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I am 23 years old Filipino (excuse my dark...

I am 23 years old
Filipino (excuse my dark nipples)
Before BA: 34 Deflated B
After BA: 34D+/ 34DD
Type: Sientra High Profile Silicone Implants
CC’s: 505 cc’s for left and right

After breast feeding for several months, my breasts had delated and lost a lot of volume. Thanks to a number of my friends and coworkers and Realself, I was able to choose to the right Plastic Surgeon for me.

After breast feeding for several months, my breasts had delated and lost a lot of volume. Thanks to a number of my friends and coworkers, I was able to choose to the right Plastic Surgeon for me.

In July 2014, I decided to book a consultation with Dr. Benjamin Chu. As nervous as I was, his staff was extremely friendly and they assisted me with the Vector machine (a machine that takes photos of your current breasts from all angles and helps you choose your desired look). From there, I met Dr. Chu who was very friendly and personable. We discussed about my desired look was and I told him that I was unsure but I knew that I wanted to be a full D cup. He educated me with the different amounts of CC’s I would need to get my desired look and we went over the different types of implants (Saline vs. Silicone, Moderate, Moderate Plus, high profile and Ultra high profile). With the photos we took from the Vector machine, he was able to modify the look of my breasts with different CC amounts and different implants. After going through this consultation, meeting Dr. Chu’s and his staff (Zaneth and Erica) and seeing what my breasts would look like augmented, I decided to go with Dr. Chu as my PS. I enjoyed that fact that he and his staff educated me through the whole consultation process.

I had my two weeks pre-op in November 2014 and again met with Dr. Chu. From my consultation, I originally wanted to go with Mentor UHP but decided to go with high profile because from my research through Realself, UHP gave more of a projected and “torpedo” look (Thank goodness, I changed my mind). After discussing my different options, he offered to try their newest filled implant from Sientra. He put in the order for three different implants sizes to see what would be best for me during the time of surgery. We also discussed about the incision site; he offers through the armpit, through the nipple and under the breast fold. It didn’t matter to me where he made the incision, so I asked him what incision he favored the most and he said through the nipples (perioareolar) because it is the closest area to placing the implant. He went into detail about “lowering my breast fold,” which was something I have never heard of prior to this consultation. Due to breast feeding, my nipples pointed downwards, so lowering the breast fold would help with perking the nipples back up. He was also able to show me an example of his previous work with lowering breast folds. He also warned me about nipple sensitivity, gave me instructions on what NOT to eat two weeks prior to the surgery, instruction on what to expect on the day of surgery and what NOT to do after surgery. He also gave me my prescriptions to fill prior to the surgery and from there I paid my surgery in full. I was ecstatic!

Throughout these two weeks, my main concern was Sientra implants. I skeptical about the new implants and that I did not know anyone personably with Sientra implants. I emailed Dr. Chu and told him I was unsure about Sientra implants. Surprisingly, he responded back quickly and said “There is probably no visual difference between the two types. The only exception is that the Sientra are slightly more filled than the Mentor. So if an individual is thinner the Sientra would have less rippling potential. We have both types here but personally I prefer the Sientra because of its higher fill ratio.” I was happy with his quick response and decided to stick with Sientra implants. I was also concerned about lowering my breasts fold because I had never heard of such a thing but surprisingly, lowering the breast fold is very common and I was able to do research about this through Realself.


December 8, 2014 was my surgery day. My boyfriend was my caretaker, who drove me to Queen’s Physician building. I met with Dr. Chu again and we went over the type of implants they were going to give me. I met his Registered Nurse, MK, who is extremely sweet and I also met my Anesthesiologist, Dr. Bruce, who was also friendly. MK took my vital signals, gave me an IV and Dr. Chu measured me one last time and marked me for surgery. I laid down on the bed and my anesthesiologist began anesthesia. He warned me that I would feel a coldness run through my vein and a metallic taste in my mouth. I didn’t feel a thing and the last thing I remember was saying that I could feel how cold it was in my veins. The next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room with my boyfriend next to my bed side with my new girlies! I was a bit loopy from my medication but I was able to remember everything.

My boyfriend and I stayed in town and I rested in bed during the whole time. I took my medication as instructed and drank lots of water. To my surprise, Dr. Chu called my boyfriend to see how I was doing and to make sure everything was going well.

ONE DAY POST OP: That morning I experienced my first “morning boob” and I have to say that it is the worst feeling ever. It happens when you wake up, get out of bed and feel all the blood rushing down your surgery site! I went back to see Dr. Chu for my one day post op appointment where they took off the wrap. I was pleasantly surprised with the size of the girls and the cleavage he was able to create for me! He went with 505cc’s for both my right and left breast. He stated that if he went with 565 cc’s, I would’ve ended up with armpit boobs and I’m glad he made that call with 505 cc’s implants. They gave me my surgical bra and instructed my boyfriend on how to use the drain my tubes and how to use the gauze pads and bacitracin.

The first 3-4 days were the hardest but every day I got better. I felt hunched over most of the time and I was extremely bloated due to the pain killers. Ducalex helped with the bloating and I stopped taking the pain killers after the third day.

I met with Dr. Chu who removed my sutures. I didn’t feel a thing! He also removed my drains which was the weirdest feeling ever because I could actually feel the tube being removed around my implant. I felt so much better after removing the drains and I was able to move around more. My breasts were extremely swollen at the time but he rest assured me that it will go down over time.

Dr. Chu examined my breasts and said that everything was going extremely well. He said my breasts were very soft for someone who was two weeks post op. I think it was because of the excessive breast tissue I had from breast feeding. Dr. Chu and Erica were able to show me the breast massages I needed to do twice a day and they gave me a prescription for Singulair to help prevent internal scarring and help prevent capsular contraction. The only thing that bothered by was my IV site. It was extremely painful; it felt as if someone had broken my hand. Dr. Chu took a look at my hand said that the vein was traumatized from the anesethia and that it would go away in time.


So here I am writing my review on my one month post op. I decided to wait until one month to do a final review of my experience. I am massaging every day and I still continue to take Singulair. Every day the girls are getting softer and dropping into place. I really love the cleavage I have which looks awesome in a bikini and also in a regular t-shirt! I have no scarring around my aereola, only scarring from the drains. The bras that I am using every day is Natori from Nordstrom which is extremely comfortable (and also very expensive). As for my vein, it is getting better every day but still continues to be hard. Other than that, I must say that I am EXTREMELY SATISFIED with my results. Dr. Chu and his staff were able to give me everything I wanted, from the size of my breasts, the look, the cleavage and the entire experience! Thank you Dr. Chu!

Before and after (side profile)

Here is a before and after of my side profile. You can tell he lowered my folds. What I learned from Dr. Chu was that lowering the fold is a great alternative to a breast lift. A breast lift can cause a lot of scarring vs lowering the fold, you get little to no scarring at all :)


They feeling natural!


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