Smile Direct Club Journey- Las Vegas

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So after having my braces off for over 15 years my...

So after having my braces off for over 15 years my teeth have shifted so bad and I'm starting to hate smiling. I signed up with smile direct club after my dentist told me that he could do aligners for 4500. I'm there is no way I could afford that but saw the option for Smile Direct and their payment plan seems perfect. I just got the approval on my pictures and I am now waiting for my impression kit. I'm anxious and I hope everything works out okay.


So I have received my impressions kit on 4/26. The box was a little beat up but everything looked intact. There were no forms in my box which worried me but I guess they are doing it electronically now, because I called this morning and she just emailed them to me and I signed them from my phone. The impressions were difficult. I am worried i didn't get a usable one. The time limit stresses me out and i felt like they were too small for my bottom teeth. I guess I will find out if I passed this round.

Impressions Were No Good

I received notification that my impressions were received on May 3rd. As of May 10th I did not hear back if they passed or not. So I live chatted with customer service and was told I did not take them correctly. I did not get enough of my gum line for usable impressions. This frustrates me because I read and read about this process. I watched the videos numerous time I practiced putting them in the trays and I still did not do it correctly. What is also frustrating is they are not very clear on what area is the problem with the impressions. So I called and ordered another kit which will take over a week to be delivered to me. Hopefully the second time is the charm, I will also call and request large trays be sent to me as well as I believe I did not have enough room to position my teeth.

2nd Time impressions

Finally after 12 days after I requested it. I picked up my retake kit from the post office. I open the box and see I did not receive my large trays like I requested. Of course it's a Saturday and Customer service is closed. So I redid the impressions and the look exactly the same as the first time around. I called on Monday and I spoke with Adam and he stated the large trays were notated and will expedite the shipping. I will send in the impression I did today either way though.

3rd Impression Kit

I have been trying to get impressions accepted for months now. I am very frustrated and thinks this may not be the one for me. I had a dentist do my impressions this time and they should be received today. I think this may be the last and final try.

Treatment Plan Received!

Finally after months of trying my impressions were accepted and today I received my treatment plan! I have the smile10 plan and I will have to wear them for 7 months! I paid for it up front and should receive my 1st two trays within 3 weeks! I also will receive 3 months of teeth whitening. I'm a little bummed I will not be getting starter trays as I'm really anxious to get this process started. Can't wait till I receive them!

They've Shipped!

Yesterday I received notification that my aligners are on their way! I should receive them Thursday 8/4/16. Finally after 5 months of trying to get these aligners I only have to wait 2 more days! I hope they fit! I'll update on Friyay!

They are here!!

So today I received my aligners. I was so excited that I ate dinner early and then brushed and flossed and put them in. They are tight but not horribly but I'll still probably take something before I go to bed. I didn't here a snap which kinda worries me but they feel like they are on good they don't move. I received my first 3 trays, the whitening, and the chewies. I didn't need to file the edges are pretty good! So far I'm happy.!

1 Week down 29 to go

So I've officially have had my aligners for a week and I felt like I should update. The first days were great , well as much as it could be. Taking them off at first was hard but now I have the hang of it, grabbing by the molars is the trick. My tongue is now starting to get irritated and scratched on the left side. I tried filing them down but it didn't help. I might have to get wax if I don't adjust soon, but it didn't hurt the first few days so that is strange. The Glo whitening gel says it doesn't make you teeth sensitive but it does. It's hard not to get it on your gums so I'm only doing the whitening at night. I'm still talking with a lisp but I'm starting to not even feel the aligners for the most part only when I move my tongue a certain way and scrape it that I remember. I'm a little impatient and bummed I wear each tray for 3 weeks but better safe than sorry. Also I think the aligned make my bottom teeth look more crooked. I don't remember them looking that bad?!

Tray 2!

So I've been wearing tray 2 for a little over a week now and so far so good. I haven't really noticed any changes but I feel like flossing in areas is a lot easier now than it was before? But that could be in my head. My teeth are whiter and my dental hygiene is the best it's ever been. The trays get really comfortable after a while. Sometimes I forget I have them in and go to take a bite of something and realize I have plastic still in my mouth. It's not like I can't feel them or the pressure but you just get used to it. Also my love life hasn't suffered with them in. I can kiss my boyfriend just find and he doesn't seem to notice. So I'm pretty satisfied so far. I don't think I'll notice any differences in my teeth till tray 5 but I'll post an update picture after I switch to tray 3 in a couple of weeks!

3rd Tray

Last night I changed into my 3rd trays. They were extremely tight and I had to chew on my chewie all night to really get the top set aligner down. I still think there is a little space but it looks better. I took a some Tylenol Pm and slept like a baby. But this morning taking out the aligners to brush my teeth was painful. And my teeth were so sore eating was almost impossible. When I put them back in the pain was so intense it almost brought me to tears. While they are in I can feel the pressure in certain areas and it's sore but the pain of taking them out and putting them back in makes me not want to remove them at all and just starve for the next few days.

I also have not heard from patient care or anyone asking for any updates or reminding me to change my aligners. They have sent me the 1st 6 trays and I just received notification of another shipment. Other than that no communication. I might reach out on my own because I'm worried one tooth is not moving the way it should.

I'll post the next update after I email about the progression of my plan.

Hit a snag!

Okay it's been a while since I last updated so much has happened. I got a new job moved across the country and slowly freezing to death! Before I moved I requested all my trays be shipped to me beforehand, which they did! So I now have all ten trays including the years worth of whitening. Everything was prefect until tray 6! Top trays fit perfect not too tight but could feel the pressure. Bottoms ones did not fit at all. I knew immediately there would be a problem because they looked like they were printed incorrectly. They would not even snap down because one tooth is too short. So I contacted them two weeks ago they are still reviewing the pictures I sent and possible will send me another impression kit. So now I'm over 3 weeks behind on my bottom tray.

Still waiting!

I reached out to SDC about reprinting me aligner. They must have misunderstood my request and we're sending me a new impression kit for a midcourse correction. Like a said tray 7, 8, 9, & 10 all look fine. Tray 6 looked damaged. Now I'm already 3 weeks behind in treatment. I've been wearing tray 6 on the top for 3 weeks and tray 5 in the bottom for 6 weeks. I've decided I'm just going to switch to tray 7 all together. Hopefully it all fits. I have not received a new impression kit yet or even a reprint of tray 6.


So after much back and forth SDC sent me a reprint for tray 6! They are perfect! Popped them in and I'm back on track. 3 more trays to go!
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