New Version Cosmelan on Moderate Melasma/sun Spots

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About me: my melasma/sun spots first came out...

About me: my melasma/sun spots first came out about 7 yrs ago, probably due to the pill, but I am not sure. Previously I tanned beautifully, always with the sunscreen (type 3). Now my skin has horrible dark sun spots, even with SPF 50 or 100, within the first 20 min in the sun. Once I am back from beach holidays they fade significantly, but never completely, and if I do a series of peels (all very well tolerated, good results, no down-time), even better and faster. This autumn I did Mesoestetic peels (50%) and they worked quite well, I can hide the dark spots easily with a thin layer of make up, but this is not enough ;).

So I found out about Cosmelan. The price of 700€ for someone just putting on the mask and letting me go seems exaggerated to me. I also know a lot about my skin, it's years I am researching and I am the one dealing with it on a daily basis. So I hope I am right to do it myself.

After long deliberations, researches on Internet etc. decided to buy my pack online from a Portuguese website. The website itself seemed credible, selling many famous brands, having followers on FB (checked even some profiles of people who evaluated the website), mainly positive comments (negative concentrating on delivery times etc., but never the quality of the products).

The pack I received looked original, I even made tens of comparisons with official photos online, colour of the product, packaging etc. Nothing said the product shouldn't be original. Despite all this, I first tried it on a small patch of my ankle ;). No reaction whatsoever, no redness, itching, peeling.

Wednesday, 10 December, 19h15. Applied 2/3 Cosmelan 1 on my entire face concentrating on my forehead, where all of the dark sun spots are. Put a very thin layer around the mouth, which is generally sensitive to the peels, wind etc. and where there is no need for depigmentation. Slight stinging sensation occurred nearly immediately and one hour after it is still here. Although now it is more of tightness (maybe just the mask drying and pulling the skin).
Thursday, 11 December 03:35. Wake-up to wash the mask off. The mask stayed perfectly on, everywhere. But My face is totally normal, not red at all, not burning, nothing. Put Hydra-vital factor K creme and went back to bed.
Thursday, 11 December 07:00. Woke-up and went to check the face. Nothing. MAYBE slightly tighter, slightly more sensitive to the touch, but no redness, no burning. Had a shower and decided to put Cosmelan 2 right away. No burning. After 15 min applied factor K and ISDIN SPF 100. On top - a bit of Bareminerals Original makeup. All this made a considerable layer, having in mind that my face was not burning or dry, I really wondered whether I needed the Factor K.
Went to work. The whole day my face was the same. I think I felt some very slight tightness or difference, but that's it. Very slight. By the evening I only started feeling some minor irritation close the the eye area, although my mask was well far from eyes.
In the evening did a good research and that's what I found out: the miracle Cosmelan that many people talk about is the old one with hydraquinone. This component is forbidden in the EU, so the mask you buy in Europe does not contain it. On the other hand, also in the US, Mesoestetic had changed the formula and now people talk about "old" and "new" Cosmelan. Mostly they say that the "new" one has no effect. Furthermore, a third MD version ("hybrid") is also mentioned for the US, which probably contains hydraquinone again. But in Europe it is definitely not available. So now I know what's my problem.
More research. Results: some doctors use the new formula with success if they first do quite a powerful peel (just before), the same for touch-up in 4 weeks. Besides, they ask to leave the mask for much longer(some said 16 hrs). And there's a third method I found across and decided to try.
Thursday, 10 December 22:30. Back from my long day, washed the face and checked it. Nothing, all calm ;). I take the remaining 1/3 of the Cosmelan 1 jar and apply most of it to the problem area-the forehead and the remaining thin layer to the rest of the face, except mouth and chin (everybody says they peel there like crazy and I don't need=don't want). Then I cover it all with food wrapping film, so the mask doesn't dry. I will leave it for 8 more hours. According to the few people who said they had success with this new "slower" Cosmelan, this is the way to go. The only thing that differed was whether they did the second mask the next day, a week after or in a month. But covering with film was essential. Btw, when I applied the mask the slight burning was a bit stronger, but in less that one hours it is the same as yesterday.

After the second mask

Friday, 11 December 07:00 a.m. Woke-up to remove the mask after I applied it the next day following the first. The food wrapping film kept it moist all night (8 hours). By the morning, I felt no more stinging or burning. When washing my face I could still see the same result as yesterday - no redness, no burning, no tightness. Slightly more sensitive to the touch, maybe even a bit more than yesterday, but definitely not hurting. After showering applied Cosmelan 2. This time I had a very weak burning sensation. In 15 applied Factor K and sunscreen. When putting on my sunscreen I noticed very very thin peeling on the chin and the bridge of the nose (where, btw, yesterday I didn't even put any mask). But very thin layer in a dime-size area. So again put my BareMinerals on and off to work. Let's see what the next days bring, but I am very sceptical whether I will have any major result.
If you are interested in all the debate on "new" and "old" Cosmelan, try reading this
It appears that many people had similar experience and I feel a bit stupid now when I was so carefully planning my off work time etc and was so scared of not being able to go outside and exercise.

Next days... Looks like it's working

Friday 11 December 21:00. Not going out, so washed my face and prepared for the ritual. The face is still not red, everything fine. Applying Cosmelan 2, however, burns significantly. Felt the need to re-apply Hydra vital factor K for a second time around 23:00.

Saturday 12 December 08:00. My cheeks are peeling slightly. Cosmelan 2 burns (in my scale strongly, in the scale of more sensitive people probably too much). When applying my ISDIN sunscreen with colour I notice that actually not only my cheek, but the whole face is peeling. This is a nice peel, if you put no make-up would not be noticeable. Time to change the sunscreen, I suppose. I hope that my skin will get much better in the meantime, so I will not have to feel bad of going out without make-up.

Sunday 13 December. Actually yesterday evening I managed to put some hydrating make-up (after showering dead skin was cleaned) and it stayed quite well. This morning there was more peeling,still quite invisible without make-up. The face is quite red though and a couple of people asked me whether I was in the sun. Nothing too embarrassing, but when exercising the face turned very very red and sweat is burning similarly to Cosmelan 2. Actually, applying Cosmelan 2 or Vital factor K cream burns the same way, but just for few minutes. My skin is also quite tight now and I need to apply Cosmelan very quickly after washing the face, because it gets very dry immediately. I still don't need to apply hydrating cream too often (after Cosmelan 3 x day+ one or two more times for more confort). I have also noticed that skin on one of my cheeks turned darker, which means a serious peel I suppose. Good that I can take my days off at the last moment, because if this serious peel is to happen on the whole face (and I don't know when, because for me it doesn't correspond with other people's experience), I would prefer to stay in ;)

"New" Cosmelan on Moderate Melasma/sun Spots

Tuesday, 15 December. I peeled quite a lot yesterday, except the forehead. Still manageable, not too visible without make-up. My skin looks much nicer though, especially on the cheeks. It's new and has a healthy glow. The dark spots on the forehead are still slightly visible, but so much lighter, even if I didn't nearly peel there. I go to work without make-up and for a first time in so many years feel OK with that.

90% dark spots gone_still peeling slightly

Monday, 21 December - chin and mouth peels moderately nearly every day, cheeks - every few days, skin around eyes is a bit sensitive... 90% of spots on the forehead are gone despite of practically no peeling (btw, on 16 December applied think layer of Cosmelan 2 on several spots on the forehead and left overnight - 8 h - covered with food-wrapping plastic, it peeled there in 2 days and revealed beautiful skin).

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