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Has anyone try this chemical peel yet? I was...

has anyone try this chemical peel yet? I was actually introduced to this chemical peel by a youtube beauty guru so I thought I will will it a try and purchased this peel since I have a lot of hyper-pigmentation from adult acne scar.

First Try: I tried this peel four nights ago and since I didn't prep my face properly nothing happen. There was no sensation, no pain or tightness of the skin. After 4 days I figure the peel didn't work BUT I did some research and realized I didn't prep properly.

Second Try: Last night I tried again with the proper prep and it seems to work this time. After washing off the peel, I feel tightness around my skin. Hopefully it works so I can get beautiful skin.

I read a lot of scary stories here and it scare me. I am Asian with light skin-tone so let's see if it works. I will updates more later.

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