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My It Works wraps came in the mail today so I'm...

My It Works wraps came in the mail today so I'm going to review my progress. I've read a lot of mixed reviews and a lot of comments that followed them. To be clear on mine; I do not work for it works, I will follow all instructions on package, there will be no hinky angles or camera tricks. Just an honest review. I've spent more money than I want to admit on diet/weight loss fads. So if it works then I'd love to spread the word, if it doesn't id like others to save their money.
I had a baby 17mo ago so I have a lot of lose skin in my stomach I hope the wrap works on. I'll post my before pics, but don't's are damaging lol. I even wore as loose of clothing as I could so the pics would be accurate.
My review so far: the product is messy to put on. Not a big deal. As women we deal with plenty of goopy situations. It has a slight menthol smell which you can feel the coldness of it on your skin. A little irritating, but I don't like menthol.
Simple enough though. Wash skin, place on body, wear tight clothing to keep it in place. I Put a tighter fitting cami on and it's working fine.
Will update in 45 mins. The package says to only keep the first one on 45min Max to see how it reacts with your

Wrap 2 - It Works body wrap

I did my 2nd body wrap yesterday. Can't say I saw miracles. I looked very closely at the before and after I was looking for Waldo. Lol. Maybe after the 3rd I'll see a change. Maybe you see a change? The skin on my lower stomach is a little tighter. Guess we'll see in 3 days what the next wrap brings

3rd wrap - upped my game...

So I talked to an acquaintance yesterday who used to sell the wraps and claims they did wonders for her. So I got to thinking, is there a "best method" to these things? The packaging offers multiple options for covering the wrap, but not much detail otherwise.
I took my question to the all knowing Google and came across a page where a lady claimed her method gave a 95% success rate! Now that's a bold statement, so I thought I'd follow her instructions for my 3rd wrap to see if my results could be better. Because so far I'm not impressed.
Her advise you can find on this blog:
Her steps in a lot less words are:
1-take before photos
2-take a warm shower to open pores, no soap
3-apply the wrap and cover in Saran wrap and something tight (ace bandage, swimsuit, etc) apparently compression helps
4-average optimal wrap time is 3-4hrs. No more than 8
5- drink 2 bottles of water during wrap time. Wrap Day and in between days, drink half your body weight in water (I.e. 200lbs = 100oz water)
6-when you take the wrap off, rub the remaining lotion in. Do not wipe off, do not shower.
7-take after photo.
8-don't eat crappy and negate results.

Well still no miracle. I know that water is the key to all weight loss. So I'll keep up the water intake over the next 3 days and see if it makes a difference. I kept the wrap on for 5hrs wrapped in suran and a tight cami over.. One more wrap to go..not expecting much..

Wrap 4

I forgot to post an update, I did wrap 4 72hrs after wrap 3. Followed the same rules as before. There was no change. I measured and took pics. I'm on autoship for a min 3 months so I have another box shipping out tomorrow. I'll give it another go and see what happens.

Next Round - Wrap 1

Did wrap one today of round 2. Downed 60oz water from when I woke up till when I took the wrap off at 1:00pm. Still drinking water. I forgot to take my before measurements but my after stomach was 42". Ugh. This much water intake will help even if the wraps don't. Anyways, here are my pics so far, will post again in 3 days.

2nd wrap - no change

I took before and after shots as well as measured. Nothing has changed. Maybe the wraps helps tighten loose skin on skinny people, but I carry weight and the wraps don't work. I'll probably do the final two because I have them. But I won't buy again.
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Myself with It Works wraps

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