** DAY 14 - post op pics** 31, 2 Children, 32A, 400/450cc Submuscular, Transaxillary- Honolulu, HI

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First if all thank you, thank you, thank you to...

First if all thank you, thank you, thank you to all the beautiful ladies that have shared all of your experiences and pictures. This website has truly helped me in my journey and has made me less nervous! In recent weeks I have found myself totally obsessed with BOOBS...I'm glad to know its normal

My before pics

My Story

I honestly never thought I would have my breasts done...maybe it's a midlife crisis? LOL I am a mother of two (5 & 6) have also been small chested. After pregnancy I was a full C, breast feed for 6 months and went down to a deflated A. :( Fast forward, this past year I lost 15-20lbs just by eating healthier (no processed foods) Didn't think it was possible for my boobs to get any smaller, but they did. I started considering surgery but never took the steps to do it. Last month I finally got the nerve to schedule a consultation. I liked the look of 350cc's so the patient coordinator suggested going for a 450cc because you can lose up to 20% when going behind the muscle. I decided on L 400cc R 450cc, Transaxillary (arm pit), Submuscular.

Telling the family....

I struggled with this. My mom is awesome but she's a typical mom that says "you are perfect the way you are" It's something I brought up in the past but was never fully serious about it and she was never to pleased with the idea. I figured I would bring up to her after the fact and her here grumble about it then tell her guess what? I did it! LOL Then the guilt set in as I feel like keeping something from her was lying to her. I talk to my mom pretty much everyday on my way home from work for about an hour. Yesterday I decided I'm gonna tell her, by the time i got home I just didn't know how to bring it up. =/ Later that night, I called her and told her "I need you to tell you something and I need you to be non-judgemental and supportive." First thing she said was "you're pregnant!" I said, "No....but I am getting twins next week!" She still didn't get it...she said " oh no you're getting puppies?" hahaha. I said "Yes, but not those kind of puppies". She finally got it! LOL She of course is worried about what can go wrong, my health, and her baby being in pain. All in all she was very supportive and told me it is my body and if it makes me happy then so be it. Then she added in "Maybe we shouldn't tell your father though" LOL After, I told her I called my sister and gave her the heads up to. It's always good to have a few extra prayers on surgery day =)

Pre-Op Appointment

It still doesn't feel real to me...just feels like I'm going through the motions! Did a final sizing. Sticking with my original choice of L400cc R450cc. I am 5'5" 130lbs. I have a very small upper half (size XS/S) and waist, but curvy in the hips (size 7/9) so I think it will proportion my body nicely. Dr. will pic the profile while I am on the table as to what suits my body best (it will most likely be high profile) I got my scripts today for norco, and antiboitic, and a something for nausea. I am only allowed to take a daily vitamin and tylenol if needed for any reason. Dr. does not use surgical bras or sports bras. If I don't want to go braless I can wear bralettes, coobie style bras, shelf cami's basically anything with thin straps that is not too tight. He will be using dissolving sutures and place glue over it so I will be able to shower as soon as I want. Got my blood drawn, hopefully everything comes back normal. =)

A little bit of shopping...

It's hard not to go crazy buying new stuff with the anticipation of how good it will soon fit. I can't wear a regular bra for at least 4 weeks so I need some variety :)

Worst Timing to get sick

Everyone in my house finally got over a cold last week. Yesterday morning I woke up with a sore throat, fever, and bad headache that last all day. This morning kind of the same thing. I'm so depressed that I will probably have to reschedule. Everything that I am reading says if you have a fever you will not be able to proceed. =( I know in the end it's for the best if my Dr. decides to postpone but it does really suck. The kids will be on spring break next week so they are flying to Maui to stay at grandma's house. I don't know when I'll have the opportunity again. Have any of you had a similar situation of getting sick prior to surgery? I emailed the patient coordinator this morning to let her know the situation.

Today is the day!!

I can't believe it! I'm soooo nervous! Part of me wants to run away but I know it will be so worth it. Got my IV just waiting in doc to finish with the surgery before me. Ahhhh! This is really happening!


just got home.feeling ok. Just some pressure. Haven't taken any pain meds so far. Sorry for not responding to individual comments. Will do later :) I'll try to post some pics later tonight.

It's done! Whew! 5 hours post Op

I'm feeling great. Haven't taken any pain meds yet *knock on wood* took 2 extra strength Tylenol when I can home, napped for 2 1/2 hours. Got up from the couch alone just need to have fb pull of my sweat pant. Went to the bathroom on my own also. Just are some oatmeal and feeling great. Absolutely NO PAIN!! just some pressure on my right I assuming because it's the bigger implant. No dressings. No drains! I was worried that it would be too big L400cc/R450cc. I'm surprised how small they actual look. I rather be little smaller than too big anyway. Thanks everyone for you well wishes!!

Day 2

Woke up feeling much better today. Sitting up off the bed or couch I don't have as much of the burning sensation under my breast. I'm assuming this is "morning boob"? I've been only taken extra strength for pain which has been working. Under my arms are the most sensitive right now so my movement is like a T-Rex . LOL

Day 4 Post Op Pics

Not many changes on day 4. My right is still higher and has a bit more to go to even out. They are beginning to get softer.

Day 5 Post Op -

I'm so bored lounging around the house. I decided to try and drive today so I went to the grocery store for a bit, went to Ross, and picked up some lunch. Still tender under my arms and don't have a full range of motion yet but feeling almost back to normal.

Day 14 Post Op

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks!! Time has just flown by. I'm feeling great. I still feel a little tender here and there but nothing major. I went back to work on Day 6. Everyone expected me to be busting out of my uniform (polo shirt) and told me "you look the same!" VS makes great push-up bras! I really was pretty flat. I am very happy with my decisions, no regrets. Size is perfect, I wanted it to be just a little bit bigger than what I was in a bra. My right (larger implant) still has a ways to go but I'm confident that the end result will be as I hoped. I started my massages after my 1 week post op appointment. Pushing all four sides of breast for 20 seconds 3 times each side, 3 times a day. Here are some before & after pics, and a progress pic :)
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