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So I came across this site as I was researching...

So I came across this site as I was researching the procedures prices. I have always jokingly said I wanted a boob job, now I'm serious! I'm so tired of wearing padded, uncomfortable bras and spending time trying to make them look decent. Then you get them decent looking, come home and remember, "Dammit I'm still flat." I'm 5'5 125" and am a small B. I'm currently saving whatever I can (all in cash) and am at $5,000. Still a long way to go. I want to get a full C hopefully by latest August earliest June.

Wish pics and an update

so I managed to find more wish pics of the look that i want to achieve. yayy! I have become so into breasts lately and keep finding myself trying to find wish pics.

I managed to save $7,000 in cash so just $1,500 more to go. I'm shooting for at the latest July, to get my procedure done. Does anyone know the steps before hand that has to be done in order to get your augmentation? I want to get the gummy bear implants as I heard way too many good things about them (last longer, more natural, very durable etc..) in the meanwhile I will be trying to work out a bit more and "attempt" to eat more healthy. Well see how that goes, I also promised myself no shopping especially for Bras until after my breast surgery. I managed to force myself to not go into Victoria's Secret and also avoid those wonderful sells -_____- .


Heres me now. I'm thinking of going 400-450 cc hopefully it will match my body and look semi-natural. I usually wear one of those stick on bras AND a push up. What a hassle and how sad...the closer I am to achieving my goal the more I hate not having my boobs yet ~-____-~

saved up enough mula

So I finally saved up enough money to get a doctor here in Hawaii. Yayyy! More wish boobs pics.

finally made a consultation!

Went to my PS today tried on some sizes and even had a 3D camera add different sized boobs to my body! NEAT! The doctor and nurse agreed that a Large C or even a small D would fit my body size nicely. But due to losing 10% when going under the muscle I decided to get 450cc's. My right breast is slightly larger then the left so my PS will choose what size to place on my left. I see a lot of girls getting 350 or 400 so I'm hoping this won't look ridiculous on me. I'm going for a more natural look. Anyone have any tips beforehand? I'm scared my skin will have stretch marks or the after care will be a real pain in the butt. I'm going through the armpit and under the muscle. I want to get it done ASAP and my Ps says I can do it as soon as next Friday! Wow! That's really ASAP. And I will get a 3% discount if I pay all cash. I'm excited hope I don't wuss out!

Surgery today!

Yep I kinda just wanted to get this done ASAP. Had my consultation last Thursday and here I am for surgery! I'm not too prepared, but not scared yet either. Maybe I'll freak out on the table O_o crossing my fingers the outcome is everything I wanted! Before pics (this is very uncomfortable but hopefully it helps others) & wish boobs!


So first day was rough, using the bathroom was hard ant kind of moving was horrible. Thank God my boyfriend stayed home to help me with everything . Here I was thinking I could do everything myself. Well I'm feeling much better now. Surgery was on Wednesday morning at 10, so Sunday would be my fourth day. I'm so bored, all I wanna do is go to the beach or workout cause all I've been doing is eat and sleep. I'm hoping I went big enough I like the size now but I know it'll shrink and I'm still waiting for the definition top come in.
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