Dermaroller Treatment - Used on Stretch Marks on Stomach- Dry Brush/scrub/vitamin A&e Emu, Coconut Oil

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I have children and I want to treat my stretch...

I have children and I want to treat my stretch marks I've had for over 10 years. Since I haven't seen any postings on any Dermaroller treatment on stretch marks on the abdomen, I am posting my photo after 1 and 2 months of treatment. I roll 2-3x a week, dry brush before every bath, exfoliate with a homemade scrub, apply vitamins a&e mixed with emu and coconut oil. This photo is after 1 month of treatment. I have been treating this for 6 months now and will post 3-6 months.

I plan on having Fraxel done on my stomach at some point in the near future. I want to dermaroll a little bit more before I spend $$ on Fraxel.

If any medical professionals/nurses/other can help me on the following questions: Will microneedling help prep the skin for when I plan to do Fraxel ? I know they are two totally different methods for stretch marks. Should I stop microneedling before I do Fraxel ? Should I continue microneedling once Fraxel treatment is done ? Should I do ablative, non-ablative or hybrid ?

Derma roller at 4 months

Here is what my stomach looks like at 4 months. At this point, I rolled 1-2x week and dry brushed, exfoliate rubbed oils everyday.

Dema roller at 5 months

My stomach at 5 months. I noticed when I roll to much or to frequent, my skin got a little dark so I would wait until my skin healed (got back to it is normal color) until I resumed rolling.

I still continued to dry brush/exfoliate and apply oils everyday, twice a day.

At this point, my skin feels a lot smoother. But you can still visibly see the scars.

6 month uodate

After being on travel for the last 3 weeks, I've started rolling twice a week and applying a combination of coconut oil/vitamin a and e oils, dry brushing my marks before every shower and using a scrub on my marks. I can still see them but they have faded quite and they are a lot smoother. Will keep updating this post.


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