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I have been suffering with dark spots for years...

I have been suffering with dark spots for years and hated wearing makeup to cover them up. I just wanted pretty and clear skin, not to much to ask. So, 4% hydroquinone, kojic acid, 20% azelilac acid, glycolic and 0.1 trenitonin. My skin is finally flawless:) these products are cheap online and work:)

The websites I buy my products through

Hi you guys! I hope my post is helpful and wanted to let you know where I buy my products through. The 4%hydroquinone I got at and runs about 29.00, azelilac acid cream of 20% at for about 13.00 and called Mellazipam, cape fear kojic acid on Amazon for 15.00, kojisan kojic acid soap on Amazon and got 2 bars for about 7.00 and also got trenitonin 0.1 at as well for about 28.00. I find alternating my products works better and quicker results. Be careful also when applying these products together to avoid irritations. With the trenitonin, I apply it first after washing my face and letting it dry for about 30 min. Then I apply my hydroquinone on top. I usually wait an hour before applying my moisturizer. My other combo is the hydroquinone and azelilac acid with the kojic acid on top. You should start off with a less potent trenitonin until your skin gets use to It. You will peel and your skin will get very dry. Be sure to use a good moisturizer and a high spf. I use a 50 spf. Even on cloudy days!!! If you dont, you will gets a million dark spots all over again and ruin your skin. These are all REALLY great products and WILL WORK! I started to notice a huge difference after only a week. I've done a lot of research online and so happy my spots are gone. You should also get glycolic acid to pair with your products. I use ASDM Beverly hills glycolic acid and fairly cheap on Amazon. I am also trying to help a rare skin disease I have and it's causing me to loose my skin's elastin. I'm not a Dr but wanted to help you get the skin you CAN have:) Be careful and never leave the house without your spf on!! These sites will save you a ton of money. Just the azilac acid from the dermatologist runs about 150.00. Crazy!! Not to mention the hydroquinone and trenitonin. I'd rather spend 70.00 or so than 400.00. Thank God my boyfriend buys my skincare for me. He knows how upsetting it is for me with my skin disease and issues. Let me know how your products are working when you get them. I am really exited for all of you.

Another " booster"!

High potency vitamin C is amazing with my routein. I have 20% and found it on Amazon. You can also get it in powder form and add it into your moisturizer. I will look up the products names and add them for you today:) I hope I am helpful to all of you and can't wait to hear about your results:)

My new blog coming soon

I will be opening my own page for all of you to get the best products, advice, questions, how to get the products and much more! It will be great! You can also friend request me on FB under Tina Nyob.

My new blog and link to join

Hey ladies! I opened my blog so I can talk to all of you and help all at one place:) I hope you join and hear your experience. This is a fun page and will direct you to flawless skin:) The link is Hope to see you!

Hope to see you ladies! Just click to join:)

Amazing Dermal Roller!

If you haven't used a dermal roller? Get one ASAP! !! Its amazing and does everything for your skin. I wish I would have used this years ago! You can find it for 1.00 and 1.00 shipping. You will absolutely LOVE it!! You'll change your skin so much and it removes absolutely everything as well as helping your skin absorb the products you use and get more out of it!


I did this myself with a lot of research online and obtaining knowladge on the products I've used. I found them fairly cheap online and love my skin now. I am still using the products for maintaining my skin. I can give the websites names of you would like to get them. I saved hundreds of dollars by doing my own research and saving on going to the derm. My insurance would not cover most of the products . I still hope I'm applying the products in the correct order. Lol. By looking at my skin, I would say so. I also alternate them. Sunscreen in a high spf is a MUST or your dark spots will return and multiply. I have a lot of health conditions and very sick. Also very complex with many diagnosed rare conditions. A rare skin disease called " Mid Dermal Elastylosis", that is causing me to loose my skin's elastin and it's getting worse. I am not sure how I got it but have never been in tanning beds or spent much time in the sun. I have read it can be caused by a virus. Its causing me a lot of self esteem issues. I also suffer from dysautonomia, a nervous system disorder, that is unbearable for me. I find having good skin is therapy for me. I am not sure if I'm writing my review is in the correct place. Hope it helps you though. I added the websites on my update for all of you:) I hope to at least help some of you.

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