37 Year Old and NEVER Had a Flat Stomach Even Before Child - Honolulu, HI

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Even in high school I had a little belly pooch....

Even in high school I had a little belly pooch. It's gone up and done over the years and stayed there when I was super fit with a "4-pack" with a little pooch. I think it runs in the family. My mom and her sister only gain weight in their stomachs so they just look like they have a baby belly when they started gaining weight. I workout and eat healthy so I wanted for once to get rid of the pooch. I finally went down to get a consultation. I told the nurse, Sarah, I also have IBS and decided to eat beans a couple days before so I was a little swollen still. My body also doesn't recover very well from injuries so I was planning to take a few days off. She looks at my pooch and said normally they would do one large or two smaller pads on either side but my pooch is small and I have very little fat elsewhere. She measured my stomach against the small applicator and would do just fine. I was booked to come back in a few days. I was a bit nervous of all the pain I have been reading about. When I went back in I had a different person doing the procedure. I was only on the machine for 30 minutes. There was no real pain and the massage after just made me feel like peeing. I was fine just swollen after the procedure. I went to the gym that night. The slight pain came about 3 hour after the gym about 9 hours after the procedure. It was little shocks here and there on pooch. Especially if something touched it so I wore some Spanx. I slept fine that night no medication. I'm on day three and the little pains are gone. I went back to work the day after because I felt pretty good and just wore my Spanx. I have been wearing soft stretchy pants to sleep in. In the morning my belly isn't so swollen but goes up during the day. I can't really run or do cardio though. I'm not sure how to describe it but the jumping or bouncing makes the treated area kind of sore mixed with a feeling like I have a little clump in there. I'm still lifting weight and doing other exercise. My stomach is still numb and really swollen. I was told to drink lots of water and green tea so the only effects of that is I have to go the restroom a lot. Im excited to see the end results.

CoolAdvantage not CoolSculpting

More than likely I wasn't listening to my whole treatment plan. This could be due to excitement or anticipation of all the pain. I got a follow up yesterday and was asked to see how I was doing. I was curious about why my treatment was only 30 minutes and was corrected it was actually 35. There is a newer CoolSculpting parts that came out just 2 months ago with FDA approval that has a better surface area to freeze fat and its 1 degree cooler. The process now is faster and less painful. I would have to agree. I woke up this morning and I still have numbness but no pain. Last night I had some irritating itching but this morning I feel the itching has gone down. I wasn't so swollen yesterday and today my stomach is only a tiny bit swollen.

Still Numb

Last night the itching wasn't too bad. I have more feeling in my stomach. Woke up this morning and this is what I normally look like. Still numb but I have more feeling today. Still wearing Spanx. I think wearing it is like a security blanket because it just feels better since I'm still numb.

Working Out

Back to my High Intensity Interval Training with my normal workout gear that goes up to my belly button. Like I said before anything low cut would make a small pooch much bigger looking. I had a little pain when my 10lb dog unexpectedly stepped on my lower stomach while I was on the ground exercising. Pain was throbbing for a bit. I'm bit more swollen today but that could be due to us eating out last night. Even though the menu stated gluten free my stomach still swells up because they use onions or garlic.

No Change

Stomach is still a bit numb. Only sore if you really press on it.

Still numb

Still numb on the lower abs. Slight pain if you push down. I've resumed all my workouts like normal. Only change is adding more green tea in my diet. Used to drink it once a week now it's every day.

I'm Peeling!

Woke up this morning and noticed white flakes on my pajama bottoms. Couldn't figure out where it came from but later in the day I went tI the restroom. I was wearing black pants and noticed white flakes inside my pants. I looked down and saw that the area that I went through CoolAdvantage is peeling. No change to my stomach though.

Slight Change

My weight is still 114 pounds but I noticed my lower abs is starts to square off. Yes square. It still has the curve on top and bottom but the middle looks like someone just trimmed my stomach straight down like slicing off a piece of bread. Sounds weird but best that I can describe it. It's a tiny change and I'm hoping it continues. My husband can see a slight change too.

There is change

I noticed my stomach is a bit flatter over all this morning. There is still not 100 percent feeling in my stomach yet either. It's not quite numb but like dull sensation if I run my hand on it. Still 114lbs.

Week 5

Still got the weird tingles if you touch the lower ab area. I see a difference but was curious to see how much it is. My pooch has always been 33 inches for the last 10+ years and it's now 32.5 inches. I'm also showing more stretch marks on my sides and stomach.

Week 7

All feelings are normal in the lower abs. I'm a little bloated because I ate beans last night. I don't see much change from last week.

Week 7

Considering I didn't work out this weekend and I ate a lot of junk food I would be expecting my stomach to be bloated this morning. I'm at 32" so I've lost an inch.

Week 8

Not much change to report from last week. I ate beans the night before so I'm bloated in this pic. Weight change is 112 from 114. That could be to the uptick in HIIT workouts and increased weight lifting.

Scheduled Two Sessions

I've only lost one inch so far and went to a follow up appointment. They noticed that weird little look of a "sliced bread" look on my lower abs. I told them I'm willing to go through another session so they recommended getting two treatments to run from my belly button to my pooch. They also have a machine to help massage out the area after. I wish I had the time to go in sooner but I scheduled the double treatment for the cool advantage for the beginning of November.

2nd Treatment

I wasn't able to get back to do another treatment due to my schedule not matching the appointment availability. So I am nearly 4 months out and there is no change from my last photos. I didn't really like the look of my stomach after the first one because it still looked round just now there was a flattened shelf look to the top. So, this time instead of one small horizontal (hip-to-hip) I went vertical with two small treatments a little above the belly button to the bottom of the pooch. I had the cooladvantage done so it was 35 minutes each side. I didn't experience pain but they told me I have a high pain tolerance. Didn't know that. After the procedure I was massaged out by the zimmer z wave. It sounded bad due to this loud clicking noise but I was numb and didn't feel it. I'm very swollen and have some sensitivity pain but Spanx help a lot. Looking forward for the upcoming weeks.

5 Days Post 2nd Treatment

The area treated is still numb except the area on the outer edge is itching. I'm pretty swollen right now.

Week 1 of 2nd Session

Still numb and itchy. I'm thinking I see a difference already??

Week 2 of 2nd Treatment

Measured my pooch today and it's 32 inches. Due to illness and the holidays I haven't been exercising at all. Still a bit numb around the treatment area.

Week 4

Numbness is gone. I am having my menses so I've been pretty bloated. It's at the 4 weeks which is when I say a difference but I really haven't seen anything yet. I've been exercising 3 days a week but my eating has been horrible. Still steady at 112 pounds. The PMS had me snacking on gummy candy and chocolates for the last week.

Starting to see a difference

This is taken late at night. Not where I want to be but there is a subtle change.

I'm Uneven!

My weird sliced bread look is gone but replaced with my sides being uneven. My left side is smoother and lower than my right and it seems my stomach is bigger. I was told I have to wait until the 4 month mark to see what to do next.

Still Uneven

After the sliced bread looking stomach incident I was hopeful that two small applicators would do the trick. Still don't have a flat stomach even though my body fat is at 16 percent. And I'm still uneven.
Honolulu Med Spa

The practioner described the procedure and made me think it was going to be intensely painful. She gave me the times when I would hurt and then the time it would be numb. It wasn't as bad as she described. She walked me through what was coming up step by step.

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