40% Glycolic Acid Peel at Home from Joelle Cosmetics VS Skin Obsession 40% At Home Glycolic- San Diego, CA

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Okay so it has been 4 full days since my at home...

Okay so it has been 4 full days since my at home peel with the 40% Glycolic acid. Now when I applied the acid initially it burned like hell!! (I had gotten a peel done about a week and a half before by an esthetician, however it didnt burn as much it was just a strong tingle then.) Even though it was very hot! It was not unbearable, i sat in front of my ac blowing on it to withstand the time. At the spa she kept the peel on for over 10 mins easy.
Day 1
The peel was so strong i couldn't make it past the 6.5-7 min mark! I looked in the mirror and my face was bright red and swollen in some areas where it appeared to start to blister, I immediately rinsed the acid with tepid water. The burning didn't subside much so i neutralized with baking soda and water. The burning continued, I started to freak out and got in the shower and just sat my face in the water and let it run. This helped after a few mins the burning stopped and it just felt as if i had raw skin or wet a bad sunburn.

My face was still bright red at this point and was a little hot and irritated as you can imagine, There were a few blisters and they were noticeable (DON'T POP THEM! pat them dry, they will break open in their own), I started to worry that I made a mistake on timing or shouldn't have used this brand. I immediately applied emu oil (and a lot of it!!) to my face and left it alone for the rest of the night.

Day 2
I applied the peel late (8pm) the nigh before so my skin was still a little red and irritated. I did not wash my face just rinsed while in the shower in the morning, at this point the soft blisters open and the skin beneath exposed from the steam. I applied more emu oil after patting dry gently. Put on a hat and rolled up my tinted windows!! (No Sun! No Sun!)

Day 3
I looked terrible! and it is itchy!
Spots of red and brown everywhere!! I was sure i ruined my skin! After reading other testimonials realized it was just a part of the healing process. My skin stared to scab a little on the jawline where i had some problems with blackheads and hyper-pigment but they were brown scabs not dark hard black ones, alos around my nostril and a little on the forehead. Im still applying emu oil 4x a day rinsing with tepid water and washed hands each time before (even at work). I know it sounds like a lot but i feel the skin should be clean before adding any product!
That night after work i took an extremely hot bath for a long time!! the heat and steam will help the skin heal faster. I applied a soap free organic coconut cleanser and just let it sit on my face (i didn't rub too much) And i noticed the brown spots turned soft and with just a gentle wet washcloth stared to come off!! Underneath was beautiful soft pinkish skin! (By the way I am multi-racial 1/2 White, 1/4 African american, !/4 Dominican I am a med/deep tan color with olive undertones and sensitive skin!) I introduced rose hip oil in combo with my reg emu oil as i was running out of emu and called it a night.

Day 4
Still a little itchy!! LOL
A little flaking this morning when applying moisturizer and rose hip oil, pinkish spots start to calm and fade into a light tan color. Obvious resurface of skin on cheeks! It looks amazing! there are still some raw spots and a few scabs that have not loosened up to come off. Now i used the coconut cleanser in the am and the pm remember (No soap! and moisture! moisture! moisture). This evening i introduced Cortizone 10 cream w/aloe and the rose hip before bed to help with the itching.

Day 5 (Today!)
So the itching is not nearly as bad, There is still some flaking that should only last maybe 2 more days or so my pink spots continue to subside ( by the way yesterday and today i liberally applied 40 spf each time before i went outside, No sun!, No sun!)
All in all i can see why you need to do a process of peels it reveals the skin underneath which sometimes is not always even there will be some places that respond more than others and wont know where they were until your skin heals. This is my 2nd peel and i will continue with the other 4, which i'll do at home every 1.5 - 2 weeks apart (probably 2), and will update with pics!!

So the 40% peel is safe for skin with pigment i.e. tan to light brown skin. My god sister is Iranian and African american more of a cocoa skin tone and i do not think this would be appropriate for her as her deeper tone heals differently. Maybe a lighter peel like 15-20% would be okay for exfoliation.

I'll update in 3 mos!!

Next peel... This time w/ Skin obsession acid 40% /Retinoic Acid 5% and a different application method!!!!

I know, I know it has been a very long time since my last peel. Hmmm.....About a month now!
Reason being that the peel from last time, (where the blistering occurred) I popped one between my eye brows and a spot on my cheek scarred and i could definitely tell that was the reason they were there. So I decided to give my skin a little more time to thicken in those damaged areas!!

This is my 2nd at home peel but my 3rd peel in total!!

This peel hurt a lot less!
Reason being I think because I not only switched acid to a bit more expensive from skin obsession i also diluted the acid with a little purified water to bring the potency down to about a 30% peel (just a little water!!!!)
I did however leave it on for longer than the peel before but I also had a much better reaction as far as pain was concerned.

I used an acrylic make up brush and sparingly applied the acid instead of soaking a cotton ball and applying.
This gave me a much more even peel, wiping the excess acid from the brush in a shot glass.
This time I also used a 5% retinoic acid post peel. (Retinoic acid you leave on as long as possible)
Same after care procedure,
My skin doesn't look nearly as scary as the first at home round!!!!
Ill stick to this method for 2 more peels and will just stop diluting after I know my skin has become accustomed to the lesser strength. :) chao!!

Pics from 1st peel Joelle cosmetics

Joelle Cosmetics

Day 2 after Skin Obsession Peel

As you can see it was a much more even peel, much less damage and areas of concentration are on the unwanted marks. Much better indeed!!

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