Almost 2 years since TT.

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Hi! I have been stalking this site for a few weeks...

Hi! I have been stalking this site for a few weeks now reading all your experiences. I have made my TT with muscle repair surgery also hernia repair tentatively for May 29th. Meeting with the PS next Thursday with a million more questions before I decide. I had 2 girls (7&4) via csection. Gave birth with both at 225. Now I weigh 140 5'6". I have stretch marks and of course the stretched out nasty skin! So want this but so nervous about the pain of course. Although I had a breast reduction at 16yrs old with hardly any pain. Lots of minor surgerys also. So right now want it but still a little nervous. I do go to the gym 4-5xs a week which I hope is going to help in the healing process. Ok that's me! Any info would be greatly appreciated! :)

It's getting real!!!! Signed consent :))

Ok so I had my second consult today with the same PS, wanted to have questions answered etc. He was wonderful and answered most questions before I even asked! So decided to make it real and sign the consent for surgery!! May 29th is the date for sure now!! I'm scared and excited, just hope I have as great result as he says I am going to. So TT with MR and a little lipo possibly on upper abdomen. He said he will get rid of all my stretch marks also which put a smile on my face :))). Only thing was that he said the scar may be a tab higher then my csection scar which is fine, my scar is super low anyway. So now the countdown begins!!! My daughters communion is the 18th and her party is the 23rd, so lots to keep me busy in between :) any advice on things I may need is def appreciated :) love real self community!

Under a month to go!!!

I can't believe it's less then a month away!!! My time is 7:30am, so first thing in the morning ! Unless I chicken out between now and then :) I am scared and excited!!! Posted photos in workout clothes, oh how well I hide that ugly belly underneath!

Not sure exactly what I need after surgery.. Advice, lists?

Ok so my surgery is right around the corner and I feel so unprepared!!! My daughter is making communion, and we are having a party for her and basically that's what I have been concentrating on and have nothing for after the surgery :/
I have a recliner already but that's about it! Loose fitting clothing I saw people wrote, laxatives? What else? Any advice is appreciated :) I almost backed out due to guilt :( I feel horrible not being able to take care of my 7&4 yr old girls. All the housework getting done.. Dinner..I'm just so overwhelmed and nervous.

5 days away!!!!

I can not believe how fast time has gone! In 5 days I will be going in for my surgery. Still nervous about my kids being without my help. Hubby is on board, but I think he's nervous also. Just hope I'm making the right decision!! Still not sure exactly what I need for after. My couch has auto recliners so hoping that I can sleep on that. My mom will be with me for the first 5 days, so she can cook for the kids :) any info or advice is appreciated!

9 hrs until I'm on the flat side!

I can't believe it's finally here! Trying to get all that last minute stuff done, laundry, food prep etc. hope I'm not missing anything. The nerves are starting to now kick in big time. Hope I am able to sleep tonight. Keep thinking about waking up in pain, which is what's making me worry the most. How bad is the pain upon waking up from anesthesia? I expect to feel something, just hope it's not terrible. Looking forward to my mom being here in the evening tomorrow, and helping with the kids. Thank you again to all the real self TT support, it has helped me get to this point!! See you on the flat side :)))) xoxo

On our way to the hospital

We are on out way to the hospital. My nerves have taken over and I have been in and out of the bathroom (sorry for tmi) since 5am!! Ugh!! Well at lest I will be cleaned out before going in. Lots of emotions going on. My 4 yr old is with us this morning to bring me because we didn't have anyone to take her so early. So my husband won't be able to stay with me while they prep me, but I should be ok. I am saying a few prayers that all goes well so whoever reads please pray for me for no complications. Ok that's all for now. I took a few more before pics to remind me why I'm doing this.

On the flat side!!!! :)

I'm home and attempting to rest. Surgery went well my doctor said. He called me a little bit ago to check in and talk to me. He is such a calm relaxed doctor and that's one reason I chose him because he made me feel so comfortable. I have the binder on and 2 drains. One drain doesn't look like it's draining, I hope it's ok. So I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair, he was possibly going to do lipo on upper abdomen, but didn't because he said I didn't need it, hope he's right!

As for pain I'm sore, not to to bad though. Nausea was the worst for me. I got out of recovery ok, then nausea set in, had the patch behind my ear as well as meds in my iv, but it never fails that I get nauseous. So they kept me at the hospital for 4hrs after my surgery until it wasn't horrible and we could drive home. I was given Percocet and an antibiotic , so far so good. My appt is Tuesday so I won't be able to see anything until then. Will update how my night was tomorrow. Hope it's not to bad.

I want to thank all the people supporting me through this, it has helped me get to this point :)????

First night after surgery

Well I'm doing great! Fingers crossed it stays this way!! Got home and relaxed on the couch. Worst part was the screaming and yelling from my daughters, lol. My mom came and cooked dinner and helped me up and down and emptying my drains. I went to bed around midnight and slept until 3, woke took a pain pill and back to bed until 7. This morning I'm still not in much pain. Don't really hunch over. I have a walker which is great also. Going to eat somethjng small and help with my mom with getting my older daughter off to school. My drains aren't draining much though. Last night at 11pm one was 20cc and the other about 10. Today it looks like maybe 10cc and 5... Is that normal? B

Haven't had a BM yet.

Hoping to have a BM by tonight! I been taking stool softener since Tuesday, but nothing yet. I have the smooth move tea, so if nothing by tonight I will be drinking some of that in hopes it works!

Other then that I'm still doing good. My mom took the kids to her house for the night so it's me, hubby and 2 dogs :) so nice and quiet. Will try to rest a little but not to tired. So just sit and watch tv. Ok will update later to tomorrow :)

Still feeling good :)

I'm still feeling pretty good, again just sore. I finally had a BM this morning and feel so much better now!! It's gorgeous outside so I'm a little down I can't go out and enjoy time with my girls. But I know there will be plenty of time for that in the next few weeks. Last night I slept pretty good, just up for my pain meds. This morning I only took one Percocet instead of 2, trying to ween off it. I. Still dying to see under my binder. I look super swollen in it, hope that's swelling and not me :/

Guilty can't enjoy playing outside with my daughters

Just added pictures of my girls, feel guilty I can't do much with them :(

So far so good

Tonight when my kids and husband got back from ice cream they were telling me things and had me laughing, and that hurt but was worth it. My older daughter is 7 1/2 and she helped me get washed up and changed into new clothes. She was so cute like a little nurse. Then my husband washed them up and got them in bed. That's usually my routine but he has been stepping up a lot more to make sure I don't over due things. Thankful for him understanding and for keeping the kids busy. Tomorrow my oldest is going to six flags with her friends family and my youngest to my inlaws. Hubs is fixing up the yard so when I'm ready I can enjoy the pool with the kids. It looks like a little resort so that's something to look forward to.

As for pain I'm pretty good , kind of feel more burning and a little pulling at the incision site I think. More on the left side though. Down to 1 Percocet every 4 hours and hopefully off them by Monday. Ok going to rest will add a photo of my backyard "resort" hubs is working on since I can't add any photos of me yet :)

My yard hubs is getting ready for when I'm healed

Enjoying the beautiful day!

So today with a little hesitation I agreed to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and gorgeous weather. My husband has the outdoor speakers playing and he's doing yard work and my youngest is playing with the dogs. Just sitting here taking it all in and just enjoying the day a lite bit :)

Feel swollen

Last night I started to feel tight and more swollen as usual. Didn't sleep very well either. This morning was the first without someone here to help me get the kids up and my oldest off to school. It was fine until my little one woke and demanded everything right now! She's going through a stage that's not to fun. By 9:15 I was beat and laced down. Slept for about an hour while she watched tv. Now she's playing in the basement ( finished with all her toys), so hopping she lasts down there a little bit for me to just relax. Thank god my husband called and said he will be home by 12:30, so that is going to be a help. Can't believe how fast I get tired, I was always one of those people that could keep going and going!! Ok going to rest a bit... Hate this swollen feeling!!

Doctor appointment

On my way to my appointment. Feel super swollen, can not wait to get a peek under this binder!!! I'm scared and anxious at the sane time. Just hope everything looks good, especially my belly button !! Ok if I can get a pic I will post it! :)

Photos without binder but still bandage

Ok here are photos without binder, but bandaged still, will shower later so I will get a pic without the bandage on :)

Got to shower!

Finally showered tonight :) washing my hair was the best! Just left it wet in braids to dry though. I am super swollen, I feel like I resemble a box, but I will not get upset yet since it's just 5 days. Muni vision looks super thin which I'm happy about, not sure of the belly button just yet.My binder was washed so waiting for it to dry now. I can't wait to get that back on!

Feeling upset

Well today I got a little upset. I removed my binder, and besides the horrible swelling, I see stretch marks :(. I am so upset I was crying by myself because I didn't want to sound ungrateful in front of my husband. My doctor said I may have a few small ones but low by the incision, which they are. But because my belly button is pretty low they are right by it. Now I know I won't be able to find a bathing suit that will cover them. I hoping that when my swelling goes down they won't be so noticeable but I'm not so sure.
Speaking of swelling I am never flat! Not even in the morning when I wake up! Is this normal? I have 2 drains, they don't drain much. Why have I never seem myself flat! I know it's only a week but I though I would at least be happy first thing in the morning..
I'm upset I can't fit in anything! I won't leave the house because nothing fits over the binder or drains.
Today must be my pity myself day. :(

7 days post op

Mot day I opened my binder to clean my BB, which I'm still not so sure of. And again looked at the stretch marks. I'm still not happy but I guess I should wait until I'm fully healed to decide how bad they are. Swollen still, it at least I think it's swelling since it's kinda hard. I am adding photos today, their not the best, one is close up of my stretch marks that reach my new BB, I again think my BB should have been raised an inch to avoid this but what's done is done..,.

Less swollen! Seeing results :)

So today I am so much less swollen when I got up! I was so happy to see donethjng positive as I was feeling down. I have my doc appt today to get at least one drain out, hoping for both but I know that's wishful thinking.. Lol. Not sure of my BB yet since it's gross now but hoping that looks good to! Adding photos so you can see the differance.. Update later :)

On my way to doctor

Well found something to wear, so on my way to the doctors! Update later :)

Drains still in... Ugh!

So my PS said I'm on the border of having them taken out so he said Monday he promises one will come out then on Thursday the second.. Oh well I guess it's for the best. As he said "once there out they can't go back in".. Lol so will hang I. There a few more days. Other them that he said all looks good, I saw my scar, it's slightly puckering so hoping that goes down. BB looks good, he cleaned it out and it looks much better. Ok that's all for now. Hanging at my moms with my husband, kids, brother and nephews. Relaxing and enjoying the gorgeous Jersey weather! Later real self ladies

Color run..

Well back in march before I decided on my TT, my husband and I signed up for the "color me rad" color run. It's a gorgeous day on the jersey shore, but I can't go obviously. He recruited my 7 1/2 yr old to go instead :) hope they have fun! Update later with more photos :)

Clothing over binder

Here's another top that thank god worked over the drains and binder.. When the drains are out it will hopefully be easier.. Don't have the energy to straighten my hair so I braid it and let it dry.. Much easier for me ;)

Feeling drains in my belly...

Ok so since Friday night I have been feign the drains rub around inside my stomach!! It's the worst most horrible feeling that I'm actually getting nausea oy from it. Anyone else experience this? It happens more when I'm walking up the steps. I hate it!!!

Got a drain out!!

Finally got one drain removed.. I was so scarred of it hurting.. Guess what, I felt nothing! So upset for nothing. So happy, can not wait to finally get the other removed. One step at a time, before I know it I will be at a month PO.. Have to keep telling myself to keep me sain! Tomorrow I will be driving my daughter to preschool so have to wear something to hide the wonderful binder(sarcasm).. I can't stand it because not only does my swelling hold me back from wearing my clothes but throw the binder in and it's another 5 inches. Going to try other garments tomorrow while my daughters at her 2 hrs of preschool, hope to find something I like! Ok will take photos tomorrow, if not then as soon as my other drain is out!! Thank you real self ladies for being so kind, and always making me feel better

Photos 12 days PO

Went to try on new compression garments to get am idea of what to get. Figured fitting room was a great mirror to get some photos.. Lol

Happier with my less swollen tummy today, but HATE seeing the stretch marks. I have a feeling also that I will not be able to find bikini bottoms to cover my scar :( again my BB was made way to low in my opinion. Is there a way to do a revision on just my BB? Will ask my PS on Thursday when I see him because I am upset with how close it is to the incision.

New photos 12 days PO


Back ache!

So today I decided I would clean my house, well the first floor at least... Well it took me about 3 1/2 hours and I was so sore . Sat for a bit, then had to keep my 4 yr old entertained until my 7 1/2 old got home from school.. Didn't stop there, had to quickly throw dinner together, do homework then we had a girls scout event tonight. Well I had to stand for 2 hours! I am now home, hunched with a back ache!!!! I guess today was a bit much and even though I'm feeling ok my body says to slow down. Tomorrow will def take it slower.
Can't wait for my doc appt to get the second drain removed tomorrow!! Yay!!
Ok going to relax now :)

Drains out!

Last drain removed today :) was so excited!! He said everything looks good and I can start scar treatments next week. He likes to use silicone strips so I ordered them online tonight. We spoke about my BB Aand he explained to me he didn't just place it where he thought was right, but that it gets place where the BB stalk actually is. I guess I'm just not used to seeing my tummy with out the rolls! So I will give it time as he said since a BB revision is not an easy thing to do. Scar looks great to,except on the left side where is looks like a small dog ear is developing :( but he said to give it time and we will reacess it after scar treatment.

Also got the ok to switch to a tank compression garment! Very excited since it's so much less bulky. When I'm home though I will where the original binder. Will add photos tomorrow :)

Photos 2 weeks PO

Got to take a drain free shower which was wonderful! Also got to clean my shower :) put up some photos, just not sure yet of the scar.. The ends are thicker, and the one side looks like a possible dog ear. BB seems to be closing a little which I'm nervous about to. Also hate the puffy lower belly. I hope it is swelling and not going to be like that :/

Daughters room

I always take the pictures in my daughters room, in case you thought I slept in a twin bed :) her mirror is easier to see everything better :)

When will my pants fit!!!!!

Hate that I can't wear any of my shorts, pants, skirts :( nothing fits.. I would think if it all fit before surgery it should at least fit after, regardless of swelling. Not sure what to do as I'm going back to work on weds next week. Not a happy girl right now!

BB infection?? Please let me know what you think!

My BB started hurting and little red dots are appearing by it.. I don't know if it's infected? Nervous.. I put neosporin on it and keep it clean.. What do you think? Should I call my PS after hours? Or wait?

Happy Father's Day!

It's Father's Day, and although I can't swim, I got into a one piece bathing suit (it was a very big one) so it covered my binder. My kids and husband are in and out of the pool so at least I can spend time with them semi normal.. Lol looking forward to when I can wear a two piece again and swim, but I know I have some time for that as I am s healing.
Anyone know about how long approx you have to wear the binder? 4-6 weeks? Just getting antsy with it! Well hope everyone is enjoying.. Here in NJ it's 82 and gorgeous out!

Bathing suit issues

So I went shopping for a new waist cincher thing today, figured I would try on bathing suits.. Well I wish I didn't :( nothing covers my scar and I hate the stretch marks, so besides the extra skin I'm exactly where I was a month ago.. Not feeling very positive anymore..


Ok so I posting a picture of the garment I decided on.. It's so much more comfortable, like a second skin. Not to mention makes me look a hell of a lot better then without.. They are $42, got 2 at kohls because they we're buy one get one half, plus I had all sorts of coupons so ended costing me $20 for both!!!! Black and nude. They stay in place perfectly also :)

19 days PO photos

Today was a busy day! I had 2 school parties so it was crazy.. Lol I got home by noon and passed out with my 4 yr old until 2:30!! I'm nervous because I go back to work tomorrow, hour drive to work, 5 hours there and hour home.. I know I will be beat! Ok here are some photos from this morning.. Still swollen but looks better. Still unsure if my BB is healing correctly.. It's so red and those red bumps!! Also my drain holes haven't closed yet, is that normal? How long until they are gone?

Infected drain holes??

I called my PS today because I think my drain holes are possibly infected.. It's been 2 weeks since one was removed and 1 week since the other.. They are red and itchy and I don't want to take any chances so off to the doctor tomorrow at 3:30, which means I have to pick my daughter up from school early.... The 2 girls get to come with me to the doctors.. Oh joy! LOL added photos of the area. Let me know what you think...

No infection just healing

Went to see my PS tonight and no infection At drain sites.. Just something irritating it.. Going back on Monday to check to see if it's any better.. My belly button he wasn't sure of, not that it's infected but the red dots around it seem to be growing in number... Will see on Monday if there are more, or same or better... Happy healing!

1 month since my TT

So today marks 4 weeks since my TT.. It has flown by that's for sure! I guess I though by the time I got to this point I would be flat and looking great. Not quite. I still am swollen , even when I wake up in the morning, or at least I hope it's swelling :/ it's hard so I'm thinking it is. I sleep in bed fine, just still don't go into my stomach yet, only side and back. My pants still don't close so is still wearing dresses or things that have stretch to them. No one notices I had a tummy tuck I guess because it was just skin removed not lipo. I'm ok with that.. So I guess nothing has really changed. I have started using the silicone strips, don't see so much of a differance just yet but we'll see. I was cleared to swim so I have been doing that with the kids. Also been walking 3-4 miles a day so hoping that I lose a few more lbs. going back to my PS in 1 month which is nice to not go every week :) Adding some photos also.

Liked the way this dress fit :)

Even though I'm swelling I liked the way this dress fit for work today, never wore it because my belly always would show thorough.. Happy I put it on today :)


Put a bikini on today, got a pick laying down only because that's when I thought about it.. Lol but still not so sure I would wear it in public just yet! It's mix matched until the hipster bottoms come in the mail.

6 weeks PO

Ok so today I 6 weeks PO. Here's what's going on

Still swollen morning is better but it's still going on all day long.
Bellybutton is still small and I have been trying to keep something in it to help shape it, but as soon as it's removed within 1 hour it's back to the same shape. Plan on talking to PS at my 2 month check.
Have been swimming and enjoying the summer sun.
Feel like my hips and butt are to big now, and want a little lipo but hubs said no right now :( lol
I sleep on my belly but it's still tender. I'm allowed to stop wearing compression but just not ready to with the swelling. I'm happy just not as happy as I thought I would be, and hoping what I say is swelling is actually swelling! Also still not loving those stretch marks..

New bikini

Got a new bikini.. Love the colors, my mom wants it! Lol.. Still swollen but ok with it for now.. Got a larger bottom :)

Gym .. Back at it!

Today was the first day back to the gym.. I used the elliptical for a half hour and ran for a half hour.. No compression garment but I wear a long workout tank that has some support. Felt great to get back and workout again!! And my swelling isn't any worse after it which I was really surprised about, same old swelling I always have! (That needs to go). I didn't use any weights at the gym yet, I used my free weights at home (5lbs ) on my arms just until mom comfortable with lifting anything heavier was a great little workout :) now I need some new cuter gym clothes :))

Could I still be swelling??

Ok so I am 7 weeks PO and when I look down all I see is a pooch! Am I still swelling? It's no different when I wake up in the morning to when I go to sleep at night! I wonder of this is just what I am left with :( my pants close but with a muffin top.. Not vet happy . I know I sound ungrateful but I thought I would have different results.

2 months since my TT

Can't get over how fast time has gone. It has been 2 months since my TT. I can't say I am as happy as I thought I would be. I still have swelling, and slightly sore. One thing is I have slight dog ears, and it's upsetting to look at. I have my next appt in Oct so we will readdress them and decide what to do then.

One thing I noticed since my TT is a weight shift. Anyone se have this problem? My butt and thighs have gotten full, and my upper arms and chest have gotten bigger. I'm absolutely not happy about this at all!! Could it be a weight shift? I'm upset as I thought my pants would get looser and they are tight. I am back at the gym 4-5xs a week, 1 hr cardio and some weights. I have been doing some an work but nothing crazy. I am still in dresses or skirts, my shorts are to tight everywhere so can't wear any :/

I guess there was more the expect with this TT then I thought. Now I have to try to get used to this new body that has taken on a complete change everywhere. I may have a flatter tummy but having everything else fill out is not what I expected :(.

On a better nite my BB has been taking a nicer shape so hoping for it to stay this way. Will add photos for all to see. I have silicone strips on first photo, then took them off for pics, you can see the marks after removal.

Beach day!

Dog ear

Picture of dog ear on my left side

Almost 10 weeks

Well at almost 10 weeks post op I am even more unhappy then ever... I will be calling my plastic surgeon tomorrow for an appt... Even my husband has agreed that I have a "roll" and fat not swelling. Thankful that he agrees with me. My pants are not even close to fitting. My upper thighs and butt are much thicker. I just can't believe this is turning into a nightmare. I started out just needing to remove excess skin, and wish I never did it! I don't know what exactly he is going to say to me when i go in for an appt but I'm hoping he has a magic answer for me. :( everyday is a struggle with trying to put clothes on, I go to the gym 5 days a week and work my ass off with 0 results... I have hit a point of depression and honestly hate leaving the house because I have nothing to out on.. I refuse to buy all new clothes since I have been the same size for yrs... Just ver very unhappy.. Throwing my daughter her 8th birthday party this weekend and honestly wish I didn't have to.. But for her I will put on a happy face and go forward.. Just don't know anymore...

Appointment for revision info made

So as most of you that have been following my journey know, I have been very unhappy with my results. I fe they actually have been getting worse as weeks have gone by. More flabby skin(not swelling it's mushy) so I had an appt for October to talk about dog ear revision but can't wait that long! So this Thursday I will be meeting with my plastic surgeon. Will he agree and say yes there's extra skin? Will he offer lipo or another alternative? Or will he tell me it is what it is. Guess I will be finding out. I just don't think my tummy should look this way after a TT! I am adding photos, as embarrassing as they are. Will update again after my appt Thursday evening.

Photos of not so good TT

These photos show the rolls :(

Plastic surgeon response not what I wanted

Well I met with my plastic surgeon tonight. He say and listened to what I had to say. He looked at me sitting down and had me stand up. His response was that when I am standing there really isn't any extra skin to pull down. He said he would have left me with an open wound if he pulled down anymore. He said sitting down and having the skin there is not going to go away. He said there really is t much that can be done because again I don't have enough there to stretch it any further. So I guess this is the result I have to be happy with. He showed me all my before and after photos as well as pictures if me on the operating table. He was very nice when explaining everything and said he can't change the way I feel but this result is a good one in his book.

He said I still had some swelling in the bottom portion above the incision line. He said the dog eats are not something he would revise because he said they will go down more and be hardly noticeable. Am I happy? No, but I understand what he is saying and happy he thoroughly went over things with me. For now I will continue to work out and hopefully I wake up one morning and I magically have a flat flat tummy ...

Pictures 3 Months PO

Added photos. I hope the bottom portion of my belly is still swelling, my PS said it was slight swelling but I'm hoping it's more then slight! The one dog ear that I posted is the more prominent one. Don't think that wil go down very much.

3 months PO

Wanted to add photos at 3 months post op.. Still flat standing and roll sitting. Just have to get used to it ! Still wearing silicone strips. My scar is super thin and light which I do love. Still have one more prominent dog ear. Update again in a few weeks!

Almost one year since TT

Hi! I haven't been on in a long time, but it's almost 1 yr since my TT. I am happy in a way with the results. I feel I still have some extra skin, and my flanks needed and still do need Lipo. I have noticed that one bad food, ice cream, pizza, etc will cause my tummy to bloat so I have been eating clean for the past few months.
Recently I went to a different PS to ask him about Lipo to my flanks and my bra roll area and decided I am going to do it, so hopefully within the next few week I will undergo that. He does it in office which makes me less nervous. Well hope all is well with my reals elf friends! Here are a few photos that I snapped quickly :)

Lipo on flanks after TT year anniversary

Well I just left the office from having Lipo to my flanks and back/bra area.. He did it in office in about an hour and a half. Tired now, but think all went well.. Will post pictures later

Almost 2 yrs since my TT

So it's been almost 2 years since my TT. Since then I had Lipo to my flanks about 1 yr ago. It helped to give me more confidence that my TT decisions was a good one. I have been working out and cutting carbs/sugars/ and dairy. I feel like I gained weight in my thighs/butt since the TT surgery and had to work at it to get back to myself. Finally I am almost there! After 2 years I will say that i am happy with the decision to have it done. I have one photo, hopefully it shows where I am today! Hope all the people who supported me on here are doing well :)
Middletown Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful caring doctor. He answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. The day of surgery I was nervous but he calmed me down. He called me that night at 7:30 to check in and tell me all went well :) so far I am happy with my decision to use him and his father for my TT :)

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