32 Yrs Old, 4 Kids, 5'6", 207lbs, Pre Op Size: 36a - 800cc Natrelle Silicone Filled Breast Implant and Underarm Liposuction

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Did my consultation with Dr. Herbich on 11/21/16. ...

Did my consultation with Dr. Herbich on 11/21/16. Went over the look and size I want. After measurements, which my breast diameter was 15, he recommended I go to 750cc. As I tried on the implants, I felt it was too big. However, the nurse mention that it won't stick out that far, as the implant needs to go in my body!!! Lol. (Duuuhh) He then stress because I have a wide frame and my size, he strongly recommends 745cc to blend in with my body type. He also recommended I Do liposuction between my armpit and chest! Which I said yes. So breast implants and liposuction it is on 12/23/16! Pre Op appointment is 12/5/16! And at this appointment I will discuss my fear of the recommendation of 745cc being too big. Oh yah and I had to quit smoking! Dr said 1 month nicotine free! It's freaking hard! My PCP prescribed me Bupropion, which, Dr Herbich said I can take and it won't interfere with my surgery. (I was having a craving, therefore, I wrote this review)

Wish Boobs!!!

As I still search for Ladies with stats similar to mines, here are my Wish Boobs!

Pre Op Appointment 12/5/16

Went in for my pre op appointment, asked a bunch of questions and settled my mind!!!
(A little ????) Anyway we were confirming size and style and all those good stuffs. With my size and measurements we decided we are going with 800cc high profile silicone!! So excited! Can't wait!!! 2 more weeks!!! Merry Christmas to Me!!!! Good Bye Small Top, Big Bottom!

Pre Op Before Boobies

All Documents signed! Confirmed 800cc silicone gel to be installed!! Super Nervous but ready to go! Anesthesiologist is super cool! Eased my nervousness a little. Liposuction Underarm area and Implants here I come!!!

Pain is a F***ing B***h!

Liposuction Done ?
800cc silicone gel done ?
Hydrocodone doesn't help! Took 3 pills and I'm in da same pain, it has not been eased. However muscle relaxer help big time. It took a lot of the edge off! "Hail Muscle Relaxer"
I can't move my arms due to da liposuction. I have drains coming from both liposuction areas. My wrist is super sore from the IV. I'm using a heating pad to help with that.
Implants is super high and it looks like I have should pads on, but, doctor said it's super normal and I believe him and all da pics from RealSelf and my friends pics. Super glad my sister and husband are here! Dey are helping me tons!!! And Dey are allowing me to be a big baby!!! First follow up appointment is tomorrow at 10am.

1st Post Op Appointment 12/24/16

1st Post Op Appointment. It was mainly to check on my drains from my underarm pit liposuction. He didn't take it out because I'm still bleeding a lot. So my next appointment will be when I have less than 25cc of blood/drainage in a 24 hour period. So we probably looking at Tuesday (12/27/16). Finally got to see my boobs. (Via Pics) Very Very High! However it seems small for an 800cc implant. I confirmed with the doctor that it was a 800cc implant. I had him give me the serial number and implant card to register my implants. But all in all, I'm so excited to watch it drop and fluff!!!!! Will post after my next post op appointment!

Day 4 - Pain Subsided A Little....

Pain subsided a little... Now I'm down to 1 hydrocodone every 6-7 hours.... the past days I was poppin 2 hydrocodone, 2 muscle relaxers every 4 hours!! Liposuction drains are consistently at 30cc every 8 hours, so I'm guessing it will be in for a while! (Needs to be less than 25cc in a 24 hour period in order to be removed. I'm having boob greed right now. I feel like my implants are small. I have 800cc silicone gel, but it looks small. I keep telling myself to be patient! "Patients is a virtue" I must admit it's driving me nuts. Bruising on the side of my boobs have increased... incisions still look nice. Actually can't wait to see da incisions for the liposuction. Anyways Merry Christmas To Me! ????????

Day 4 - Photos ( Sorry forgot to upload)

As stated in Day 4, I felt like my implants were small and bruising was getting worst! Liposuction drains are very irritating! So here are da pics....

Day 7: It Looks Weird!

Wanted to show the drains from
My Underarm for my liposuction. It very irritating and I can't use supporting sports bras until drains are out. But my breast looks really weird! My nipple are pointing down and it looks like have a bricks with cleavage. But I believe it's too small! I wanted Big! I Mean Big! I feel like I should have gone Saline so I could have did 900cc. However, I trust my plastic surgeon and his awesome nurses! (My goal for now was to have my boobies pass my fat stomach, until I can save money and get a tummy tuck or probably do it da old fashion way of excercising) I just really hope all this swelling goes down and fluffing and dropping works. I'm getting very discouraged!
PS: If any other plastic surgeons can ALSO tell me it's gonna be alright then I'll feel a little better!

Correction: Day 7, should be Day 6

Let's try this again; some of the photos didn't upload. These pics show how much my nipples point down. :(

Day 7: Drains are coming out and now I can start using sports bras and boobie strap!

Oh My Goodness! My Plastic surgeon is awesome but he is ruthless. My drains came out today, with no numbing medicine or nothing..... it was 1....2.... ***pull a 12 inch tube out of my armpit. Screaming, yelling and a few cuss words was spoken!!! Den it was da second armpit... 1......****pull another 12 inch tube out of my armpit!!! My husband almost fainted!!! ????. But my hole was minimal, no stitches needed. Still only can sponge bathe until my Armpit hole heals. He said it takes a week. (Thank god, cuz my pit hairs are showing!! ????). Stitches from u see my boob was taken out also. Incision looks nice (said da nurses, but, I think it's ugly) Now I can use tight sports bras and the boobie strap. Boobie Strap is u comfortable, so I use for an hour and take off for 30mins and then repeat until I get use to it. Still a lot of bruising. Praying it goes away soon. Happy New Uwars Guys!

Day 10: I feel 800cc is too small for my frame! I'm so depressed!

It's dropping a little bit. I believe I'm massaging correct! Won't know until I see my Doctor tomorrow. Praying I'm just being impatient and God will bless me and form the breast I always wanted.

Sports Bras and Boobie Straps are a B**ch!

I bought a whole bunch of sports bras and they all were itchy, irritating my bricks/slowly dropping boobies! Boobie strap always slipping down, and because I had lipo under my armpits I can only pull it up so much without opening my cuts. The only bra I found that worked is a nursing bra from Target that cost $25. It's comfortable and breathable. The only thing was it was not that tight. Askd my doc if I needed to purchase Super Tight Sports Bras, Medium Tight Sports Bras or Loose Sports Bras! And he said loose!!! So anyone wanna donate another $25 to purchase another one!!! Lol

Skin Irritation Too Da Max!!!!

I gave away a lot of Large sports bras that I just bought and been sticking to old faithful loose nursing bra. Last nite I washed my XL bras to see if it would help with irritation. I'm going to sleep bra less and boobie strap less tonite to let the irritation subside and tomorrow see if washing the bras help. I bought 2 other bras from WalMart for $8 each similar to the $25 nursing bra from Target. (Not the same brand but similar material and style). Because my Doctor told me I have to use loose bras for now, I think I may have to purchase 2XL for a little bit to let it drop and fluff, then, tighten it up later! At least that's what I understood. Lol. I so hope it works! Please pray for me.

Good and Still Waiting

Currently 23 days post op! I got the okay from Doc "Not To Use Boobie Strap 24/7". As I had constant irritation near my lipo'd armpits. I'm still using it though, about 4 hours a day. (I use it over my jacket or long sleeve shirts). I don't have Big Bricks anymore (I think) I have Medium Bricks ????. Just patiently waiting for the drop and fluff. Right dropping faster than da left... Still having issues with finding the perfect non irritating sports bra. Walmart Brand is cheaper, but can't use it more than 6 hours. I just need to cough up da dough and buy da Target brand Nursing Bra dat cost $25! (Need a third job just for bras and new wardrobe)

A Little Worried While I Wait [Patiently]!!!

1 month post op; Right side still dropping a little faster than the left.... I'm a little worried, but I know it happens. Tried surfing the net to see how I can help the "Slow Dropping Boob". I wasn't successful, so I'll just have to wait until I see my doc on the 2/14. Need to ask the doctor what does Fluffing mean? I see and understand the "drop" part, but, what am I looking for when it's supposed to "Fluff"? Anyway here's my 1 month post op pics!

Some Milestone Comparisons

Did some photo comparisons on my phone and figured I share it.

6 Week Pre Op....Patiently Waiting For Normal

Currently at my 6 week mark.....I believe!?!? Loving Life With Bigger Boobs, But, Still Adjusting To It! When I Lie Down Flat, I can feel the implant coming up to my throat. When I lie on my side a little, I can feel the implant shifting. Before I used to only use my boob strap for an hour at a time (1 hour on, 1 hour off) due to irritation. Now only use it at night to keep the implant from coming up, along with my Tight Cotton Sports Bras. In earlier updates, I could use the cotton bras due to skin irritation, now, its nightie! Nipple still sensitive, under nipple and bottom of breast still has a numb feeling. Had some implant shifting and a couple popping sounds and bubble feelings while I massage but talked to PS and it's pretty common. As long as there was no bruising and implant out of place, I should be fine until I see him on 2/14. Every time I have shooting pains, I start massaging, to help me get thru it. It really helps. Right Boob Still Dropping faster than the left.... but... I have faith in my body and massaging!!! Lol Here is some updated pics. #OfficiallyBigBoobed ????

2 Month Update Patiently Waiting For Fluffing!!!

I'm officially 2 months and I'm loving my boobies more and more! I'm skin is still a little tight! my left side is still a little higher than my right. Doing the figure 8 wrap with my strap to work on the left side. I definitely can see some fluffing, more on my right side tho! I didn't make my 2 month check up appt due to my sons baseball tournament, but, I have written down a whole bunch of questions and concerns! Other than that I'm Loving My Twins! I'll post my milestone comparisons soon!

2 Month Milestone Comparison

Here's some comparison!! Thanks to my comparisons I realized my right side was a little lower than my left side. Maybe that's why my left side is taking a while to drop?!?

3 Months Post Op! Loving My Girls!

Yes, 3 Months Today and I am loving my life Learning how to take selfies with some Cleavage! Yay Me! I'm done using the strap because my right has dropped a little more than the left so I want them to even out.... I massage my left side a little more than my right. Im a little concern on how my right is softer and wider than my left. My left is a little tighter and has more projection than my right.... but I see my Dr tomorrow so I'll address my concern. I'm still waiting for fluff! I bought me a tape measurer so I can measure my bust myself to see if I'm fluffing! Don't know if it would help but worth a try! Come on Fluffing! Other than that! Life with boobs and cleavage is wonderful! If I can only find the store with the most plunging neckline blouse and shirts for plus size women for $0.99!!!!! Lol... being on a budget sucks, but, having boobs is awesome! So I need to be creative with my wardrobe! (And it's hard, when I grew up as "one of the boys") So if anyone is reading this update, besides Forever 21 and Torrid, please recommend me some cheap shops! Another RS beauty recommended my local thrift shop! And I think I am going to look! Here's today's photos! Gonna post my Milestone comparisons later! Have a Blessed Da Ladies!

3 Month Comparisons

3 Month Comparisons! Just So I Know I'm Making Progress!

I'm filling out my shirts and dresses!!

Really wish I took pictures of how I looked in some of these shirts when I had itty bitty titties! But I'm loving how I'm filling them out now!! Still waiting for more fluffing!!!

I lost all my progress pictures!

Trying to get my body active again and my phone gets submerged in water! I lost all my progress photos! Ffff*********! Any recommendations to retrieve photos from an iPhone 6s Plus, that won't turn on? Please Lord! Anyway wanted to keep track of possible fluffing! Last week, I measured myself 36 under bust and 41.5 bust. Today 4/11/17 I measured at 36 / 42! Yay I fluffed .5 more!!! Come on Fluffing! ;)

Where are the "Fluff Fairies?"

I made 4 months yesterday and I can't help but wonder, when are the fluff fairies coming to pay my boobies a visit?!?! I see all these other ladies with smaller implants and bigger results! I see ladies with my stats and bigger results! I have so much questions and worries; did the doctor really put in 800cc's?!? Is it because of my weight gain?!? I gained 20 pounds in the past 4 months! Is it because I use tight bras at night; could it be smashing them?!? Why ain't I fluffing! Not only adding salt to my wound, while trying to measure my boobies, my ass of a husband tells me; you should measure your stomach! He is insisting he was joking, but if I'm already putting myself down because of weight gain; why add to it!?!? Well anyway, here is my 4 month post op photos! Not much of a difference! Can't post comparisons pics because my phone drowned a couple of weeks ago and I had no back up!

I fluffed a little! Now I'm worried about my weight!

Hi All,
I have reached my 5 month milestone and I have fluffed an inch. Currently my measurements are:
Band 36-37 Bust 43. I really wish I would have fluffed more! But I'll continue to be patient and continue to pray.

I have gained 20lbs since I quit smoking in Nov 16. I believe my weight is hold me back from my Boobs standing out! I need to get a hold of my mind and start losing weight! I have no encouragement! I have no support system! I need to get these 2 statements out my head and "Women Up"!

Here is my 5 month pics!

6 Month Post Op!

Hello RS! I'm officially 6 Months Post Op and Loving My Girls! I'm having issues finding fitted bras! I know each brand is different, but, I never felt or knew how a PROPER FIT felt! When I had itty bitty titties I didn't have to worry about that kind of stuff!! Hahahah! Hoping more Fluff Fairies show up! but I am noticing a little more increase in fluff! Here is some of my 6 MPO pics!
Oahu Island Dermatologist

I Love This Guy. After my initial consultation, I had a million questions and he answered all. He returned all my emails in a timely manner! He is a straight forward doctor! No sugar coating! Love Him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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