Derma Roller 3.0mm Just Started Hope to See Improvement After Few Treatments - British Columbia

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So I just started using a Derma roller 3.0mm for...

So I just started using a Derma roller 3.0mm for my super deep acne scars..
These photo was taken 5 days after my first treatment.
I will post more pictures after my second tx to see if there is any results.
I used a numbning cream cause 3.0mm is the deepest one, and I tell you after the topical anesthesia effect is gone... it is so painful... but it doesn't last long... after 10 to 20 mins the tingling pain decreases.

this is the derma roller that I used

540 titanium microneedle derma roller 3.0mm

Numbning Cream

Creams after treatment

3 days after 2nd treatment

Time to update here is my before and after picture...
3 days after my 2nd treatment
i dont know if it just me but I can see a difference hope it will really improve my scarring... Cant wait for my 3rd treatment yay!!! ^_^

3 days after my 2nd treatment

After 10 days of my second treatmen ^_^

This is after 10 days of my second treatment looking better isn't??? ^_^

I change my needle to 2.0mm guys :)

Just to avoid more confusion and violent reaction (Joke) LOL I went down from 3.0mm to 2.0mm thank for those concerned persons who educate me about the danger od using 3.0mm luckily I didn't damage my skin ^_^
I change the tittle of the review so No one else will used 3.0mm
On their face lile what I did :)
Hope you guys have a wonderful New year God bless everyone ^_^
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