5'8", 140lbs., 35 Yrs Old, 1 Child, Wanting 600cc Twins!!

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Let me just start out by saying THANK YOU!! I...

Let me just start out by saying THANK YOU!! I don't know where I would be without reading all the reviews. I hope to help someone else! It's been quite a tough year for my family and I and I'm so glad to finally be doing something positive for me. Growing up I didn't have horrible boobs, they were a 32/34C, but I wasn't thrilled with them. I've always had a big butt(although it's a little smaller these days with my weight loss) and earned many a nickname for it. After a short stint of breast feeding and several weight gain/losses in my life, I have no upper pole left!! I just want to feel like a woman, not a 15 year old boy!! I have to say, I am a very lucky woman, I have an amazing 3 year old(today is her birthday!!) and an even more amazing husband, and we live in Hawaii. I am a stay at home mom right now, but I am also an ICU RN. My husband is in the military and the hardest worker I know. My husband and I were trying for another baby at the end of last year and I ended up having a miscarriage on New Years and another right before my birthday in April. I also had emergency surgery in September-and of course it was the week my husband was on the east coast(we live in Hawaii!!)! Then a friend of mine I used to work with was shot and killed by her husband with their kids at home. I couldn't believe it, it really shattered my world for awhile and left me horribly confused. The sadness still hits home everyday, but I have to remember the good times. Ok, no more sad talk. Oh, and I also just had a 5x6cm bony tumor taken off the back of my skull with 12 staples in my head! And lots of other little crazy things in between!! I'm glad the crazy sadness of 2016 will be finished with a boobie smile-is that a thing? We can make it a thing....anyways....
I have chosen to go with Dr. Schlesinger for my surgery. It really was a no brainer for me. He is up to date on all the best practices, has stellar reviews, guarantees his work(will redo for free during first year if you don't like), and I just really liked him immediately!! He is caring and wants what's best for his patients. Jenna is also amazing, I must have called her 20 times in the last 4 months to change the date of my surgery, everything else kept getting in the way of my beloved boobs!! But now it's happening for real!! I'm scheduled for December 21st!!! Yah!! Only 3 weeks away!! I'm getting 600cc natrelle inspira smooth, round, silicone, high profile. And I'm 5'8", 140lbs.

Pre-op appointment done yesterday!!

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday!! Oh my gosh, I don't know if I've ever been this excited!! I saw the pre-op nurse, Veronica, first, she is absolutely wonderful, gotta love my nurse sisters! She went over all of my pre-op and post -op instructions including medications to take and not to take and how the process/procedure goes. Then I saw Dr. Schlesinger. We discussed my left breast being a little lower(1 cm) and a little longer than my right and we discussed lowering my right side about 5mm to help with symmetry on the top of my breasts post-op. Basically so I won't look lopsided. He said my nipples might be a little off, but I'm ok with that, only my husband will be seeing those(and you lovely ladies!!) We discussed size again, and I'm sticking with the 605cc silicone HP round smooth implants. Jenna was very helpful too, and sweet as always, even after the 10 emails I sent today with silly questions!! Any advice for the surgery, preparation for post-op, etc. beautiful dolls? I just can't wait!!

13 days and counting.....

So less than 2 weeks until the big day!! Seems like time is flying, probably because Christmas is right around the corner too, so much to do!! I've had a lot of emotions this week, happy, nervous, excited, worried, feeling guilty, and the list goes on. I was feeling guilty about spending so much money on myself, but my husband put all those fears to rest, he's so amazing!! I'm worried my daughter will be upset about not getting picked up after surgery. I'm sure she'll be ok, but it just makes me sad. Excited to finally look like a woman again!! Nervous about going into surgery again this year. Happy my husband will be here to take care of me!! Do I sound a little disjointed or what?!? I'm sure all these feelings are normal, it's just such a new experience doing something just for me!!
I'm also feeling a little overwhelmed with Christmas almost here!! I still have to wrap and mail all my families Christmas gifts to the mainland, let alone finish my shopping for hubby and baby!! And I have to go to my husbands Christmas party tonight, ugh! Mandatory fun, as we like to call it! Haha!!
So, I bought some mumus at Walmart yesterday!! Front close Hawaii winter clothes:)! So stylin'!! Trying to get ready for the big day! I also bought a couple random sized sport type bras and will take pre and post pictures for comparison! I still want to get a couple other things for my pre-surgery preparations, but I'm mostly ready!! Just need to make some covers for my ice packs so my boobs don't freeze, haha!! It is literally around the corner, I cannot believe it's almost here!!! Any helpful advice on what I should do/have before surgery ladies?!? It is greatly appreciated!! Hope all you ladies are doing well!!


I don't have it in me tittle it all out yet, but just wanted to share some pictures of the new sisters!! I'll update in a couple days with my story!! Nipples are a little wonky, hopefully they even out with dropping and fluffing in the next couple months!! And yes, the band hurts as bad as everyone says it does!! Hope to get the drains out today, wish me luck!!

I'm in LOVE with my new additions!

Here's my story!! I was scheduled to be at the surgery center at 7:30am. My husband and I arrived on time and my nurse got me prepped for surgery. I got an IV and changed into a hospital gown. After answering all the pre-op questions, I played on my phone waiting to go into the OR for my beauties!! Just as the patient before me came out of the OR, we were told we had to evacuate the building due to a gas leak!!! Seriously?!? Turns out someone spilled gasoline on the 7th floor, a couple floors above us. So I threw my clothes on and got outside with everyone else. The poor gal before me ended up in the loading docs on the gurney, still unconscious! They let us back in about an hour later. Then it was my turn to head into the OR!! Woohoo!! I remember laying down the the operating table. My anesthesiologist put a mask on my face and next thing I knew I was in recovery hallucinating about vegetable oil!! I was drifting in and out of sleep. I'd wake up thinking I had something in my hands, trying to play with it, but there wasn't anything there!! Or talking about things that really didn't make sense, haha!! Totally hallucinating!! What a weird feeling!! I then looked down and saw I had these awesome boobs on my chest!! I was thrilled!! I was helped back into my clothes and wheeled out to the car with my husband. The ride home was a little bumpy and kinda long-we live about an hour away. Once I got home, I was able to give my daughter a goodnight kiss and then headed to bed myself!! I woke up around 10pm, horribly nauseous and ended up throwing up a couple times. I have to say, that did not feel good. Thank goodness for anti-nausea medicine!! I felt better soon after taking some. I also had lipo done in my armpit area since he does a transaxillary approach, he does the lipo for free! So the strap, ugh! The dreaded strap!!The worst pain I had was from that evil thing!! The following morning I went back to see Dr. Schlesinger so he could take the drains out and loosen the strap!! Yah!! I was able to take a shower once we got home, that felt great! I'm so happy with my boobs, I think they look wonderful already!! My doctor did such an amazing job!! I go back to see the nurses on Saturday to take the first row of stitches out. Then back on Monday to see the doctor so he can remove the second row of stitches!! I can't wait to be rid of the band, he said I would have to wear it for 7-10 days. So I have to wait patiently to get that taken off!! Oh, and the wonky nipple was just from the strap, they look perfect now!! Here's some more pictures from this morning before taking a shower!!


I'm still so thrilled with my results. I got the first row of stitches removed today, woohoo!! The second row comes out on Monday morning. I have to say, strap=hate! My oh my, if I didn't have to wear that thing, I would be in heaven!! When I take it off to shower, I have so much relief!! But, gotta do what the doctor says!! Because of the pain and pressure from the strap, I'm still taking Percocet. I've been eating stool softeners and miralax since day one and have not been constipated, yah!! My left breast hurts more with the large bruise on top-right where the strap goes. My husband had been so helpful and caring through this whole process, I love him even more for it. I also wanted to mention, all of Dr. Schlesinger's team were so amazing-professional, knowledgeable, and supportive!! I couldn't have gotten through it with out all of them!! So a big thank you to the team!!
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

I've only had one encounter with Dr Schlesinger, but I knew he was for me immediately!! Caring, smart, outgoing, and truly wants to help his patients, not just put plastic inside of them! I'll add more later!

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