25% TCA Peel

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Ever since I can remember I had light freckles...

ever since I can remember I had light freckles that I always tried to conceal with makeup. I have been looking into doing a chemical peel for over a year now. I decided to go big or go home and do a 25% tca peel. The freckles are faded Immensely if not eliminated. Just waiting for redness to subside

Tca peel #2

This is the photo diary of my second 25% tca chemical at home that I ordered from skin obsession. The results i received from the first peel were absolutely amazing. The freckles I had were 95% gone. For the first time EVER I was comfortable to leave the house with no makeup and to be bare faced around my boyfriend of 2 years. I did this second peel to enhance the results:)

Day 2

I just went over he skin underneath my eyebrows since I had not done it yesterday.
The rest of my face is pretty red and sore. The freckles are darkened and those will peel off at the end. Can't wait!
Just washed my face with cerave face wash and applied my cerave AM moisturizer mixed with a little neosporin.
Don't mind my bruises lips. I had lip injections yesterday as a 20th birthday present to myself.

Day 2

Day 3

Skin is very tight and crepey. I have some light peeling beginning on my chin. Based on my previous experience I should be all peeled within the next 2 days!!

Day 4

Significant amount of peeling today. I also move the process along by taking a hot shower and washing my face for about 10 minutes straight. This safely removes the loose skin. I wash my face with my finger tips in circular motions to loosen/rub off the skin.

My lips are super bruised ignore that

Tca peel #2 results

Hi everyone sorry I forgot to post the last day following my second 25% tca peel. It has been about a week since the peel completed. I'm very happy with the results. I have barely been wearing makeup at all I just don't feel the need to other than covering some red spots.

25% tca peel #3

It has been almost 2 months since my last peel. I am coming in again to maintain results and improve texture of the skin.
Ive been breaking out recently as shown in the photos. I did my face in sections starting with the forehead. I left the peel on each section for 3 minutes until I saw frosting. Applied cerave moisturizer mixed with some neosporin.

Day 2

Tight skin and light peeling on right cheek near mouth

Day 3

More peeling
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