Dermarolling Journey - Honolulu, HI

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11/10/15 I have mild acne scars and have recently...

11/10/15 I have mild acne scars and have recently gotten my acne under control by using oral medicine (spironolactone) twice a day at 100mg.

I've been looking into doing dermarolling for a while now and ordered a 0.5mm needle roller from Amazon for $10.00. The reviews for it online have been good so far and since my acne scaring is mild I thought I'd give it a try.

Before I go to bed after I take a shower I do it for about 10-15 minutes. I'm not very aggressive with it, but I plan on doing it 3 times a week and I'll keep tabs on my progress weekly.

To be continued...


Just wanted to post up an update of my second session of my face. The first uploaded pic didn't do such a good job on showing how bad my acne scars are. They're mild, but they're farely noticeable if I don't wear makeup. These pictures are take about an hour an a half after dermarolling


Haven't really been derma rolling lately, but I can see a slight difference. I've added aloe to my regime though ever time after I roll.


How I prepare my skin and derma roller before derma rolling:

1) I wash my face with Cetaphil Dermacontrol Oil Control Foam Wash. I've tried so many face washes its crazy, but I finally found this one to be really good for my skin. I have combination skin and its oily in some parts. My dermatologist recommended this brand to me and gave me a sample of this face wash and its heaven sent! It's always sold out at Walmart and Target so I assume a ton of people utilize it as well.

2) I pat my face down dry with a paper towel or I let my face air dry.

3) Get my derma roller and disinfect it with an antibacterial spray.

4) Derma roller for about 10-15 minutes.

5) Add Aloe gel (I pick it from my yard and apply afterwards)

6) I let my face dry.

7) Wash my face again with face wash. Sometimes I just leave it on because you can't even see the aloe on my face after it dries. Aloe is an awesome plant and has a ton of healing properties and when I put it on after the derma rolling my skin feels so relieved.

8) That's it so far.


I've been derma rolling now once a week. Just posting pic updates. :)


Haven't done an update in a while. I haven't been dermarolling lately but I just got a chemical peel with a hydrafacial and two treatments of red light therapy.

After my skin peels from the chemical peel I'm going to start dermarolling again. The chemical peel so far and the hydrafacial together was amazing.

The chemical peel wasn't that bad at how I thought it would be. The hydrafacial was amazing and sucked out all of the dirt out of my blocked pours will adding nutrients back into my skin.

I just started doing red light therapy again, whole body treatments. I love it.

I'm not sure if you can see a difference but my skin feels so clean and soft!


It's been three days after my chemical peel and I'm surprised my face didn't peel. I think it's because my esthentician said she makes her peels stronger for each session and it varies per patient. So I guess because it was my first appointment with her it was mild.

I'm debating on going back for a chemical peel but I'm most likely go back for a full hydrafacial.

I'm also getting laser hair removal done on my upper lip in April. So hopefully that helps with my hair follicles and skin too because I noticed since getting laser hair removal on my bikini area and armpits I haven't had any skin problems and is fantastic!

Tonight I'm going to start dermarolling again, but I think it's definitely helped my skin out because I can see the scars aren't as deep as before and I've been getting tons of compliments on how my face looks so much better! Hence the small break out I had this week because of menstrual hormonal acne. #lifeofafemale lol

3/28/16 right after dermarolling

Right after dermarolling.


Just got home from a long day of school, meetings, and gym. Washed my face and applied aloe. No dermarolling tonight.

4/14/16 Hydrafacial and Upper lip Laser Hair Removal

So there were two great deals going on at my spa. The one I normally get laser hair removal from and I hardly have any hair on my upper lip, but I was like why not because I have a few whiskers that I hate and I always get waxed off. It was $150 for three sessions then there was a new technician and they were giving a deal for $100 for a hydra facial. I had a mini one before and never tried a whole hydrafacial, but I loved the results from my first one that I bought the deal.

We did both the laser and hydra back to back. We did the hydra and then the laser. I think next time I won't do that because my skin did show slight sensitivity like I had red areas, in the picture below this is my skin after the two procedures with aloe that I gathered myself and put on to soothe my skin.

Still I think my skin looks amazing, only if I could afford a hydra facial every month! My pours feel so clear and my skin is so much brighter!

FYI If you have oily/semi oily/sensitive skin this stuff is amazing!

After years of trying all kind of crazy washes and sunscreen. This stuff is amazing and doesn't freak out my skin. My skin is pretty sensitive so I'm so glad that my dermatologist recommended this to me! The problem is its always sold out at Target and Walmart and even my local stores. I guess more people knew about it then I did and love it! I always have stock up when I see that its in stock in stores. Try this stuff out I swear by it!


Just a random update/pics of my face. Haven't done any dermarolling since the last post I posted that I did.


This is after a hydrafacial.


just posting better pics

My full face

Ugh I have so much more crap on my face to heal!

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