At Home Peels - for 12 Mos. - Skin Changes & Improvements!!!

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Hi Everyone! I have been doing peels at home for...

Hi Everyone! I have been doing peels at home for at least a year - that's when I started taking photos to document any and all changes. I have done a variety of peels - but mostly stick with Glycolic. I started at 20% and over time have gone up in strength - now at 50% (where I have seen the most drastic changes, most quickly). I have also used a peel called Radiance Peel - from MakeupArtistsChoice - a very reputable, wonderful company that I buy all of them from. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put a link to their site...if that is allowed, I will - as I have a 25% off coupon for anyone who wants it. I have done 1 TCA peel as well at 12.5% - and this helped, but it caused my skin to look crepey and old for a few days, then lightly peeled off. If I am to do it again in the future, I will let it go deeper and have more peeling, since the downtime is difficult (yet worth it!). I have found that using Glycolic peels are HIGHLY effective though.

I started taking pictures a year ago - because I really wanted to see if things were changing with my skin. I also began using a high percentage sunblock on my face religiously since I started the peels (this is a necessity). I haven't been consistently doing them like every set number of days or weeks. I have been fairly consistent though - I think every couple of weeks at least I do one. It's hard to tell the changes without taking photos - so please do that as well! About my skin - I am 32, dry inflamed skin with very large pores. Blackheads and whiteheads were very common - and these weird grain-like things sticking out of my pores used to be common and I could not get rid of them until now. I had bumps under my eyes (still do - but significantly improved) and I didn't know until seeing these side by side, that the smile lines and under eye bags were pretty indented - and almost swollen looking vs. now. I was surprised to see that some wrinkle lines under my eyes are just gone. Wow..I didn't really realize I got that close to the eye - but obviously it is working! I am now just working on keeping the skin clear and get rid of any extra hyperpigmentation.

If I have more progress photos I will post them! If you have any questions, please ask!
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