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Like most people on here, I workout regularly and...

Like most people on here, I workout regularly and I eat clean. My problem started after an emergency surgery 7 years ago to remove a painful ruptured cyst. They cut me without any though of recovery. Sine then the area above that scar has been a pain. No matter how small I get. I'm 5'8' I weighed 140 and it was there. Now I'm at 150 and I like my size but, it's there. So after tons of research I'm trying this. I had one large applicator. I was so scared from all the reviews on how painful it would be. Honestly it wasn't that bad. I went to sleep. After I was done I was even more terrified of the massage, from the reviews. It felt so good to me. I could feel the ice dicapating around my lower abs. My practitioner thought I was crazy! She said I have a very high tolerance for pain. I didn't know that. Lol
I will give weekly updates on my progress.

The day after!

OMG! You can welcome me to the pain club! It's soooo sore to the touch! I actually couldn't get comfortable last night so I slept on my stomach so I would toss and turn. Not sure if that's bad but I needed to sleep. When I woke up I could even roll over! I sent my husband to Walgreens for aleve and topical pain relif. Hopefully it doesn't get any worse that this.

Pre massage

I thought I'd share the ice block. Lol my practitioner said she's never seen one more perfect. Idk what that means but I hope that entire area goes away.

Day 3

I had to take the hard stuff yesterday. But they day I feel a lot better. I slept really good. Still really swollen but I hope the worst of the pain is over.

Day 5

I feel the sharp pains and burning everyone warned me about. Two days back at work and I have to wear my neoprene waist belt to kept my skin from moving. I'm still really swollen, and my lower abs are really hard. I want to workout but not there yet. I had to get an RX of lidocaine patches to help with pain. If your clinic can't prescribe anything for pain, DONT GO THERE! Find a place with a real Dr. On staff. Hopefully this too shall pass.

Day 6!

At this point I could care less about results. I just want the pain to be over! I wear lidicane patches through the night and I Still had to take pain pills to go to sleep. I'm not supposed to wear the, for more than 12 hours so I put them on at midnight and take them off at noon. Which means I have five hrs of no relief! Omg it's bad! Come on day 14! I had to stop writing to get ice pack! And why doesn't anyone mention the Gas!!! I know it's nasty but it's real self! I'm hoping there's some dead fat cells in the wind. Lol ok till next time.

Day 8 and 9

Soo yesterday I got moving. Ran errands and such, it was the first time I'd moved that much since the procedure. Considering the day before I was in so much pain I was going through I are pack like an Eskimo in in hell. Lol I felt it later but no where near the pain from the day before.

My lower abs just above my bikini incision felt softer, not numb. It seems to be un thawing. The are right below my belly button is still numb and a bit swollen. No results yet.

Day 9
Last night was the first night I when to sleep without taking any pain pills, I still used my lidicane patch, just one though right in the center, I slept ok. This morning I was ok. Not 100% but I think I ready to hit the gym. I had to keep telling myself through this process, that nothing's wrong, it's ok, you're not sick! Lol

I have cursed this process, but now touch that area above my incision give me hope. The skin is loser and less dense! So I'm hopeful. If the rest of the area follows you'll see a worth it symbol by my name.

Day 13 first workout since procedure,

Today I went to the gym for the first time. My stomach is still numb toward the middle. I did mostly upper body and some core and no real pain. Still no results though. Hoping once everything is unthawed the results will follow. Oh and I'm bloated from my period. Ughh! But the good thing is no cramps! Lol

Day 19

Omg! The itching is cray but it seems to going down. It's not as hard but I'm still a little numb. My husband says he sees a difference. Ive only worked out four good days since so any difference would be a result of the procedure. I always eat clean so no guess work there.

Today marks 3 weeks down

I'm not sure if I see any results just yet. My before picture my treated are measured at 31. It got up to 35 after procedure with swelled no and bloating. I measured today at 32, so I'm almost back to where I stayed. I'm hoping to lose at least 2 inches. I've worked out 4 days this week so back to my normal schedule. Will keep y'all posted.

Before, after week one, week 3.

Comparison photos.

Last post for a while.

I figure I'll update on a weekly basis that way I'm not staring at my tummy daily. I don't see much difference as of now so no sense in posting. Also as painful as this was if it works I'll do it again lol.

Week 4 anniversary! One month post!

The single pics are from today. They say you see full results in two months but I'm happy so far. Again I have been working out 4 days a week for the past two weeks.


The black pants are my before, the day of shots and the shorts are today. Any results?

Week six!

I have been hitting the gym hard but I do feel and see the difference in just the consistency of the fat below my belly button. So that's great!

Before and after.

It's hard to get the same shot to compare but these are photos before the procedure and six weeks after, today. Definitely a difference.

Almost two months out.

I can definitely tell the difference in my lower abs. The way it lays flat now. Thinking about getting my sides done. Happy.


Top is four weeks out, bottom is today.

There are no short cuts, only helping aides.

Do the work!

After gym today

1 month down

Just three days apart.

This will be my last post unless something miraculous happens or I go again. I learned a lot from this experience and I would say, it's like everything else, you have to work at it. No matter how much help you get never stop.
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