5ʻ4" 150 Lbs 500-550 CC Inspira Pre: 34AA - Honolulu, HI

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I?ve been putting this off for a while, but I am...

I?ve been putting this off for a while, but I am choosing to document my experience because of how grateful I am of this website and all that I have learned from others. My breast augmentation is set to take place tomorrow and the nerves are starting to kick in. I have decided to go with 520 CC Full Profile implants under the muscle through with transaxillary incision and liposuction of the armpit area. I?ve wanted implant for a very long time and decided to buy them as a 23rd birthday present to myself.

I visited about 4 or 5 doctors here in Honolulu and decided to go with Dr.Schlesinger because of how comfortable he and his staff made me feel about the procedure. However, it was great to see a number of doctors to get different point of views and information.

Right now I am a 34A or really a 34AA. I am hoping to achieve a "D" cup size with the 520 CC implants with a full look that could be as natural as possible for the size. I am hoping Dr. S will be able to make this happen and I have faith in his work.

Vectra 3D Simulator

Attached are my images from the Vectra 3D simulator. This was a really cool device that lets you see what you can look like with different implants. I absolutely recommend consulting with doctor that has this machine. The sizers i "tried on" ranged from 500-600. I honestly liked the look of 600 the most, but decided to go with 520 because of the pressure of not "going to big" and trying to look natural with the little breast tissue I have.

Random Wish Boobs

My goal is to be a 34D

Trying on sizers

550 & 600s

Today the day!

I woke up early today around 5 to get ready and try to calm myself down about it. My friend drove me to the surgery center and right now I'm waiting for the nurses to come and hook me up to the IV. There was also some conflict because my original caregiver wasn't here, but we got it all worked out. Wish me luck! Goodbye itty bitty titty committee !


I've decided to give them a range between 520-560 and let the doctor decided what looks best and natural enough for my body

Day 2

Today I am heading to take out the drains. I think everything went well yesterday. Dr. S ended up using 520 on one side and 560 on the other to counteract the uneveness of my breast before. I'm still trying to get use to them and just dealing with all the pressure on my chest. Haven't been able to eat yet but just trying to recover for now.

Also doctor said my nipples will be puffy for a little while but it should go down soon.

520 & 560 cc

So I just got back from the doctor and the pain is getting better. With the help of Percocet of course. Having the drains removed felt kinda funny but I'm glad they're gone.

I found out my surgery was a "challenge" for Dr.S because my right side of my ribs had some sort of hole or rather they were concave instead of curving outwards. To counteract this he put extra high profile 560cc on the right and high profile 520 cc on the left. It kind of gives me a lot of anxiety but I trust him and can't wait for them to settle. I'll be ace bandaged to help push them girls down until Saturday at least

Anxiety setting in

The more I look at my new boobs the more stressed out and depressed I get. They're so huge and you can see rippling and it's genuinely just so scary. I'm afraid that I made a bad decision. I hope it gets better. I'm going to sleep it off for now :(

Rippling in right breast

Day 3: pain is getting a lot better, I'm just getting bored being stuck at home. My anxiety is little better today but I've noticed some rippling in my right breast. The right was the extra high profile 560cc implant. Will this get better over time as the fluids drop or will the rippling only get worse ?

Got my first row of stitches removed

Still have to wear the ace bandage. Getting next row removed Tuesday. Still hanging out at home.

Finally washed my hair!

Today I was finally able to wash my hair and take a very good shower, although it took a while. Pain is getting better, but now it has moved toward the center of my implants with a stinging pain that makes me want to push the skin back down into place.

I've also noticed my breasts are dropping differently and it's worrying me. Was anyone else able to feel the bottom of one of their implants but not the other? Will that go away?

I can also notice a distinct difference in my breasts. My right implant is 560 extra high profile and I feel like you can really tell that it doesn't match the 520 high profile on the left. I really hope they somehow even out :( I almost wish my PS went with 485 on the left and 520 on the right if it was really that necessary to make them different. I guess we'll see as it heals..

Stitches are out & ace bandage is off!

Got my last row of stitches removed and was finally able to take a break from that horrid ace bandage. The swelling is also going down more & its honestly making me have some boobie blues & wish I went bigger :( but coming from what I have (or didn't have) it's still great to imagine the cleavage I'll finally have in clothes !

Armpit incision

Just wondering how long this incision takes to heal? I'm not enjoying not being able to wear deodorant

Is this normal?

I know the implants drop at different rates but does this look normal? It has been 2 weeks. I'm afraid of "bottoming out "

2 week checkup

At my visit today I was finally cleared to drive. Apparently my nipples are always going to be uneven because they were uneven before....but I didn't think they were as bad as they look now....feeling really depressed about it. Maybe it'll change over time.

Dr. also told me to start wearing a bra to help the implants stay at the bottoms they're at. Is that normal for two weeks?? I thought I'm not supposed to wear a bra for 6 weeks?

So I went to get sized at VS to look for a bra and I'm only a 36C maybe 34D..was hoping to be bigger as VS sizes are a cup higher than other bras. Oh well.

Uneven nipples

Looking back at pictures I know realize that I guess my nipples were uneven and having larger breasts just made the uneveness increase tenfold. :( guess I'll have to learn to live with it.

Or Is it possible to get corrective surgery to change nipple position?

Goo in incisions?

I'm at almost three weeks today and I noticed a little bit of pus like green stuff in my incision. Is that normal?

3 week check up

Dr put silver nitrate in the incision that opened to kill the bacteria. Was instructed to wear this VS sports bra to "lock-in" the bottom of my larger implant.

One month update

Healing process is going okay. I did ultrasound treatments to loosen the lumps where the doctor did liposuction and it seems better. My open would also closed up after the silver nitrate.

For now I've been instructed to wear a compression band on the left side because the right implant is filling out sooner than the left.
Hopefully this speeds it up.

6 weeks

So I've been wearing the strap to push one down as much as possible but my breasts still look absolutely wonky :(

I'm really worried they aren't getting any better...I have an appointment this week so guess I'll see what he has to say

Uneven nipples

So I've been doing some reading & wondering are my nipples uneven because my doctor put too completely different implants in ???? Does that mean there's no way to fix this ?

Feeling a TON of regret lately. Why wouldn't he warn me about this....

2 months. Nipples still uneven

So it's been two months now and at my last appointment, the Dixie advised me to wear no bras and contribute to keep the compression strap on the left breast to push it down. I've been wearing it very often and don't see any improvement with the nipples. He did mention it will never be even but that as it pushes down the nipples would turn up.

Had a really discouraging experience where I showed someone my breasts in a bralette and the first thing they asked if was my nipples were uneven!! Doctor told me that no one would probably notice so obviously I'm feeling really embarrassed. Still wondering if anyone out there has had a positive experience in which they evened out :(

Update! Revision surgery on 7/18

Hello! I know I've been MIA for quite a while, but I'm recovering from my past revision surgery. the left breast never seemed to settle so my amazing, gracious, wonderful Dr. Schlesinger performed a revision surgery absolutely free of charge to me! The left side had some capsular contracture which made it seem so high and uneven. He took out the scar tissue, replaced the implant for another 520, and even put in a piece of "silk" on my ribs to halt the scar tissue from forming a second time. Saved me $1200! Also removed the scar on the right side since it was healing badly. Also lowered the crease for the right side to make it more even. Recovery is a lot easier this time but having the drain in for a few extra days kind of sucks.

Can't express how grateful I am to his one year policy to fix complications free of charge. As he said, he sold me a "result" not just a surgery, meaning he wants me to be happy with my breasts. I'm hoping to recover quickly.

Drains out today

Excited to get the drains out today as they've been tugging and it's starting to hurt a lot more. While changing the gauze an ointment on the nipple incision today I noticed that the left breast (new) actually feels a little softer than the right breast? Could that just be me being paranoid or could the right breast have minor capsular contracture as well? Maybe it's just the swelling he makes the left side seem softer ? I just want this all to be over with & never have to worry about my breasts again

Drains out! Feeling good

Just got the drains out & first line of stitches for my scar excision. Feeling a lot better this time around with recovery. So happy to have such a great and caring doctor :) boobs already looking even and good cleavage so far.
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