SOOOO NERVOUS! 5'3, 116 Lbs, 32A, Under Muscle, 500cc - Honolulu, HI

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I an scheduled to have my surgery in just 2 days...

I an scheduled to have my surgery in just 2 days and a wake up. SOOO scary! I've been obsessed and reading reviews on this site nonstop about the procedures and everyone's experience. I'm getting more and more nervous but I truly feel that I'm in good hands and everything will work out great.
I've wanted boobs for as long as I can remember. I've always been very slender and athletic looking with no curves. I've gotten into weightlifting in the last year (Not body builder status, just really enjoy lifting weight and I don't really watch I eat) and the more I work out and tone up, the more obvious my lack of boobs become. Breast implants have always been so taboo according to my family so that was never an option I would consider in fear of what they would say. I felt like I was destined to just live with whatever body I was given. Fast forward to now, I'm newly married with a very supportive hubby who thinks that while I'm beautiful the way I am, I should just do what makes me happy. So together, we decided to move forward with my surgery.
I'm getting my surgery done by Dr. Schlesinger in Honolulu. Him and his staff have been wonderful, patient, and professional. They are also so laid back, I always feel like I'm chatting with friends when im at their office. I've really enjoyed this site and learning from others from this site, so I've decided to start this blog to help calm my nerves through putting my feelings into words before the surgery and hopefully will help giving others a better idea of what the whole experience will be like. Stay tuned for future posts of my journey. Wish me luck ladies!!!!

the procedure & day 1 post op.

The procedure went to well! Got my IV in (took 3 times because I have weird veins ????) but that's pretty much the worst part of the surgery. After that was done, I said bye to hubby and started making small talk with the nurses & doc and BLANK...the next thing I remember was waking up, fully dressed and my hubby by my side :-) the drugs made me sooo out if it and emotional. Apparently i asked for some water since my mouth is extremely dry, then started crying something like "I'm sorry Im such a bother to you. I love u, blah blah blah" lol hubby took a pic of me crying b teased me last night lol
My new twins are soooooo swollen & tight I could hardly breathe. I've been taking a weaker dose of Percocet (1 pill instead of 2) because I wanna keep the pain at bay but not overdo it and become too drowsy. The pain is tolerable even without the pills...I'd rate it about 7/10 and with pills more like 4/10. So for those of you who are worried about that, it is totally bearable :-) today is my 1st post op appt and hopefully everything looks good. Can't wait till they D&F so I can start enjoying them lol

Day 2 post op

Day 2 post op and my boobs and I have been in quite a bit of pain & discomfort still. Ive been taking pain killers for it but that just makes me bloated. I look pregnant and it's slightly upsetting but I know it's just temporary. My boobs are also still very hard, high and so much swelling that they r spilling to the sides. I've been told by my ps that when the swelling improves, they will relax and move to the middle for a natural look. But I can't help but worry. Can you share your experience with me? Thanks lady!

Wish swelling would go away already

So I'm on day 6 post op...the pain has subsided over the last few days but I still have so much discomfort from all the tightness and swelling in my breasts...I can hardly breathe in the morning and my back is in constant pain because of the awkward sleeping position and the tendency to hunch forward when I'm sitting, standing or walking around. I must say I feel pretty miserable lately and definitely feeling like it's never gonna end (I know it will but just an irrational frustration I'm dealing with) Do you ladies have any suggestions/tips to help alleviate some of these pain and discomfort?
I went back to work yesterday and it was a huge mistake. I definitely should've taken more time off. But Im lucky to have a flexible job so I went home early and will be working from the comfort of my home today. I have another post op appt today and will also talk to dr. S about things I can do to start feeling better.
My left arm is still extremely numb, tingling and weak. Feels like it fell asleep after the surgery and never woke up. I'm starting to worry that it will become permanent and I'm getting really upset thinking about that possibility :-( because of this I still can't really hubby has been an angel through all of this. I really couldn't have gotten through this without him. Times like this really made me appreciate him so much and glad to have him in my life :-) he is loving and I mean LOVING the new girls and cannot wait to be able to play with them. I can't wait til I feel less discomfort so I can jump in on the excitement with him lol well ladies that's my rant and update for the day. Hope you are having a great day and those of you who recently had your op, I hope your recovery is going better than mine lol :-)

3 weeks post op

Things have been so crazy at work that I have not had a chance to update my progress, if you are reading, sorry! Anyway, tomorrow will be exactly 3 weeks post op for me and I must admit, there IS the light at the end of the tunnel after all lol so if you have been reading my previous posts, I had trouble adjusting to the pain & swelling in the first week and I was feeling out and there were times when I felt like "omgosh what did I get myself into?!?!" Don't get me wrong, I've never doubted my decision to get the BA and it's not regrets I was feeling, more like I'm pretty much a wuss when it comes to pain and discomfort so I didn't know if I could go on handling it. Anyway, at the end of 2 weeks, I started to feeling more myself again and now at 3 weeks post op, I must say I'm about 80% back to my old self again, yay!!!
My PS cleared me to swim last week which is wonderful because I've always been very active and I think not being able to do much physically might've contributed to my feeling down and whiny too. But I got a few swim sessions in over the past week and much happier now. My breasts also begin to LOOK better now. I'm slowly getting used to the idea of having boobs lol there is still some swelling (on the sides & top of breasts) and some MINOR tightness especially in the morning but nothing I can't handle. My PS told me that I have very tight skin (which I don't think is a bad thing in the more general sense lol) so the tightness and swelling is normal but they are dropping just as expected and I can feel them getting softer every day. They don't feel like torpedoes anymore either and look pretty much normal in clothes. My PS suggests no bras for 1 month to let gravity do the work bringing the implants to where they need to be which I'm not complaining because even without a bra, they look nice and full as if I'm wearing a push up bra all the time lol I can't wait til they fully soften and look more natural but I will try to enjoy them this way while it lasts because I'm sure the second my boobs fully drop & fluff, I'm gonna miss the "natural push-up" look again lol
Also, before I got my surgery, I heard a lot about loss of sensation in breasts and nipples. I actually have the opposite problem, they are SUPER sensitive now lol so keep in mind that does happen too, ladies! And since they are still tight and not 100% soft yet, I've noticed that triangle bikini tops look kind of weird on me. I mentioned it with one of the staff today and she said that it is normal and thag bandeau type bikini tops are better in the beginning months, so just something to think about if you are thinking of new bathing suits.
Overall I cannot be happier with the whole experience. Dr. Schlesinger and his whole staff have been more than amazing in my care. He is an amazing and caring doctor. He calls me directly to check up on me if he sensed I was having a hard time coping with my feelings and discomfort early on. I am a quality improvement coach for medical offices and I work with many many physicians over the years and I can honestly say that very rarely have I ever met any physician who is as caring, dedicated and skilled as Dr. Schlesinger. The man guarantees his work for gods sake. You'll rarely see a doctor who is confident enough to say "you will be happy with the results or I will fix it on my dime" but he is and that is also another reason to trust him. I could not be happier with my decision to go with him as my PS! I cannot wait to see the end results when I completely D&F and I will try to update you ladies with my final results :-)

2 & 3 weeks Photos

Couldn't be happier!

Wow it's been a long time since I last updated my reviews. It's been a little over a year since I had my operation and really couldn't be happier. My girls look so natural and amazing that most people didn't even realize I had the procedure lol in fact, I ran into a HS friend recently who thought I just grew up really really hot! Lol sssshhhh they don't need to know the truth ???? This size is perfect for me I think. Not too big, not too small. I'm so glad I listened to Dr. S and not gone smaller like I had originally wanted. He's just a really awesome surgeon overall and I don't think he understand how much this has impacted my life. I feel so much more confident now and I swear I turn heads walking down the street. This really made me feel so sexy (whether it's true or not because all that matters is how I feel and I feel damn good haha) and like I can conquer the world! And of course, the hubby is loving every minute of it. He can't keep his hands off me...and them. Thank you Dr. S and staff for everything. Love you all so much!
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