ZeonFusion Chemical Peel (Home Peel Kit)

I struggled with severe acne as a teenager and in...

I struggled with severe acne as a teenager and in to my 20's. I'm now in my 30's, and my acne has cleared up, but I still have scarring and huge pores. Also, last summer, I spent too much time poolside and now have a very uneven complexion, with brown spots. My background is half white/half hispanic. I am currently living in South Korea, where all of the women protect their skin like crazy and so have perfect, white, pure, even complexions.
I first purchased a Glycolic Acid 30% peel on amazon. I used this peel a couple of times, and it worked well, but superficial. The good thing about this one is that although there was burning and redness while the peel was on, both resolved rather quickly once nuetralized with baking soda, and I was still able to go about my business, work, gym, etc without being self concious. The peeling was microscopic and I didnt have sheets of shedding skin hanging from my face. I think with repeated use, this is a good product to start with. I applied it 3 times on the first day, 10 minutes apart, and then nuetralized after 30 minutes with baking soda mixed with water x 2 minutes. On the second day, I applied 2 times, 10 minutes apart. I stopped at 2 because the burning/itching became unbearable.
I am currently on vacation from work, and have no plans, so I figured this would be a good time to try a stronger peel. I purchased the ZEONFUSION miracle peel set from skinpeelshop.com. THe site says that this is the strongest peel that they sell. I applied it tuesday night, 3 coats, 10 minutes apart. It didnt hurt, burn, or sting at all. My face was just a little red after the first round. No neutralizing was needed. I went to bed after, and didnt wash my face until morning. (as instructed.) 24 hrs later, I repeated the process. The directions say that you can do this for 3 nights in a row, applying up to 5 layers of the peel. After the 2nd night, my face was extremely red and already peeling quite a bit, and I was a little scared to do a 3rd day, so I decided to stop at 2. The peel directions said that I should wait 48-72 hrs before applying the moisturizer/cream that came with the set. My face was already peeling so much the morning of the 3rd day, and I couldn't find any similar advice about waiting to moisturize online, so I went ahead and applied the cream the 3rd morning. It burned a little, but not bad. It is now the morning of day 4, and the peeling has increased, but the redness has calmed down a little. So far, everything is going as expected. The peeling skin is reminds me of when we used to put elmers glue on our skin and peel it off after it dried. I didnt get any black or brown "burnt" skin spots like others have reported. Just an overall, pretty even redness. I will update as the days continue.

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