32 Yrs Old, 4 Kids, 5'6", 198, Pre Op Size: 36a - Dr Herbich Recommendation: 745cc - Honolulu, HI

Did my consultation with Dr. Herbich on 11/21/16. ...

Did my consultation with Dr. Herbich on 11/21/16. Went over the look and size I want. After measurements, which my breast diameter was 15, he recommended I go to 750cc. As I tried on the implants, I felt it was too big. However, the nurse mention that it won't stick out that far, as the implant needs to go in my body!!! Lol. (Duuuhh) He then stress because I have a wide frame and my size, he strongly recommends 745cc to blend in with my body type. He also recommended I Do liposuction between my armpit and chest! Which I said yes. So breast implants and liposuction it is on 12/23/16! Pre Op appointment is 12/5/16! And at this appointment I will discuss my fear of the recommendation of 745cc being too big. Oh yah and I had to quit smoking! Dr said 1 month nicotine free! It's freaking hard! My PCP prescribed me Bupropion, which, Dr Herbich said I can take and it won't interfere with my surgery. (I was having a craving, therefore, I wrote this review)

Wish Boobs!!!

As I still search for Ladies with stats similar to mines, here are my Wish Boobs!
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