Face Exercises Work

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I am posting pics to show that face exercises work...

I am posting pics to show that face exercises work . I have posted these pics especially for nadiahoney (as she wanted to see them). I wont leave them up for long and intend to take them down in 2 weeks.

I didn't buy any face exercise program. Instead I scoured the internet looking for free exercises. They helped me become aware of my own facial muscles and how they move. I then developed my own exercises. my face is now wrinkle free and toned. If you look at the "before" pictures you can see my face was flattening and drooping. My cheeks are now lifted. My lips are fuller. My nasolabial folds have more or less vanished. :)

I am mistaken for someone in their early twenties all the time. I am 41 years old.

Please dont waste your time on botox, fillers and facelift surgery. Give your face 15mins a day and work on different parts of it. So Monday work on eyes. Tuesday on forehead. Wednesday on cheeks. thursday on lips. friday on neck and chin. saturday work on the scalp muscles.

Your brain just needs to be reminded that the muscles are still there. You dont need to spend loads of time on face exercises.

Before I started the face exercises I bought a face muscle electronic stimulator (tua viso). It was very time consuming and yielded very little results. I felt it was a complete waste of money.

Face exercises cost nothing. (unless you buy a face exercise program, which I did NOT bother with).

I am not selling anything. I want to help all those people who are getting depressed looking at their faces aging and think the only solution is to spend thousands and make the cosmetic surgeon richer.

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Here are some pictures showing progress on the right side of my face. :)


Here are some pictures showing progress on the left side of my face. :)

Forgot to mention....

Forgot to mention that the pics show an increase in lip volume too. :)


Okay, this is not a review but a question. Has anyone noticed (besides me) that when some people use fillers on a long term basis, I'm talking about the total face rejuvenation treatment where the filler is injected into the cheeks, nasolabial line, tear troughs that the skin becomes looser on the face? This means that the individual needs more and more fillers to keep the skin taut. Eventually resulting in a pillow face. In my opinion people with this pillow face look are Madonna, Nicole Kidman, sometimes Helena Christianson has it and sometimes Beyoncé has it. There are others. I saw a picture of Kim Kardashian where it looked like she had let the fillers in her face dissipate and she was unrecognisable because her skin looked so loose.

Also, when fillers are used in the nasolabial fold area long term, then the nasolabial line begins to split into two. Has anyone else noticed this? Nicole Kidman and Nicole Sherzinger both have this splitting of the nasolabial line. Also I have noticed that in some photos Rihanna's nasolabial line is splitting. I would have thought she was too young for fillers but I think celebrities are encouraged to start young with this stuff. i'm not saying these people have had fillers, I'm just saying in my opinion they look as if they have.

I have seen lots of celebrities with these issues and I can post links to show this but I don't think I'm allowed. A friend of mine has been using fillers and botox for about 5 years. She started when she was only about 30, when she didn't need them. She will never admit that she uses them but I can tell because sometimes her face looks inflated and other times it looks deflated and her skin looks loose. Her nasolabial line has split (see picture). Also when her botox is wearing off she gets a horizontal line running from the outer corner of her eye to her scalp. When she smiles she gets terrible crows feet when the botox is wearing off. I am sure this is due to her getting fillers and botox. I have seen both her parents and her siblings and they all have extremely good skin. It is tight and wrinkle free. I believe in her quest to slow down the ageing process she has inadvertently accelerated it.

surgeons and doctors (et al) were very discouraging and told me I would end up with lots of wrinkles. They told me to go down the botox and filler route. Costs, long term would have been in the thousands. Then because the botox would have caused my face to sag even more I would have ended up having to fork out more thousands for facelift(s).

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