Glabella Area Bleaching the (Permanent) Filler- Stroke Syndrome Almost Blindness(like Your Eyes Are Being Cut out when attacked)

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Evolution is made from...

Evolution is made from poly(acrylamide-co-DADMA) and microscopic, porous spheres. Whereas Outline forms the framework for new collagen assembly, Evolution also provides the bulk. The microscopic spheres held within the gel are porous and attract the pro-collagen molecules right through the pores, stabilizing them within the tissues and providing the bulk necessary where there is tissue loss. Because it is a permanent filler Evolution must be injected deep within the tissues and is best for the treatment of nose to mouth lines.

Writing to describe you how it situated and became today's complication after injecting this dermal filler on my glabellar region. It's the 4th type of OUTLINE (their first 3 types are non-permanent as I read), called "evolution " from France, I was injected in about 2009.

Later 1 year after injection, I did some facial routine like deep suction cleaning similar to micro-dermabrasion but without the abrasion, IPL, laser and Thermage/heat & light/radio frequency like once 3 months on the whole face area, including between the eye brows.......then at some point my eyes become occasionally involuntarily attacked by something cutting/choking inside and the huge sharp pain travels through the heart as well. Just like someone is cuting your eyes out kind of pain, so never felt that way before.

Every attack was triggered during normal activities like face cleaning or maybe medicated shampoo, etc. After I can see the eyes became red blood shot, the sharp pain will attack within a second, and if I don't keep my hands holding or moving around my eyes, eye brows, eye socket frames, they could have been blind by now from the sharp pain and choking on my atery or nerve.
At first I find out my hands movement can stop the sharp pain temporarily even during the attack, but to stop the sharp pain for good, it often needs one full day and nights of rubbing and holding around the eyes in bed and later I also found out with anti-histamine on the area and by mouth will accelerate the healing.

During the acute sharp pain attack: Enormous constant 10 out of 10scale of pain was constant and feeling travels through my heart. I can not bear 1 shed of light in my both eyes. My eyes constantly keep watering and eventually became huge swollen in the whole eye sockets. To have the swelling down, it usually takes 2 -3days to see the healing. I have the necrosis feeling very much like some blood clotting happening in my brain. And honestly I was too painful to move a bit for calling 911 or the ER as my hands have to be holding my eye sockets constantly. No one or nothing can have my hands off my eyes.

Before I realized it could be the reason from the dermal filler in between my brows, I have done all kinds of checking. Including MRI in the neck and should or brain and blood tests for tumuor.....all of them are complete normal and healthy.

When a local eye clinic checked on my eyes days after the attack stopped, the doctor said my under eyes are unbelievably PALE, and obvious tissue damage on the cornea, can see damage like abrasion........while it's still blood shot red eyes.

Outline type 4 evolution is a non-animal by nature (semi?) permanent? dermal filler may need to be injected deeper than the HA I think.

Have found many similar patients by googling "inject filler glabellar eye", but too bad to say, can't find any of them were even using this permanent type of filler, I feel like I'm the only unlucky one in the world that is to deal with it.

Downside is ---As from my research Evolution seems patented, and is not dis-solvable like the HA, not much people are using it nowadays...... I'm a single mother with a 2 year-old baby, I don't have any relatives to help out either. I can not be blind. The original injector was in Asia back in 2009, now he is not working and nowhere to find.

Happy Holidays & Any help or referral will be greatly appreciated!!!!!


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