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So I've already picked my doctor, had my first...

So I've already picked my doctor, had my first consultation and preop. The first consultation I decided to go with a 400cc high profile silicone implant through the armpit. Further thinking about it, I decided to go smaller at my preop with a 385cc and 365cc to make my breasts symmetrical. I was happy with my decision to go smaller, but now I think I may want to go even smaller. The other option was 365cc/345cc. I've been going over other girls reviews and they always seem to be bigger than they expected. With me, I'd rather end up a little smaller than bigger than what I wanted since I want to go with a more natural look and I definitely don't want to end up with a D cup, mentally that's too big for me for some reason haha I'd be happy with a C. I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow and tell him I'm changing my size.

Other than that, I'm super excited but a little nervous. I had a nightmare about the drain last night. I dreamt that the nurse basically stabbed me in 3 different places in my stomach (I know, doesn't make sense) but told me that some blood will drain, but I ended up bleeding everywhere, like everywhere, all over the bed, on the walls, until I finally was barely able to talk and had to tell someone that something was wrong and that I was dying. Really hope I start having good dreams about my surgery and not ones like this!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Finally decided on my size, hardest decision even, but I think I'll definitely be happy with my decision to go with 365cc Max silicone high profile for my right boob, and the doctor will choose the appropriate best size for my left which is slightly smaller. I can't really say that it's hit me yet, but I'm sure once I'm in the hospital gown waiting, the reality will set it! Good bye strapless bras that kill my sides and goodbye needing them for shape. Wish me luck!

Day 1

So yesterday morning around 7:30am I went into surgery, woke up around 10:30am when the anesthesia started wearing off. The last thing before I remembered falling asleep was the oxygen mask going on and then when I woke up, all I remembered was crying. It felt painful, but I was still pretty out of it while my boyfriend and the nurse helped me into my clothes. The next thing I remembered was I was home and pretty much slept the whole time, with the exception of every 2 hours when my boyfriend had to wake up and drain the tubes that were still connected in my arm pits. The tubes from drainage are to help take the blood and swelling out and to help prevent hard boobs. Pretty much the whole day I just slept and was given medicine that I needed. My arms are pretty weak and I can only move my left arm slightly high but my right arm I can only move my hand for now, which the doctor said was normal and would go away.

This morning was my first check up where they removed the drains, it didn't really hurt but it's a weird feeling being able to feel them coming out of my boobs through my armpit. The doctor changed my ace bandage and gave my boyfriend instructions about how to change them and when to give me medicine. The doctor also said I'd be able to take a cool shower later today with a mild soap, not the dial that I used before surgery. Since last night I've been situated with pillows to lay a little higher up to support my chest and neck. Since I can't really lift my arms, my boyfriend has to help me out of bed and help me use the restroom. There's no pain when I'm on the oxycodone, but once it wears off I feel a lot of pain and tension in my chest and armpits.

The doctor ended up giving me 365cc on both sides and they're pretty even. I'm surprised how good they already look with the exception of being swollen, he placed them in a really good place, so they don't look super high up or boxy like most pictures that I saw. Today I will continue to relax, take my medications and I can't wait to see how much better my boobs will look when they heal.

Day 2

My recovery is going well, I thought I'd have more trouble sleeping on my back since I'm a side sleeper, but with propped up pillows, I would rather lay on my back than my side. The pain is going away except for when I over use my arms, then my armpits start to hurt. I'm able to move my right arm (which is numb) just a little bit more so that's also improving. Going back for a check up later this evening.

Day 3 post op

So my recovery is still going well, I stopped taking the pain medications, or I just take 1 a day. This might be TMI but I was finally able to use the bathroom (#2) today, the medications can cause constipation, it wasn't as much as I hoped for but it's a start. I did however, start feeling the depression. Not about the size of my boobs, but by the fact that I'm pretty much bed ridden and useless haha. My left arm I can almost reach the top of my head and I can grab anything that's low and not too heavy, but my right arm is still numb from the wrist to my elbow, so it's kind of a dead arm right now. I was feeling depressed because I can barely do anything, which I know is normal for the first few days of recovery, but it's just hard feeling a little helpless. My doctor suggested I drink Gatorade for depression. Once my boyfriend comes home from work and is able to give me a shower, I feel a little better. Hopefully today I'll have some company join me at home.

6 days!

So my boobs are healthy amazingly! I can finally see the swelling going down and most of the bruising is fading away. I'm already super happy with the placement and the size. Not feeling any pain, just tightness in my chest and armpits/shoulder areas so I've been trying to stretch them out. I guess I wasn't expecting to be so tired after surgery, just walking around the house trying to do chores raises my heart rate, so I've been trying to stay in bed which is driving me a little crazy haha.

5 week update

Everything has being going well for the healing from my surgery. My breasts are healing nicely, they're getting softer and softer everyday. Since the surgery, I've been on Zariflurkast which prevents scar tissue from building. They're not as swollen as they were, but I'm curios to know how much more they'll need to go until they're "normal". My nipples are still being pushed out so they're bigger than normal and super sensitive. Nothing about my boobs hurt except for some sensitivity around the sides of my body, I assume just from the general trauma of surgery and recovery.

Other than that, after the 4th week I was able to start sleeping on my side and running! Although I haven't tried running yet, I've been doing lower body exercises and cardio at the gym. Oh yes, and at today's appointment, my doctor "popped" the rest of my stitches inside of my armpit, didn't hurt at all. That's it for now, I haven't gone bra shopping yet, my doctor said I could wear underwire in 2 months, so 3 more weeks (not that I'll be wanting/having to wear bras) and then I'll do my official bra shopping, didn't want to wait too early because of the swelling.

3 going on 4 month update

My boobs seem like they're practically healed already! The scars under my armpits are barely visible, there's no pain or tension in my breasts. They're falling and looking more natural, and when I say falling I mean the skin is less tight and plasticy looking. I can exercise normally, run, lay flat on my stomach, pretty much back to normal. There is a little bit of rippling in the inner part of my breast that can be seen when I bend down, it's not super dramatic but the doctor said it will go away.

7 month update

The rippling I was seeing when I bent down has mostly gone away like the doctor said, he said it needed to form a little scar tissue in order for that to happen. There's only slight rippling which my friends with implants say is very common. It's noticeable to anyone else, not even my husband so I'm not bothered by it anymore. My scars are practically invisible, if you saw my armpits in person you probably wouldn't even know where the implants were inserted from. Loving my boobs and the size I went, besides people who know I got the surgery, no one knows they're fake! Exactly what I wanted
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