Pre-32A, 125 lbs, 5'8 ft — 415cc HP

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So it's been about a month since I had my first...

So it's been about a month since I had my first consultation for a breast augmentation. Since then, I have been obsessed with looking at pictures, reviews, videos, anything to make myself feel better about making—what I think is a HUGE decision. The truth is, the whole doctor, surgery, and someone putting me to sleep thing scares the shit out of me! On the plus side, I think I handle pain very well; hence, I have decided to not do the 'pain pump' option.

At my appointment, my Dr. was extremely knowledgeable, and he did a really great job as far as educating me and my boyfriend on the whole process of breast enhancement. I was even able to see what I might look like on the this 3D imaging device. I told my Dr. that I wanted to achieve a full C / small D. I just really want to look natural yet full. I'm also terrified of being too big or "busty." I'm the kind of girl who would rather have my butt as my biggest asset—pun intended. Anyways, my Dr. showed me 350cc and 450cc. For some reason I was extremely captivated by this 3D imaging thing, and I couldn't stop staring at my boobs. I also totally blanked out and failed to listen to what my Dr. was saying during that time. I'm guessing 350cc is the full C, and 450cc would lean towards a small D? Currently, I am a 32A (34A in VS).

I ended up getting a photo of me with 400cc, but honestly, I'm afraid that might be too big. My boyfriend thinks I should do 375cc. I am so confused! I am, however, certain that I will be getting round, silicone gel + moderate plus profile. Tomorrow, I am finally going to call my Dr.'s office to move forward in the process—not sure if that means setting a date? I'm sooo anxious, nervous, and excited. Will keep updating!

Any thoughts + opinions regarding size would be greatly appreciated!

The Date is Set!

Wow. I still cannot believe that I am actually going to get breast implants. A part of me thinks that I’ve gone completely mad—like I'm jumping out of a plane or something (which I’ve actually done and I have to say the jitters are quite similar at the moment). Clearly that’s just my fear and disbelief talking, and I am genuinely but terrifyingly excited. My surgery is set for August 18, 2015—less than a month away! My pre-op appointment is just 2 weeks before on August 4.

Payment + Discount:
Although I was hesitant to ask b/c I didn’t want to sound cheap or dumb, I grew a pair and inquired about a “cash discount” for paying in full. It turned out to be kind of worth it, and I received a small $250 discount. Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to ask!

Size + Type:
I am still unsure about the size and plan to discuss this further with my doctor at my pre-op, but I know I want to be between 375-400cc (smooth round silicone / moderate plus). I am under the impression that this will take me to a full C, possibly small D. Although I know that I will likely be a D, DD+ in VS bras.

Post-Op Plans:
My Dr. recommends taking a full 2 weeks off, but I am hoping to return to work after just 12 days (my job is not very strenuous). I know my Dr. will go over everything, but if anyone has any advice as far as what I will need during my recovery (bras, medicine, misc. items), I would greatly appreciate it!

And now, here goes the waiting game..

Size + Profile Dilemma

Yesterday at my pre-op, I told my doctor that I wasn’t comfortable with the 400cc we had left off with the last time—for fear of it being SLIGHTLY too big. I also tried to explain to him that I’m concerned with the implants being too wide on me (if you look at my 3D Mod+ photo, you might be able to see what I mean). Honestly, it is so freaking hard to articulate exactly what I want. I showed him a photo of my ultimate wish boobs (375cc mod+ as seen in my previous post) and told him that I thought they were “perfect.” He agreed that it looked like 375cc and that my body is very similar.

He then throws me a curveball and brings up a new option: 385cc High/Full Profile. He chose this based on my BWD (13 cm) and probably b/c of my fear of being too wide. I honestly cringed internally when he said “high profile” b/c I think of fake, round, and obvious. I thought to myself “does he not get that I’m afraid of being too big and unnatural.” He brought up the 3D imaging again and showed me the 400cc HP next to the 400cc Mod+ (he said that 385 isn’t much of a difference). I was shocked b/c immediately I thought the HP looked so much better from the front. However, from the side and top, I prefer the Mod+ a bit more. UGH. I am so indecisive, it’s driving me crazy!

Here are my fears:
1) Too much projection—“bazooka boobs”
2) Too wide—make me look bigger
3) Too perky—always looks like I’m wearing a push-up bra
4) Making a decision based on a simulated photo b/c I know results vary

I guess what I want is other opinions + advice. The only person I feel like I can talk to about this is my boyfriend, and no offense to him, but he is so NOT the person to talk to about this. Even though I trust my surgeon, I know that I can be quite inarticulate in person b/c I’m on the shy side, and I’m just afraid that he may have misread me.

So what do you think? 385cc HP? 370-75cc Mod+? Or should I just go for the 400cc Mod+?

I Did It!

Today makes 8 days since I've had boobs. So crazy! It's honestly been quite the experience, both strange and fascinating. The days leading up to the surgery were so hectic for me, as I was finishing up my summer school finals and essays. I literally only gave myself the day before my surgery to relax and let it sink in. For me—as someone who experiences anxiety on a daily basis—this worked extremely well, and I encourage others like me to keep busy before their surgery dates to prevent overthinking and freak outs.

Everything went by so quickly, despite my doctor being a little late. Being put to sleep was so easy, but I think I'm still feeling the effects from the anesthesia and needles they used—my right arm and veins are still so sore, and I've developed a rash going up my inner arm. Also, I must be the worst listener b/c I had no clue that the surgery was going to be done in my doctor's office. I thought they were going to take me next door to Queen's Hospital, but, no. I'm not complaining though b/c the environment was very comfortable and professional. After I woke up, I felt dazed and confused. My boyfriend told me when he came in the room, I was passed out with my long tongue hanging out from the side. LOL. So embarrassing. As soon as I was aware that he was there, I just wanted to go home and sleep in my own bed.

Second day was probably the most painful for me, but it honestly was not THAT bad. I am so glad that I didn't pay the extra $600 for the pain pump b/c I think it is absolutely manageable. I think I'll take that money and buy some new bras + clothes instead =). I think the worst part about the healing process is how creepy and achy my boobs feel. They still don't feel like they belong to me, but I know that it will just take time. I do have to express major gratitude towards my boyfriend for taking care of me. He was seriously an angel. As far as medication goes, I stopped taking the Percocet on day 3 b/c I simply am not a fan of medicine. I did, however, continue to take the Ciprofloxacin (antibiotic) & Lorazepam (for sleep).

I've seen my doctor twice post-op. He says I'm looking really good so far, and I agree. Next visit, he is going to teach me massages. My left boob, which was my bigger boob, continues to drop at a faster rate than the right. I try to keep my boobs wrapped most of the day and night, but sometimes I need to relieve them.

Almost forgot to mention, I ended up going with 415cc high profile smooth silicone. This decision was made the day of my surgery. There was a bit of a confusion with the sizes. I thought my surgeon was aware that I was still in between 375-400 mod+/HP and we would discuss it the day of, but it really didn't feel like we had the time to do so. I had planned to leave the decision up to him b/c I was so indecisive. However, they did not have 400 HP in stock, just the 385 or 415. Hence, he chose the 415cc b/c he felt it resembled the "natural yet full" look I was going for. At first, I was so concerned about them being too big, but I am honestly getting use to them now. Plus, I am hopeful that they will appear a little smaller over time, so It's all good. My boyfriend thinks they will be perfect after they've fully healed.

Overall, I am so happy and proud that I got my boobs done. I can't wait to see how they transform over the next weeks. Now, would I go through this whole "terrifying" process again? Hell yeah I would!
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