40 Y/o Hopeful to Tighten the Skin

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On Jan 6 I tried 2.0 dermaroller alng the jawline,...

On Jan 6 I tried 2.0 dermaroller alng the jawline, chin, forehead, some cheek area, temples/crow's feet. I pressed rather than rolled on the chin, and forehead , and temples because of pain. I pressed and gently rolled over jaws, and some lower cheek area. It is where my skin is peeling off, and flaking off now. Its very red there too.
Any idea when redness is going to subside?

Still visibly redder.

Im putting it down to Retin-A ive started using. I guess I'll take a few day break from the tretinoids.

redness is gone for good

I guess I must take it for granted i need at leat 4 days downtime after dermarolling wirg 2.0 mm needles.

I've started 0,05

No redness, no stinging. I even started to worry something isn't quite right but realized it is a good idea I share what I do besides tretinoid application.
After my face dries completely I speard the cream with tret. all over it generously ( besides upper eye lids). I take a few minutes letting the cream absorb. Afterwards I apply plenty of rich scent-free cold cream. I have no air conditioning/heating in my bedroom.
In the morning I feel my skin is pretty dry and tight anyway.

1.5 mm over the neck

I did some gentle dermarolling over my neck despite bruising on the face ( restylane) (5.02.16). No numbing cream , as usual, the intensity of pressure- moderate.

2 and 3 mm dermapens, and two 3 mm dermarollers- purchase

I'm awaiting the delivery now.
I figured that since I am confined to the vicinity of my apartment so much I may try 3 mm dermaroller on my stretchmarks ( bum).
Besides, I hope that 2 mm dermapen will be easier to use on my face than the 2 mm dermaroller.
It may take months before I endeavour to try 3 mm dermapen along the jawline though.

Dermastamps and rollers arrived

I'll try 3.0 mm on my buttocks and the scar ( ankle) on Friday afternoon, and 2.00 stamp along the jawline on Friday night.

3.00 mm

Looks scary. I used 3 mm stamp along the jawline, corners of lips, on the chin. Strangely, it felt fine. I went on to use 2.00 mm stamp all over the forehead, and it wasn't pleasant. Finally, I applied 1.5 mm dermaroller on the neck.
Overall, stamp is hardly painful. I'm taking an 8 week break for the face , and 4 week- neck.
I'm still sceptical. Hope to see some positive results.

24 hours later or so

I feel no crust unlike when I was using 2 mm dermaroller. The ink explanation I can think of is that I used 3 mm stamp way to gently.
I'm going to redo 3 mm same intensity stamping around 13 March.
I tried rolling over my buttocks too. Way too painful so I stamped 3 mm roller gently. I guess I may redo it in a week.

1.5 mm to rejuvenate, and tighten

the skin on my forearms, arm, inner thighs and bum. I have some stretchmarks too so maybe I'll see some improvement in this depatment. I'll find out. The downside is that there is hardly any pain with this needle length so I was slightly worried an hour ago that I overdid the procedure. When touching my face, I am extra gentle.

Rolled over the body 1.5 mm

everywhere except the abdomen, and the back.
I get the feeling the skin doesn't look very good.

Threw out all dermarollers I bought

I realized i was doing more harm than good as my skin is sensitive. I consider this whole microneeding mess I got myself into to be a waste of time and money.
The only results i saw was erytheme, swelling, and more visible capillaries.
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