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Hello! I'm Melissa. I'm 27 years young on Saturday...

Hello! I'm Melissa. I'm 27 years young on Saturday (Meh..) and I am shopping around for boobie doctors, but I also want to get my nose done. Seeing as how I want both procedures done, I'd like to get them both done on the same day during the same session by the same PS. I know these will be permanent results, so I really want a super surgeon! I can't afford (in more ways than one) to have either one botched! I'm 5'3 and 115 lbs, sometimes I get up to about 125 lbs or 130 lbs. I do NOT have any children, and I am a small 34B. And I mean that like I am a big A, small B. I am not a full B cup. I truly love my breasts but I really want them larger because I just don't feel like my body ever really matured after high school. Also, I have a baby face and I am kinda worried that getting bigger boobs might look silly bc I do look really young for my age. I get carded all the time and i get asked if I am old enough to drink! I'm very petite (34-26-35) and I want them to look natural, but full. I would ideally go up to the typical large C/Small D bc I am so tiny, but ultimately I am going to leave the decision to my PS bc I do have fairly broad shoulders and I have a some-what muscular upper body from being an exotic dancer and doing pole tricks all the time. And I mean ALL THE TIME. So I guess one of my other concerns is being able to continue doing pole tricks with ease after my breast implants are put in. I was hoping to get gummy bear implants, but I don't know what the difference is between those and memory gel...? My concern with my nose is that I have had some really rude ex boyfriends and enemies make fun of it saying I have an "African American" nose, and that is putting their words in polite terms... I feel my nose really is a bit wider and more bulbous than I would like. I would prefer it to be thinner and not so rounded out at the end. Luckily a few years ago I bought myself braces and fixed my teeth, so that is no longer a concern! I'm also not sure if for my boob job I should go over or under the muscle either, bc I still want to be able to use my upper body to work out and do pole tricks without fear of rippling or the implants looking funny if i'm upside down, etc which is why I don't want the incision under the crease bc it is usually more visible. I also was wondering if most places accept credit card payments? A friend of mine is financing my surgery up front, and then I am paying him back after I get back to work. I have horrible credit so I cannot apply for CareCredit, and I am not even going to try bc I don't want my score to be lowered any more than it is just bc they check my score. I dance, so paying for them isn't a problem, but paying for them all at once is bc I am just simply very impatient! I am in the Hollywood FL area and I am looking to travel no further than 45 minutes any direction to get my surgery. Cost is also not a factor here. So far I am considering a handful of doctors/places and would like to narrow it down: *Aqua Plastic Surgery * Dr.Peter J. Simon at North Ridge Medical Center * Spectrum Aesthetics * Harold M. Bass * Leonard Hochstein * Mel T. Oretega * Ary Krau * Osakatukei Omulepu * Jacob Freiman at Coral Gables Cosmetic Center

I am open to other PS suggestions also! Just keep in mind that I want to have breast implants and a nose job done by the same surgeon and I need to make sure the person I choose is an excellent surgeon ALL AROUND, not just one or the other! Please help!

Also, one last thing. I currently take 1 or 2 mg of Suboxone every day bc I had an issue with shooting heroin a while back, and I was wondering if being on Suboxone will prevent me from taking pain meds or if I will have to stop taking it prior to surgery or anything. I don't know how that would work... I'm not worried about relapse after using pain killers after surgery bc even though they prescribe opiates, I was obsessed with the shooting/needles part of my addiction and never abused pain medication in my life, so it will just be like taking pain meds for me and it isn't that long that you are on the medication anyways.

Sorry! I know that ws a lot of questions. I am eager to hear back from you and hopefully get answers to my questions bc I would like to go and have a consult ASAP so that I am that much closer to getting my surgery done! If you suggest a doctor and you know their usual price for either implants or a nose job then please include that with your comment. Thanks!! xoxoxoxo
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