Post Partum Mom Using Home Derma Rolling for Stretched Skin

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I am making this account for accountability...

I am making this account for accountability purposes and to help other women in my shoes. I have two children and am 8 months post Partum. My son left my stomach with sagging skin and very subtle stretchmarks. I don't care about the stretchmarks Bc they are so tiny but the sagging skin bothers me when I am naked. I am using the Vaughtner method from her website. I started 12/10. I am rolling 1.5mm every 3 weeks and .5 mm 3-5 times a week. Followed with vitamin C serum, and infadolan creme. I am also using a caffeinated lotion on the days I don't needle. I will keep posting!


I WOULD LIKE TO ADD HOW I AM PERFORMING THE TREATMENT: that way if I have misunderstood the PDF someone can correct me.
1- I sanitize the roller before and after each treatment by soaking it in hydrogen peroxide for 6 minutes.
2- I clean my skin and wipe with alcohol
3- I do 7 strokes up and down and right and left with the roller pushing as far as I can stand it. No blood yet. With every stroke, I lift the roller off and reapply it so to target different areas each time.
4- I splash water and pat dry with a clean paper towel. Not a towel which harbors germs. Then I apply vitamin C serum followed by infadolan creme.

I think I see a change in 3 days!

I can't believe I am already seeing a change. I took this picture this morning on an empty stomach. The original BEFORE pic was taken after a meal. The flatter the stomach is the worse the wrinkles are... And yet it seems there is an improvement ! Both are taken with the same filter in a windowless room.

10 days later

And i definitely see some improved elasticity. They say that collagen takes months to form so I don't know why I am seeing some results already ??? Could it be that my skin is just returning back to normal anyway? Hmmmmm I don't care I just want this skin tighter.

Have given up on the roller for now

I lost another 5-10 lbs since I started this and my skin is like 5 times more saggy. I also have a hernia so log story short I'm getting a TT. But!!! The very subtle stretchmarks I had are now gone or nearly invisible to the naked eye. So I think for stretchmarks this method works. For extreme loose skin it does not.
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Me. Using iBook downloaded from Sarah Vaughtner.

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