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Hi all , a year ago i noticed my eyelashes were...

Hi all , a year ago i noticed my eyelashes were thin and short , in the past i had much longer and thicker lashes , i searched online and watched videos on youtube and i found many talking about Latisse, well i could not find it where i live , but i found the same thing and much cheaper called Lumigan 0.3mg/ml eye drops solution it is the ecact solution as Latisse and it is called " biamatoprost " , i used it every night for few weeks and yes my lashed got longer .see the before and after images. i was not that happy about it since It made the area around my eye very very Dark , that is one of the side effects of Latisse and Lumigan it is even written in the leaflet, the other side effect is the darkening of the iris , well I did not notice that since i have Dark eyes to start with.
since i stoped using it my lashes are back to thin again , will i use it again ,maybe not,this is great for women for sure , they can always use makeup around the eyes if it gets darker .. . I hope this helps .

More thoughts

when i was using this stuff it also made my eyes Red... and i read that one of the side effects of this stuff it can make you eyes sunken , well before i started this i had some fat loos under the eyes but it has become way worse and deeper , now looking to fix that maybe with fillers.

9 Months after ..Dark Sunken eyes

I have lost about 60% of my natural lashes after stopping ..

Finally I fixed the problem

In Feb 2015 I have had fillers under my eye to fix the sunken look .. it looks great
as far as the lashes .. i would rather have no lashes than to use Latisse , i learned my lesson the hard way .. as you can see in my new and last photo my lashes looking great .. i have used castor oil for sometime and it helped but i started using biotin for my hair and i noticed it helped great deal with my lashes too... I use retin A around my eyes too from time to time and it is helping,final though if you can use natural stuff go for it .. stay away from Latisse.
all the best.

Is it worth it ???? NO

Latisse was cheap to try and it cost me $1000 dollars to fix the problems it created and the pain of looking terrible for more than a year .. i am happy i have had it corrected with fillers .

How is my eyes are looking now .. Xmas 2015

I guess my photo says it all .. I love how my eyes are looking now .. I got my natural lashes back and the filler under the eyes make my eyes look fresh and younger ..
I guess i could say Thank you to Latisse for teaching me that i can have a nice lashes naturally ... what i still use every day is Biotin 10000 mcg ... and every night before bed time a mix of castor oil and argan oil .. thats it ... .. it works for sure .. keep at it .. all the best.
and here is a photo taken this Xmas 2015.
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