bbl goes had one small area which was tight and sometimes looked like a dent which Dr S touched up thru belly button during eye sx. It bruised more than he anticipated and immediately schedule two sessions in hyperbaric oxygen chamber in order to stave off any potential infections. Huge improvement after! Can't say enough about how quickly he responds to any potential complications. He also paid for the treatments. I like them because I just take a nice nap and it helps with the eye and nose recovery as well !

You can chk other reviews for more details of eye and rhino touch up (also added lip injections which I love!). In nutshell... Results were clean... Any scaring is hidden in smile creases, still looks like me but better, still ethnically consistent, bruising is minimal, no more crepey skin!!! Going to start experimenting with eye shadow since before it never stayed on.

Love my doctor and results for all procedures. Follow ups are amazing but honestly... I think I'm done here. :-)
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

My doctor was super attentive and knowledgable. He had a great way of putting me at ease and I get this real sense that he is that rare cross between artist and perfectionist. Not the most expensive and not the cheapest (everything is more expensive here so we are used to it) but having a feeling from other reviews that the follow-ups are awesome. Keep thinking back on the great consultation I had and getting more and more excited about the results. It will be a serious body shape revamp.

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