Melasma Finally Started to Fade!!! So Quickly As Well. Hope This Helps Some of You Ladies!

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So, I'm 24 and I live in the Middle East. I'm...

So, I'm 24 and I live in the Middle East. I'm white, but I tan very easily and I'm on yasmin! I first noticed my melasma when I got back from turkey last August, I had a horrible shadow over my lip and I had white pigmentation on my forehead! Luckily I was living in the Uk at that point so when I got back it faded naturally (no sun there!) anyway when I moved out to the Middle East the melasma tash re appeared, it's been so hard to control! I met a guy out here and I was scared to go out In public (certain lighting) and anywhere where I'd be exposed, it was making me so self conscious and crushing my confidence! I went to the derm they gave me some hydroqiuinone cream and some moisturiser with bleaching agent in, didn't work! Then I saw a post from a lady who seemed to have found a fantastic way to control it, and lots of women had said the same since trying it.. Anyway I'm on day 13 of using this homemade mixture and oh my god my melasma has faded by like 60 percent already. It's easily covered by makeup and barley noticeable without. I've also changed up a few things , so let me tell you about those first.
Every morning I take cod liver oil tablets and vitamin c supplements! I cleanse with Apple cider vinegar every morning and night, (it's so good for your skin)! It balances out the PH levels. Then, I use this mixture: 1 tbl spoon of listerine blue mouthwash, 1 tbl spoon of nizoral anti dandruff shampoo, half s tbl spoon of baking soda, mix it all together into a paste, then apply to the area in circle motions and leave for 20 mins then wash off. You think I'm joking, but seriously ladies this works I promise you!! Pursue it for 2 weeks if you don't notice a difference fair enough, but it's worked wonders for me. I've also been applying factor 50 religiously every morning. What I've found is that lots of women on here review negatively abouT products but not their positive experiences because maybe they don't need to find a cure anymore. Please try this and let me know how it goes. I know the struggle ladies!! I want to share and help you all. Big hugs and hope it works for you!!! Xxx

Melasma Linked to Liver/copper Intake! - Also Linked to Hormonal Inbalance.

I have tried lots of topical creams, trying to treat melasma by external forms, however it will often fade in time, and then re-appear as soon as i go back in the sun.. which is really the opposite of what i want! Eventually i want to be able to sunbathe again without a hat or wearing high SPF, as i love the sun and live in the middle east! Anyway, after extensive amounts of research, i have discovered a lot of positive feedback from treating melasma internally - a lot of diet changes and supplements to be taken to combat it for good - without returning in the sun! A lot of people have said high copper levels/liver function could be the cause of the melasma, which really set a lightbulb off in my head, as 2 years prior to my melasma i started taking Accutane for my skin (which can significantly effect your liver and kidneys!!) Could this be the cause, and ultimately, taking the correct suppleements, the cure? I am going to reduce copper intake by taking Zinc tablets, and changing my diet to low copper foods (avoid, fish avacado, nuts, seeds) (All the things I love) and drinking lots of water on top of the supplements. I promise to keep you updated! I am also exfoliating with a mud mask 3 times a week, toning with apple cider vinegar(50 percent water) and using SPF 50 until i start seeing some improvements! I urge you ladies to try this, even if it doesn't work, the vitamins and supplements you take will help your body either way. The harsh chemicals you apply to your skin time after time will only make it worse - the effects of lightening are NOT permanent. Trust me I have tried everything.I will update you :) Best of luck to all of you.

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Need Help Ladies!! Covering Melasma! What Makeup?

I'm going to the USAA in 2 days to see my boyfriend and my makeup just seems to make my melasma tash worse!! It looks like a shadow above my lip. I bought dermablend but doesn't seem to work any better than the other brands as there's still a shadow! Have any of you ladies had any joy with makeup covering the upper lip completely? In all lightings? Would really appreciate some ideas as not keen on letting my bf see me like this! Please help.

convinced it's linked to yeast and candida.

So, on top of using the paste I wrote about, in have been applying hydrogen peroxide every morning and letting it soak in and then using sppf and my makeup. I am on day 3 of using grapefruit seed extract 20 drops 3-4 times a day, and I have seen significant Fading?! I don't want to speak too soon because melasma is a sneaky little devil, but I feel like the drops are definitely helping. Will keep you updated ladies. I will also update with some pictures by the end of the week. Would be interested to know if any of you ladies have had quick results with grapefruit seed extract? Big hugs

I hate melasma.

So I've posted a few things regarding fading of my upper lip melasma, but in hindsight I have only seen temporary fading and this can change from day to day. I am only 24 and despite stopping the pill and keeping out of the sun completely I am not getting very far. I've tried acv, the nizoral paste, hydrogen peroxide, grapefruit seed extract, msm, vitamin c zinc milk thistle, selenium, drinking acv, probiotics and kefir and some hormone balancing powder that I cannot remember the name of, as well as fungal medication and upping my skin care routine drastically. The strange thing is my doctor said my pigmentation is superficial which should mesn it's easier to treat. He has recommended laser treatment for it. Any advice ladies? Also I'm feeling very depressed, as sad as it sounds, I do not want to leave the house I look like I have a moustache and no matter what makeup I use I just cannot cover it, the blue and grey tones seap through no matter what I try even though the pigmentation itself is brown up close. I've tried estee Lauder double wear, mineral powder, dermablend, colour correcting and tonnes more. Please help ladies. Oh also I've had tests done and all my blood came back normal for livrr functiom/thyroid. Any suggestions? I am loosing the world to live and need some advice and help right now.
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