25% Home TCA Peel - California, CA

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I purchased skin obsessions 25% TCA Peel and...

I purchased skin obsessions 25% TCA Peel and performed the peel on my face, chest, back and stomach in series.
I followed the directions it came with for 3-5 mins for the face and two application's of 10 mins each for the body. I only removed the product from the spots that frosted before the suggested times.
Bottom line, I have wonderful results. My goal was only to even skin tone and refresh the look of my skin, which was achieved. Based on my results, I would say 3 peels at this strength would help those with mild scarring, but since I was not removing scars I'm only making an inference.
Two weeks post peel, and my face is completely flake free and seems to continually look more youthful each day. The skin on my body has had the same reaction and is very smooth and soft.
It's interesting to read all the comments from dermatologists etcetera, stating negative comments on performing this procedure yourself. I can see how in the wrong hands putting acid on your skin could go horribly wrong, but I believe those cases are individuals that do not follow directions.
For those considering an at home peel, my sincere advise is simply do not be a moron.
Research your skin type and typical reactions from different peels, watch videos showing before and afters of individuals with skin similar to yours and who used the product you want to try.
Follow the directions of your product to a T.
These are the steps I took. My profile pic features my skin post peel.

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