I Love my Home TCA Peels!

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I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my...

I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my sundamaged skin. At 42 I've tried IPL, Active/Deep FX, Microdermabrasion etc. I started doing home peels a couple of years ago from MUAC. After spending so much money and noting no matter what the cost the results were always temporary I've gone more and more to doing things myself. I started very conservatively with Glycolic and Lactic acid peels.. then 8% TCA... 12% TCA.. 15% and now settled with 21%. You really have to start slowly and see how your skin reacts! I had a couple of scary moments when I thought I'd done too much and had to develop nerves of steel but feel like I've approached this the right way and love my results. Two passes with 21% and I get good frosting and peeling. The results are worth the wrinkly face I have to deal with for a week. Wrinkles around my eyes disappear and skin tone is evened out. Like anything it doesn't last forever ( few months) and then I need to do it again but for the cost haven't found anything better. Just be careful everyone's skin is different!
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