My First Time with Mequinol / Tretinion.

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Alright so here I am, experiencing tingles all...

Alright so here I am, experiencing tingles all over my body, like iced tingles. Not very strong, just lightly, it actually feels nice and my skin feels tight and form. So why am I feeling this way?

Well.. About half an hour ago I just applied Mequinol and tretinion onto myself. Why? Because I live in a Western country that depicts beauty and youth with paler skin.

I made my preperation by mixing 100ml of Mequinol Crystals, 10 ml of Tretinion powder and I put in about half a bottle of glycerin (although im thinking maybe a full bottle would have been better, now). i added purified water to the rest up to 500ml. I blended it thoroughly, then I added another 500ml 30+ sunscreen. It's very hot here, and we are approaching summer, so I wanted to be protected. I chose to make it as a spray because it is easier to apply and I do suffer from chronic fatigue and therefore not motivated enough to apply a cream to my whole body.

Okay well I started by applying it to my legs, I didn't feel anything and I was wondering if I applied the right dosage. Then when I got to my genitals I felt a bit of a sting, I felt worried at first but then I thought I would leave it and see what happens. Then I did the rest of my body and when I got to my face, it felt like this high frequency icy burning sensation, especially around my lips (I tried to avoid them, but a bit got on the outer parts). Now I was starting to get worried, because this wa sa burning sensation unlike I have never felt before on my face, it felt like my face was burning with ice and it felt like it was a very high vibration burning. I decided to wait a few minute4s and if the burning didn't subside, I would wash it off.

Well it all subsided, apart from a sort of icy tingling sensation around my body. I wonder what is going on? Now to all the plastic surgeons here and dermatologists who read this, I can only expect you would recommend me to 'stop doing it' and 'see a dermatologist'. But im not interested at all. I've done my research and beleive me, I have done plenty to my face in the past and it all recovered. (the worst of them being accutane!). I want to look lighter and more beautiful, I want to stand out more and be noticed, and this is my way of doing it (that I can afford right now). boo-yeah!

Also think I should mention the substance had a light yellowy colour and usng it on the spray was a very good idea, it worked very well and was easy to spread and rub in. But I think more glycerin would have made it glide easier on my body.

My dosage was much too high. I only used it twice,...

My dosage was much too high. I only used it twice, but it has burned me. I feel a light burning sensation all over my body and my face is peeling like mad! I highly recommend anyone willing to undergo this treatment to use a maximum strength of 4% Mequinol and 0.1% Tretinion, I also suffered some psychological damage which I was fortunately able to repair with my kinesiology practitioner. She muscle tested me and found it would take 6 weeks for my skin to heal. After that time, I will do this again, because I do want to get lighter and shed off old scarred skin. But I will start with 4% Mequinol and 0.1% Tretinion. I'm not recommending anyone to mix up home cuncuctions, but if you do, be very careful. I've read about people who have experienced burning and yet continued to use the product. I can only imagine that, that would create psychosomatic disorders in the mind and damage the skin beyond repair. So do your research carefully and I hope I have contributed in pioneering this 'make it at home remedy' and offered some good advice for anyone that goes after me looking for a kitchen cocktail solution. Ive read reviews of daring individuals who think 10% is okay (or above). There is a reason why nothing over 4% has been FDA approved for treatment of age spots. I also consider that since I used 10x the amount of tretinion I should have, that would have greatly contributed to the burning.

I ended up going to hospital because the burning...

I ended up going to hospital because the burning got bad and it started to affect me psychologically. The people at the hospital got me to stand under running water in the show for half an hour to help soothe it. They ran tests and they did some research. They told me I have the symptoms of a chemical peel, and 1% tretinion has been used for chemical peels. So I basically gave myself an all over chemical peel. I didn't get much redness or swelling, im actually so happy and relieved, deep down inside I knew I hadn't done any damage and I would come out looking better than ever, but because of the pain, I got worried. Now, my skin looks great, my face and genitals peeled a whole lot and I have very light confetti like lighter pigmentation on the back of my hands, but you can barely notice it. I will use this at a safe dosage and watch as I become younger, lighter and more radiantly beautiful. Now there are allot of people who have experienced these symptoms, most of them are smart enough to stop. Just letting you know, if you don't do the right dosage and you start feeling these symptoms, you have overdone it, and your skin needs 4 - 6 weeks to heal. I will never end my pursuit for eternal youth and beauty because I am 28 and I still look 18. This is just the beginning!


0.1% tretinoin is too strong, it leaves the skin too vulnerable and thin. I have stopped treatment. If I ever return, I will use a higher amount of mequinol and a lower amount of tretinoin (probably 0.01% tretinoin). Mostly because the lightening results were too little and went away after I stopped. And I heard you still get good results if you use a very small amount of tretinoin. In any case, dissolving 0.1% tretinoin and then adding mequinol to it is suicide on the skin. This combo still needs more research, but from what I have read and from experience, I would dissolve 0.01% tretinoin, 6% mequinol in as little alcohol as possible and go from there. Care for your skin.

Heres the deal, both these chemicals are not good for your skin in the long term. I don't care what anyone say's about their benefit's. Be careful and learn to love yourself the way you are, highlight your beautiful skin the way it is and give a big middle finger to anyone who does agree with you. If you go down this path, do it slow, do it smart.


Okay people have been sending messages asking me for advice, because I am not a professional doctor it is realselfs responsability to delete those messages which they have. Please kindly ignore everything and DO NOT USE anything higher than mequinol 5%. If you used higher and experienced some problems, don't worry they will fade away can be assisted with a good quality fading cream. Yes mequinol 5% with a tiny bit of retin a will give you about 6 shades lighter in 3 years semi permanent. Don't mess with it too much. Im not doctor but I think I have a right to say don't use anything over 5%. Ignore my prior advice. Don't mutilate your body in the search for perfection. I have grown to love my tan, and others too. Why not try to appreciate what you have, if not, I totally understand but im sorry there is no easy way to lighten your skin, especially permanently.
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